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Once the door closes and Cole is gone, I turn to look at the people who mean the most to me in this world. I am hoping that they are not angry at me for lying to them for four years. What I see makes me almost cry. I see love on their faces. Not a single look of anger, hurt, or even hate is there.

“So does this mean we should start calling you Ophelia?” Emily asks with a smile on her face.

“Yes. I am going to change it all back. Now that my family can’t get to me and I am finally free from my past I want to be me again. Are you guys upset at all?” I silently pray that there is nothing that is upsetting them.

“Are you kidding? We are just glad that you finally opened up to us. We are not mad. We love you and you’re an important part of this family.” Alexander said. He smiles at me. “Just let us know if you have any problems with that crappy family of yours. We will take care of it.” He hugs me and grabs Emily’s hand. “We’re out for the night. See you two later.” With that statement he quickly pushes Emily out the door.

I turn and look at Christopher and see him sitting in that same spot on the couch not moving. His head is in his hands and it looks like he is upset. My heart drops to my stomach and I feel like I can’t breathe. What if he hates me now? I have realized tonight that I am in love with this man and I can’t bear the thought of him leaving me alone now. I get down on my knees in front of him and grab his hands and look into his eyes.

“Please tell me I haven’t just lost my chance at happiness with you.” I start to feel the tears streaming down my face. His face morphs into concern and he grabs my face with his hands and kisses me. I have no idea what I am doing because through all of the stuff that has happened in my life I still never had my first kiss. I slowly start to follow his lead and begin kissing him back. We finally break apart after what seems like forever and he is smiling.

“I would be a fool to let you go over something like that. I love you whether you’re Ophelia or Megan. I want to spend my life showing you that you are loved and that I am worth you giving up whatever life that idiot Cole could have ever given you.” I giggle at this knowing that both guys are very competitive and that nothing will change that. “Was this what you wanted to talk about when you mentioned coming here earlier?”

“I wanted to ask if you were interested in having an us. I was afraid I may have been misreading the signals, but I thought you may like me.” I chuckled.

“Well I love you so yeah I like you. I was wanting to talk to you soon about maybe giving this a try. I knew there was something that you weren’t telling me about and I was hoping that you would talk to me about it and then give me a chance.” He pulls me up into his lap and continues. “I never wanted to push you into talking about something you were not ready to. I have loved you for four years and I was getting a little antsy about waiting.” He laughs and I smile at him. His gives me a gentle kiss on the forehead and I sink into his arms more.

“I have never actually been in a relationship before. My sister managed to ruin it the two times I was considering it so I kind of gave up hope. That was my first kiss by the way.” I look at him and there is shock on his face.

“How could someone so beautiful not have been at least kissed?” he is asking this honestly like he can’t believe it. I almost want to laugh at how delusional he is.

“Well first of all the beautiful part is just because you love me. And secondly now one ever approached me since I have been here.” I give him a truthful answer and hope you gets it.

“Ok so you are blind. You are gorgeous and I am not just saying that because I am completely in love with you. Guys all over the campus wanted to ask you out but you gave off the vibe that you were not interested. You were like the most popular girl on campus and you had no idea. Baby you are beyond beautiful inside and out and that makes you shine like the sun to men.”

I look at him like he has lost his mind. I know that he really believes this so I’m not going to argue with him. I wrap me arms around his neck and hug him tightly. I feel like I have finally figured out the missing piece of myself and I think it’s Christopher. We have known each other for so long now that I think that I would be lost without him in my life.

“Chris.” I shorten his name and see if he like the nickname.

“Hhhmm. I like when you call me that.” He pecks my lips.

“This may seem like I am moving too fast but would you consider marrying me in the future?” He chuckles and I am not sure how to take it.

“Are you trying to steal my thunder? I wanted to ask you that at some point you know.” I sigh in relief.

“I just…. I don’t want to waste any more time not living the life that I want. You are what I want and I don’t want to wait on my forever.” I look at him with hopeful eyes. I know in my head that this is way too fast and that I should slow down, but after living through the hell that has been my past I want to move forward and really push it all away. Chris’s eyes sparkle and I know that he feels the same.

“Vegas? Now?” He says without any hesitation. I am going to go with my heart and not fear this.

“I’ll pack a bag. Meet me back here in 30?” He nods. “Chris I am letting you officially claim me. You will be mine forever and I will be yours.”

“Unlike last time you were claimed by someone, I will worship the ground you walk on. You have nothing to fear because I am giving you all of me and I will not hold back due to pride. You will be my forever and my only love. Don’t ever doubt that. I love you Ophelia.”

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