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Chapter 2


As I followed my GPS toward the store I noticed just how small this town was. Most of the stores were located in the town square. It looked almost like something out of a fairytale. I laughed a little at myself for thinking that. I have always been an avid reader and sometimes I think it is to my detriment. I try to stay in realty due to the fact that my life is certainly not a fairytale. It is without a doubt as boring and unhopeful as you can get in some opinions. I still have hope though, that I will get into a good college and will escape my family. I don’t think my parents hate me, I just think they are easily influenced by my sister.

I get out of my car and start to walk around looking at all the different shops. There is a small house goods store, a book store, grocery, and even a clothing store. They all have the name Henson in the title. I am guessing that a rich family started this little town and that is why the names are all the same. I notice that the book store has a help wanted sign in the window. I need a job to keep my parents from wondering where I am getting all the money from. I don’t completely trust them. As unreal as it may sound I have made enough money in my short amount of time that I have been trading stocks that I would never have to work again. I have worked hard to keep that a secret from my parents because I have the fear that they will take it. My parents have always been terrible with money and I do not want my future at risk because of their incompetence.

As I make my way into the bookstore I see that is a good size without being too much. The shelves look immaculate and I find myself falling in the love with the store. A man around my father’s age walks up to me and smiles. I can tell this store is his life and his loves every second of it.

“May I help you find anything Miss?” He smile is gentle and I can’t help but smile back.

“Well yes and no. I saw that you were looking for help and also where is your classics section?” The man began to chuckle no doubt at my bluntness about it all.

“The classics are along the back left wall, and I am Gregory Henson owner of this fine establishment. Are you looking for a job miss?” He holds his hand out and I take it smiling. For some reason this man has a very calming effect on me.

“Ophelia Harris. Yes I am looking for a part time job for while I finish high school.” He smiles again. I see a bubbly looking blonde come walking form the back and makes her way over to us.

“This is my niece Maggie who works the weekends. I’m looking for someone to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from four to eight. Do you have any experience?” Both people stand there and stare at me like I am the answer to their collective prayers.

“Yes I worked me a small shop in my home town and also in the local library. Those hours would be perfect for me. Would there be a chance for an interview?”

“No need you’re hired. You can start training with me and Maggie Tuesday.” He smiles at me again before heading off to help a customer.

“Thank god you’re here. He was dying to find some help that wasn’t just trying to either get in his or my brother’s pants.” Maggie laughs as she says this.

“What? You’ve got to be kidding me. I know it’s his shop but come on. Looks aren’t all that important.” I shake my head at the thoughts of people who only look for the superficial things in life.

“I like you Ophelia. Maybe I will finally have a friend that will like me for me and not who my family is. What are you doing now? Would you like to hang out?” she has a look of hope that I can’t seem to ignore.

“Well if you want you can come with me. I need to buy some things for my apartment and some food. I would love the company. I’m going to be honest I haven’t really had a friend in a long time and it feels like I can trust you.”

Maggie gives me a smile that is like the sun and nods her head furiously letting me know she wants to come. Over the next couple of hours we get dinner and shop. We talk about everything. Maggie is a few years older and goes to a nearby college. We share about our families and the issues that they have caused for us. Maggie’s family is amazing and they love her a lot. She just has issues with people using her to get to them. They are extremely wealthy and many try to get that and her apparently Greek god of a brother. Maggie takes tons of selfies with me and says she can’t wait to show her mom that she finally found her sister. I laugh knowing that I feel the same way about her. After we unload everything into my apartment she helps me get organized and says that she could help me find some furniture if I want to.

“Let me think about it. I don’t really want to plan on staying in this place long. I really would rather be somewhere I felt at home.” She nods knowing that I would rather be away from my sister where I could feel safe from her prying eyes.

“Well I will let you get settled since you start school in the morning. Call me if you need me and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow night to see how your first day went.” She hugs me and walks out the door. Maybe I was wrong about the new start. Maybe just maybe I can finally start to live the life that I had always hoped to have.

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