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Three Years Later


My life has turned into something that I never thought possible. I have a family that loves me and the best husband in the world. Three years ago Chris and I eloped to Vegas. The night Cole came changed my whole life and for the better. We married and never looked back. Of course Emily was furious that we didn’t tell them but alexander was overjoyed. Chris moved into the house and we have been living in wedded bliss ever since.

I am still working on my degrees and Chris is still working with Emily and Alexander at the publishing company and they are all three very happy there. I told Chris about all the money and he refuses to use any of it on himself. He only allows me to pay half the bills and he still refuses to let me use it on anything related to the house. He says that it’s for me and me alone and his man pride will not allow him to use it when he can provide for us. I think that I love the man more and more with each passing day. A lot of people tried to tell us we moved to fast but we have done everything we can to prove them wrong.

Maggie eventually called me and we talk all the time. She and her small family have been to see me several times. She gets along with Emily and Alexander well and she treats Chris like he is a member of her family. She avoids the topic of her brother and I can understand where she is coming from. I know that he is running his father’s company and that Mason is working with him. Other than that I have no idea how he is doing, and I think that is for the best.

I refuse to look back anymore. I heard through Maggie that my sister has managed to get herself pregnant and that the father took off. She still lives with my parents and they continue to take care of her while she sits and does nothing. My father try to contact me once by calling the house. Chris had a few words with him and he hasn’t tried to call again. That man is my knight in shining armor.

The greatest thing is that I am pregnant. Chris and I are starting our family and I couldn’t be happier. He dots on me at every chance he gets. He is going to make an amazing father and I can’t wait until the little guy gets here.

I have the best life I could ever imagine and I have it all thanks to that incident. As much as it sucked to go through I know that I wouldn’t be here today without it. That makes me thankful to all those jerks and even to the horrible family that I have. I just can’t wait to see what life has in store for my future. I know it will be great because I will be with Chris and our baby.


Not a day goes by were I don’t still think about her. I have kept true to my word and I have left her alone. Maggie fills me in on how she is going and she seems to be doing great. I on the other hand have no life outside of work. I did as she asked and forgave myself but I still have not found anyone who has sparked a romantic interest in me.

I know that she will forever be the one for me even if I am not the one for her. Seeing her happy is enough for me. If I never meet another woman who I care for then I will be alright. Her happiness is mine.

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