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Getting ready the next morning my thoughts were jumbled up. At my last school, many of my teachers had to make special curriculums for me because I was more advanced than most of the kids in my school. I try to not let on to my family how well I do because I don’t want it to come back and bite me in the butt later. I just hope that my principal did as he said he would and sent all the information that the school would need so that I will hopefully be able to still be on track for scholarships and to get into a school that I want.

My dream is to teach college literature and I’m hoping that my track record so far will put me on that track. As I’m walking out the door I see my parents handing the keys to a brand new version of my SUV to Katherine. I have always been in love with this SUV and worked hard to get the older version that I have now. I treat it with the utmost care as I paid for the whole thing myself. Katherine just looks at me and smirks knowing that she neither paid for it nor did anything to deserve the vehicle.

I turn around and get into my car and head to school not wanting to watch her gloat anymore and also because I don’t want to let on that I am hurt by the way my parents are treating her versus me. There is only so much I can handle in a day and I know that school is going to be enough.

As I pull up I notice that for a small town they have a really nice school. The name catches my eye and then I know why they have such a nice school. Henson High is spelled in huge letters that are very eye-catching. That family must be almost godly to the people in this town. I laugh to myself and head through the front door. I see people beginning to stare and whisper. They must not get very many new people in this place. I wouldn’t consider myself a beauty by any means with my light auburn hair and light complexion. I also wouldn’t consider myself an ogre either. It has always been the thought of the world that I am nothing in comparison to Katherine. Her dark brown almost black hair, high cheekbones, and olive skin give her a look completely the opposite of mine.

As I made my way to the office I began to hear more whispers and I knew she was here. Of course, she would turn heads with her beauty but at what cost would they learn her real side, that of pure evil? She wanted to be queen bee and I’m sure she will find a way to make that happen here. Her being a sophomore didn’t matter at our old school and I’m sure it wouldn’t matter here.

If what Maggie said about her brother was true, he would be her target and she would stop at nothing to get him. I had already warned Maggie but whether or not she told her brother I had no idea. As I walk up to the desk I hear the door open as she makes her way to the desk passing me as if I was no more than a bug she stepped on.

“Oh my, you two must be the new Harris sisters we have been expecting.” I smile at the sweet lady knowing she had no idea what is about to happen.

“Listen lady whatever your name is. I will not be associated with that. As far as you’re concerned we just happen to share the last name. I do not want anyone knowing we are related. Got it.” Katherine snarled at the sweet lady.

“Well, Sweetheart you’re too late for that. Plenty of people already know that two sisters moved to town. I don’t know what your old school was like but if you think that attitude of yours is going to get you anywhere here then you are sadly mistaken. Here is your schedule and your detention will be in room 104 after the last bell until 4:30. No ifs and or buts. Goodbye.” Katherine huffed and huffed her way out of the office and I was almost in shock from what I just witnessed.

“The principal of your old school was right. That girl is going to be a pain to deal with. You however have also proven to be exactly as he described you. The principal Mrs. Henson is waiting for you in her office. Feel free to walk right on in.”

“Thank you, Mrs.?” She gives me another smile. “Johnson dear. And you are more than welcome.”

I walk toward the door she pointed to and softly knock waiting to be called in. I hear a soft come in and make my way into the office. There I am met with a lovely dark-haired woman who appears to be in her early forties. She smiles and motions for me to take a seat. Her office is very organized and I get the sense that she runs a tight ship. Laughing inwardly l know Katherine is going to have a rough time at this school and part of me loves it.

“Ophelia my name is Susan Henson and I am the principal here. I have been very excited to meet you. Your former principal had nothing but amazing things to say about you and your grades are some of the best that I have ever seen. Not to mention you made quite the impression on my brother yesterday.” My eyes widen as I realize this woman is the sister of my new boss. “We have tailored a schedule that I think you will like and that will continue to help you with your goals. This school also has counselors who work closely with the students to help them reach their goals. You will meet later in the week. Let’s get a tour underway and get you to your first class.”

As she gave me a tour I noticed that the school is really not all that big and most of my classes are close together. Once we finish I head to my first class which is art. As I walk into the door I see the class all turn their heads my way making me feel very self-conscious. The teacher makes her way over to me.

“You must be Ophelia. I’m Mrs. Gwaltney your art teacher. We are starting a partner project today. You will be sketching your partner and this will be a week-long project. Now let’s see who your partner should be.” As she was searching the room I felt a pair of eyes drilling holes in my head. I look up to see a dark-haired boy staring at me. He was very attractive with his messy hair and tattoos. His dark eyes feel like they are piercing my soul. His stares make me feel small and like he knows something that I don’t.

“Ophelia you will be partnered with Mason. Mason raise your hand.” I feel myself praying that it’s not the guys currently staring a hole into my head. Unfortunately, God hates me and that is exactly who raises his hand and smirks like he knows he’s caught me.

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