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After the teacher gives us instructions she tells us we can scatter throughout the school and find a place to sketch. Without saying a word Mason takes me hand and leads me out the door and out into the courtyard of the school. He takes a seat leaning against a tree and motions for me to sit as well.

“So you are the famous Ophelia?” I look at him like he has just dropped a bomb and he chuckles at my look. “Maggie didn’t shut up about you when she came home. I was visiting Cole and heard her.” I shake my head in understanding. “Cole is her brother.”

“Oh so that is the one that everyone is trying to sink their claws into.” I laugh at this. Mason smiles at me like he completely agrees. “Maggie was amazing last night. That girl won herself a spot in my heart.” I smile at him. “So mind if I start first?”

“No go right ahead. Mind if I talk while you do?” I shake my head no letting him know he is free to talk. “So you seem different from your sister. She came walking into the school like she owned the place. I can already tell she is going after that queen bee position.” He laughs as he says this. “Are you sure you two are related? You look nothing alike and you defiantly don’t act alike.” He grins and I think he knows he is getting on my nerves.

“I’m pretty sure we are related. My parents just favor her more so she became a spoiled brat, and for whatever reason she hates me. Trust me when I say that she makes people’s lives a living hell when she wants. Alright your turn.” I show him what I have so far.

“Damn. You’re really good.” I smile at him and give him a quick thanks. “So Maggie warned Cole about her. Whether that will do any good or not I have not got a clue. Cole tends to do whoever or whatever he wants.” He laughs as he says this.

“So are you saying your friend is a man whore?” I laugh at this. Mason laughs along with me. “So just so you know you really intimidated me in the classroom. That staring made me feel like I was about as big as a mustard seed.”

“Sorry. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about and I saw it firsthand.” He laughs again. I raise an eyebrow at him because I have no idea what he was talking about. “Maggie and then all the whispers in the hall.” I nod my head in understanding.

“Maggie I get but the whispers. It must be how the new girl is a letdown in the looks department. “I know that has to be the reason. No one in their right mind would think any different.

“You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. You are far from a letdown. I would say most are trying to figure out how to either get in your pants or be your friend. Ophelia you really have no idea how beautiful you are do you?”

I look up at him in shock, no one has ever said anything like that to me before. My own parents do nothing but ridicule me for my looks and I can’t figure out what Mason’s angle is in saying all this. We fall into a silence that isn’t uncomfortable at all and he works on his sketch.

“We should head back to class and get our stuff. The bell will ring in about five minutes.” He stands as he says this and offers his hand for me to use to get up. “I think you and I are going to get along just fine Ophelia.” With that he takes my hand kisses it and walks off. I stand there shocked for a moment. Did I just imagine all that?


I make my way to my locker and see a grinning Mason walking up to me. We have been friends for as long as I can remember so I know that this look has something to do with something he knows that I don’t. I close my locker and look at him silently telling him to spill whatever it is that has him grinning like an idiot this early in the morning.

“So I met her. Not the bitchy one, yours.” I roll my eyes immediately know that he is talking about Ophelia. “She is one of a kind that one. She was in my art class and that girl has some talent. She is just as amazing as Maggie said. I may has to snag her up for myself.” I give him a look that tells him that he had better shut up fast. “I know she’s yours. But when you’re done I may just be there to pick up the pieces. I could fall hard for her.”

“You just met her man. You’re willing to give up having any one at any time to be committed to one girl?” I ask this in all seriousness. Mason never talks about girls at all. He just hits it and quits it without telling anyone anything. He thinks that a true man never reveals such things.

“For her yes I would. Don’t break her man. I really like the girl.” He walks off as he says this. I’ll admit that I have never shown this much interest in a girl before, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to fall in love with her. I make my way to English and notice that there is someone talking to Mr. Nash the teacher. As I get closer I see that it is Ophelia.

Nash looks like he just got to open a Christmas present early with the way he is looking at her. Nash is in his early twenties and most of the female population of the school think that he is good-looking. To me he is just another guy. I notice that Ophelia seems to be slightly blushing and almost a little uncomfortable with the situation. I take that as my que to walk into the classroom and make sure that Nash doesn’t do anything to upset her. Once he notices me he quickly wraps up what he was saying and points her to a desk to have a seat.

I make my way toward the back and sit at a seat where I will be able to watch her. I’m curious as to what she has don’t to make Mason so infatuated with her. I know what my sister told me and that is why I did take an interest, but there has never been anyone to capture my interest and most certainly not my heart.

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