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Four Years Later


Changing your life or rather starting over with a whole new life is not always the easiest thing to do. The day I left Ophelia essentially died and Megan was truly born. I have not answered my old name in years and no one here even knows anything about me other than the life of Megan. I spent the first few months before my classes started getting my life in order. I bought my house changed all my information and even went as far as to get a new phone, tag for the car, and even started wearing glasses instead of contacts. I changed myself and became who I feel I truly am.

I have spent the last four years healing and finally making a life for myself. I have friends that I would almost consider family. There is Emily who is almost like a copy of me. She loves a lot of the same things that I do and we bonded almost instantly when we were assigned to work together on a project. Alexander is Emily’s longtime boyfriend who has become the big brother that I always needed. And finally, there is Christopher, Alexander’s best friend. Christopher is someone who doesn’t have a defined position in my life. He is of course a great friend but there is more there than that.

Christopher is aware that I have been hurt before and knows it was to the point that I do not even entertain the idea of dating. He has never pushed for me to open up about it, but just states he is there to listen if and when I ever want to talk about it. I must admit that I do have feelings for him but I am unsure of just what type those feelings are.

Alexander and Christopher graduated last year and both are now working at a publishing company that is located here in Jackson. They both love the job and have even talked Emily into working there after graduation. I am continuing in my studies working on my grad degree and then following that with my doctorate. Alexander says that I am a super nerd but I know that he is happy that I can follow my dreams.

I haven’t really told them anything about my old life and I get the feeling that they know it is an off-limits subject so no one pries. Graduation is in two weeks and I am excited to get it over with and enjoy some much needed time off before grad school. Emily and I have plans to go to England over the summer and spend a week enjoying the sites before she has to start her job. The guys were lucky enough to also get the time so we are going to all be together.

My phone dings and I look down to see a text from Emily.

E: You coming out for dinner?

M: Sure where are we going?

E: Molino’s??????

M: Yes, please!!!!!!!

E: 7ish?????

M: Sure

I really don’t feel like getting out in the rain but I can’t turn down Molino’s. I know that going out means that it will be the four of us so I decided that I should at least put some decent clothes on since I don’t want to look like a complete bum.

As I back my car out to the garage I notice that there is a car with blacked-out windows sitting across the street from my house. It’s not uncommon for cars to park on the street but there is something about it that gives me the creeps. I can’t tell if anyone is actually in the car so I decide to push it to the back of my mind. I pull into the parking lot and see Christopher standing under the awning waiting with an umbrella. His thoughtfulness is amazing and I can’t help but think that maybe I should give him a chance. I know he wants one but he has never pushed me. I will think about it and decide on our trip.


It has taken four years and countless private detectives to find her. I have spent all of my free time searching for her. Many would think that I am a stalker but I’m not. I just need to fix this and to tell her what has been on my heart all these years. If she doesn’t want anything to do with me after then I will leave her alone, simple as that.

I have spent these four years working on myself. I finished college early and now run my father’s company and still spend time with Maggie and her son. Maggie met Jake a few months after Ophelia left and they feel in love. They married after only six months of dating and they had their son a year later. Carter is two and a total mini-me. How he looks and acts so much like me is crazy but with how close Maggie and I are now it is no surprise.

When I found out that one of the detectives had found someone who he was 90% sure was Ophelia I had to come and see for myself. Maggie sobbed when I told her. She has never forgiven herself for hurting Ophelia but she still says that she would do it all over again to help change me into the man I am today.

I have been in Jackson for two days and the detective is right it’s her. She has changed a little with her black-rimmed glasses and her long hair. She has also turned into a woman physically. She was gorgeous before but now she has matured into a goddess.

From what I have seen and told by the detective she has a good life. She has close friends and a potential boyfriend. That last fact has not been confirmed and I’m hoping that I haven’t lost any chance. The guy in question has not done anything that has completely confirmed the relationship, but it is obvious that he has feelings for her.

As I sit in a car on her street I see her pull out and make her way into town. I follow but at a distance that will keep her from realizing that I am following. The last thing I want to do is scare her. I watch as she pulls into the parking lot of a restaurant and I see the guy Christopher walk out umbrella in hand, to lead her in. I decide to make a call and get some more information on this guy.

“It’s me. Run a check on this Christopher. I want to make sure that she is safe around him. If he is more than just her friend then I need to make sure she is safe.” I hang up and sink in my seat. I have to come up with a plan on how I am going to approach her. I don’t want to force myself on her in any way but I have to finish this. If I have any hope of ever having a life I have to do this. Regret is something that eats at me night and day. I haven’t touched a girl or woman since that last time with her sister. I am repulsed by what I was before and I have to make this right so that I can get a chance at happiness. Whether it is with the girl I love or if I spend the rest of my life alone.

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