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As I make my way to her house I try to come up with a plan of what to do and say. I know that I don’t deserve a chance but I have to take one. I love that girl with every fiber of my being and I can’t believe that I was too stupid to admit it for so long. I know that I am not the only one that loves her as I think that Mason does as well. I know for sure that Pearce is head over heels for her but I don’t think she sees him that way.

I pull into her drive and I see that she lives in a nice house or rather her family does. I know she lives in the shabby apartment above the garage and that just pisses me off more. Ophelia should be cherished by all those in her life and instead she has been stuck with nothing but heartache. I walk up to the door and ring the bell with my stomach in knots. I feel like I may vomit at any moment.

“How may I help you?” I look up to see a woman who must be her mother. The features are similar but when I see a man walk up I know for sure that he is her dad. There is no doubt that she got his looks and that Katheryn mainly got their mothers.

“Hi Mrs. Harris I am looking for your daughter.” She smirks and I already know what she is thinking. She thinks I am here for Katherine. “Ophelia.” Her face morphs into a snarl and I can’t help but want to slap it off her face. I would never hit a woman but she is tempting me.

“That little tramp ran off after she pulled that stunt yesterday. She is hell bent on hurting Katherine for some unknown reason.” Suddenly Katherine appears at the door and jumps into my arms and hugs me. I quickly push her away and she smiles at me with an innocence that I know doesn’t belong to her.

“I knew you would come to protect me!” She squeals this as she pulls me into the house. “I can’t believe she said all those horrible things about us. She is so jealous of our pure love.” The three of them sit down and motion for me to do so as well. These people have to be completely insane.

“I’m not here for you. I am here to find Ophelia. I have to apologize to her. I love her and I can’t keep it from her anymore.” Shock is on all of their faces and Mrs. Harris snarls again.

“You poor thing she has done something to you to make you think that. You love Katherine. There is no way someone like you could love that whore!” for a mother to say those things about her child makes me sick. It is no wonder that Ophelia has such a hard time with trusting people if this is what she has to deal with.

“Have you people any shame? I know that what I have done is bad but you, you have made it a mission in life to ruin that girl. Mr. and Mrs. Harris I have no idea what Katherine has been telling you all these years but Ophelia has not been doing anything to ruin Katherine’s life. It has been the opposite of that. I can only tell you of the recent things since you have been here but trust me this crap has gone on for years. I need to find Ophelia.”

Her parents look at Katherine and I can tell that they have had no clue as to what I am talking about. They are confused and I think that maybe just maybe things would have been different had Katherine not went after Ophelia that way. Katherine is concentrating on keeping her face neutral. She could crack at any moment if provoked.

“Look I am not here to start another war in the family. I just need to find her and make things right. Katherine I have absolutely no feeling for in other than hate. You have done everything in your power to ruin any chance that I have with your sister. I still can’t figure out what you have against her but, it doesn’t matter. I am going to make sure that she has everything that she needs. I will make her happy and will fix this. You need to decide if you are going to come clean or if I have to force it. Ophelia will be proven as the one who was innocent all along.”

I get up and walk myself out of the house. I know that there is about to be some very uncomfortable moments in that house and I am not going to sit around and watch it happen. I still have to find her. I look up and see the sky is full of angry clouds and it looks like it is about to storm. I make my way to the car and think about what my next move should be.


Thinking back there isn’t anything at the apartment that I can’t replace easily. I have never kept a lot of things because I always know that my sister will either still it or ruin it for spite. I brought my phone, a few cloths, and my lap top with me to the hotel so I think that I can just skip going back for anything. I have always carried my lap top with me because I know what will happen if she gets her hands on it and I can’t let that happen. I think that the rest of this weekend will be me relaxing and getting my affairs in order so that I can make a clean break.

I check my email and see that I have an email from my first choice school. I know that this is the make or break moment for me as this has to be my letter of acceptance or denial. I open it to see Congratulations. My heart lightens as I know that everything is going to work out. I will be out of here soon and I will be able to start my life.

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