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A few weeks have passed in peace. I have grown much closer to all the guys. I have still not spoken to any of the girls here and they all seem to hate me for some reason that I still haven’t figured out. Today has been like all the other calm days and I am sitting with Mason and Cole at lunch. Mason is laughing at something I have said and Cole even chuckles in amusement at my bluntness. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Katherine walk up and I can tell the girl is up to something.

“Thanks for earlier Cole. You are the best partner I have ever had. Anytime you want a good lay with no strings attached let me know.” She bent down and kissed him while grabbing somewhere under the table. I can’t help but feel hurt knowing that after all that has happened he went and slept with her again. He knows how she treats me but it’s like he could care less. As she walks off he turns his head and watches.

“I think I’m done,” I say as I get up to leave.

“Where are going? Don’t tell me that bothered you.” He says looking at me with confusion. I will never understand what came over me but I had just had enough of all of this and snapped.

“I am bothered by the fact that everyone around me thinks that sex is just something that you do to pass the time because you’re bored. My virginity means more to me than just giving it to some random guy who may or may not ever call me again. Don’t you respect yourself enough to be more than a man-whore!” Cole suddenly stands up his chair sliding across the floor and gaining everyone’s undivided attention.

“What you think that because I claimed you and you’re a virgin that it makes you special. That area better be gold plated if you act like you are so much better than anyone else. Who I sleep with has nothing to do with you. Maybe if you weren’t such a prude you would have already had a boyfriend and lost that oh so precious virginity of yours.” He sighs and continues. “I release my claim have at it boys.”

“You have said claim two times in different conversations what in the hell are you talking about?” I scream before he can walk away without telling me the truth for once.

“Every girl that comes into this school is up for claim on her first day. That means that the guy that claims her gets to nail her first and then she is a free game to anyone. I claimed you but you are way too much trouble for what is sure to be a horrible lay. So I give up my claim on you. You are at their mercy now.” He turns and walks away like he was just having a normal conversation. I look at Mason silently asking if it’s true. He looks down and can’t seem to meet my eyes.

“Is it true? Did you all know about this and not one single person thought it would be a good idea to tell me?” I look at Pearce and Dominic and see that they can’t look at me either. “I’m so glad to know that breaking someone completely is entertainment here.” I turn to walk out the door and I hear Pearce yelling my name. I walk out the door to my car and decide that there is no way that I am going home. Since its Friday I don’t have to work so I go to the highway and drive until I find a decent hotel and get myself a room.

I know with all of my heart and soul that Katherine planned for this to all go down and what shocks me the most is that I was dumb enough to fall for all their charms and the whole time they were playing me. Once I get into my room I text Maggie and tell her to call me when she is alone and can talk. Her brother may be an ass but I know that there is no way Maggie could be a part of all this. She immediately calls me and I go through the long story of what happened and to say she is angry is an understatement. She wants to come and stay with me but I tell her that right now I just need to be alone and figure out what my next plan will be. There is no way I can stay here now and I just need time to figure out what to do.


I never meant for things to happen the way that they did. I knew that sleeping with Katherine again would come back to bite me in the ass but I did it anyway. The things that I was thinking and feeling scared me so I did the one thing I knew would take my mind off of it all and that was to sleep with someone. The things that I said to Ophelia were all lies. I was just hurt that she thought that way about me, but the truth is that I have no one to blame but myself.

As I walk through the door of my house I see Maggie sitting on the stairs that are in the foyer. She looks like she has been crying and I immediately go into overprotective brother mode. I walk over to her and touch her shoulder asking who has upset her so much. She stands up and looks at me with a hate that I never thought that I would see come from my own sister.

“You may have just taken the only friend that I have ever had away. Do you have any idea what you have done to that girl? She finally gave in and trusted someone and you and your stupid friends just throw it in her face. Did you know that witch of a sister she has taped it all and it is now all over the internet? I knew Katherine wouldn’t go away without a fight and you just gave her everything she needed to ruin Ophelia. Because of your stunt, Ophelia’s parents will most likely find out about all the money she has saved away and they will take it. They will ruin all that she has worked so hard for and all for the sake of that snake you like to sleep with. I hope you’re happy to have ruined that girl’s life and stripped her of everything.” Maggie walks away. She doesn’t look back and she sobbing into her hand. I have ruined everything all for the sake of my pride and because I couldn’t admit that I have a feeling for Ophelia.

I just want to find her and apologize but I haven’t got a clue where she lives or if she is even there. I feel myself fall to my knees and my cheek feels wet. I feel around my eyes are realize that I am crying. I haven’t cried since I was a child and I honestly never thought that I would ever again. I pick myself up and go to my room. I have to try and think of a way to fix this. My heart feels weird and I know that something bad is going to happen. I may just lose any chance that I had at really being happy.

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