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I have been lying on this bed for the last ten hours thinking. I have a steady stream of tears running down my face but I am control of myself. As much as I love Maggie I now know that there is no one here that I can trust enough to stay. Maggie has never given me a reason to not trust her but with Cole being her brother I don’t know how far it will go before she ultimately picks her family over me. If Cole is bent on ruining me or making my life unbearable then at some point it is going to start affecting our friendship. I want to believe that she would choose me over him but they are family and they seem to be pretty close.

I make my way over to the table where my bag is and grab my wallet so that I can call in some food and have it delivered to me. On my eighteenth birthday I had my legal name changed to Megan Jones so that I could keep all of my money and legal dealings away from my parents. Megan Jones is a Wall Street wonder kid who made a million dollars in her first year of trading. She also pulled all of that money out of her trades and put it into savings accounts that continue to add money to her account. She also still trades and has made half a million this year.

No one has seen Megan or even spoken with her as she completes all her business over emails. I have taken great pains to make sure that my trail is covered and I have worked hard so that no one, not even Maggie knows about my second identity. The school received all of my old credentials and have no clue that legally I am someone else.

There is a knock at the door and I see my food has been delivered. I sit down to eat and begin to think over the situation. In order for my plans to work the schools and my new college will need to think that I am still Ophelia legally. Once I get my admissions information then I will work on getting things sorted with the school and a lawyer to get the whole thing sorted out. The real question is what to do about my life right now. I still have two months left of high school and I honestly don’t think I can stand to live anywhere near my family anymore.

All of these thoughts are stressing me out more so I think that maybe a shower will help clear my mind and give me some peace so that hopefully I will sleep tonight. I have the weekend to come up with my plan and hopefully after some rest and time on my own I will be able to think more clearly and get myself out of here. As I lay down I see that Maggie has texted me multiple times checking on me and I send her a quick text letting her know I am fine and that I am going to bed.

As I lay here all I can think about is how stupid I was to not listen to myself. I knew that he couldn’t be trusted but everything in my heart wanted me to trust that he wouldn’t betray me. I wanted to believe that none of the guys would hurt me, and look where that got me. I am alone in a hotel crying over a guy who will never love me. A boy who only thinks of his self and his own satisfaction. I was nothing more than a toy to the guys at that school and that is what hurt the most. Being toyed with is something that can break a person. And that is what happened to me, they broke me.


I wake up the next morning and I feel l have gotten enough rest to be able to function. It was a horrible sleep filled with nightmares about what happened at school and what I fear could happen at home. As I start getting myself ready I think of something that makes me want to slap my forehead for not thinking of it sooner. My last principal told me I already had enough credits to graduate and that they would let me take a test to finish out the rest of my courses if I wished to graduate early. If I talk to Ms. Henson, she may be willing to do the same. I think that over the last few weeks I have proven myself to be an excellent student and I have never given anyone any sort of problem. This may work. I just need to see what she says and pray it is what I need to hear.

The question is what I will do if she does allow it. To be honest the world is my oyster, I have the means to go anywhere and do anything. My acceptance letters should start arriving any day now so I could go ahead and get myself a house in the place I will start school and I could just enjoy some time until classes start in the fall. The more I think about it I think that is exactly what I should do. It feels like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders. Nothing is set in stone but I have a plan and that should get me through the next few hard days.


As soon as I wake up I know that I have to find Ophelia. I have to fix this. Quickly getting myself ready I rush out the door and go straight to the bookstore. I know she doesn’t work on the weekends but I’m hoping that Gregory will take pity on me and give me address. I know that I shouldn’t expect anything but I hope I can find her. Walking into the store I see my sister and Gregory standing by the counter talking both looking upset.

“Uncle Gregory I really need your help…” I feel a slap across my face. My sister is standing in front of me and she is seething in anger.

“How dare you think that he should help you? You just drove away Ophelia and he truly cared about her just as much as I did!”

“I deserve that and so much more, but now is not the time for it. I have to find her! I love her!” Maggie scoffs at me at me and Gregory looks at me like I have grown a second head.

“That’s a load of crap! If you loved her you never would have done it!” Maggie yells back with nothing but agony in her voice.

“At first it was just a claiming, something I had never done before. Then I got to know her and I fell hard I just didn’t want to admit it to myself.” Confusion on both of their faces.

“Back up Cole and explain that statement.” Gregory says while trying to stay calm.

“I have never claimed anyone before. When Maggie came home and showed me the photos of Ophelia and told me all about her I felt an overwhelming urge to claim her for myself. So I went onto the chat that the guys use for the claiming and I put a picture of Ophelia up and stated she was mine. The guys had no choice but to wait. I had no idea that she was a virgin or anything. Yesterday didn’t go the way I wanted at all. I got angry with myself and with her for being so innocent and I just exploded. I never wanted to hurt her.” I can’t look at them do to all the shame I feel. I almost wish a whole would open up and swallow me.

“Although I don’t think that you even deserve the chance to breathe the same air as that girl, here is her home address. She is most likely not there. The only reason I am doing this is in the hope that you can get her to stay working here. She is an amazing person and I would hate to lose her.” Maggie is glaring at him and I know that she isn’t happy he’s helping me.

“I will do my best to fix this. I have to because I can’t stand the thought of losing her before I really ever even had her.”

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