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As I sit down to eat Dominic and Pearce follow behind and sit at the table with me. I notice all of the whispers start up and I notice Katherine walking in with a squad of look alikes. I knew that she would find a spot right in the middle of the popular kids. The girls walk over to the table where Cole and Mason are sitting with a couple of other guys. I watch as Katherine tries flirting with Cole. I feel my heart hurt and my stomach drops, this makes me look away. I can’t sit here and watch as once again she takes something I want. Wait, did I just think that I want Cole? That’s impossible. I just met him and he is an arrogant man-whore.

“I see she wastes no time going after what she wants.” Pearce says with a snarl. “I had a feeling this would happen. Some of the guys at this school go for the quick easy lay. Cole is one of those guys. He just sleeps with a girl and moves on. I have never seen him actually date someone. Just don’t let those guys get into your head. They will play with your emotions to get what they want so just keep that in mind.” Pearce has a serious look on his face as he finishes saying all that. I look over and see that Cole is staring at me as Katherine sits beside him and strokes his arm talking to him.

“And how do I know that you will not do the same thing?” I say without turning my head away from Cole’s gaze. “No one here has really fully answered my questions and it seems that you guys are determined to keep me from them. So what is the catch in all this? I can assure you that no one will be getting in my pants. No one has yet and until I meet the one person I feel I can trust and love no one will.” I finally turn away from Cole to see the two boys with me having a conversation with their eyes. I have no idea what is going on and something in me tells me that I don’t really want to know.

As lunch ends I head to my next class which is history and that class I have with Pearce and one of his friends named Nick. Nick seems nice enough but I can tell the boy likes to get around. I sit and think of how most of the guys I have talked to today all have a running theme. They are all good looking and all like to get around. Early in the restroom I heard a group of girls talking about all of the guys I have met today and how each of the girls have been with each one of the guys. I’m starting to think that this school is like a walking STI and that there is no hope in me finding someone that I would be willing to date.

Flashes of Katherine with the guy I liked go through my head and to be honest I still feel hurt by it all. It feels like she can’t let me have anything that I can call my own. All throughout class Pearce talks to me and if it wasn’t for the fact that I know he likes to sleep around I could find myself liking him. There is a blonde guy in this class who is staring and watching everything I do pretty hard. I’m really starting to feel self-conscious with all the looks I have been getting today, it’s just weird how these guys watch me. It is also weird that not one girl has taken the time to speak to me. There has to be something weird going on at this school.

Once this class ends I head to music which is my final class of the day. I walk in and notice that Katherine is in this class as well. She has always thought that she is a great singer and to be honest she isn’t all that bad. I have taught myself to play piano and I sing a little but nothing special. I have always hidden this fact from my family because I knew that my sister would do something to ruin it like she did everything else. I hear my sister squeal and look and see Cole and Mason walk into the class. She runs over to Cole and grabs his hand leading him to where she is sitting. They haven’t noticed me yet and I think that I am going to try and stay hidden. I notice Mason looking around like he is looking for something and I just duck my head so that he doesn’t see me.

“Class we have two new students today and I need both of you girls to show us your musical talent. I do not let just anyone into this class so I need a demonstration. Katherine you first.” The teacher who is a younger male states very bluntly. Katherine sways her way up to the front I can already tell she is trying to get his attention just like all the other males on the planet.

“Ok so I am going to sing a favorite Brittany spears song of mine.” She plugs in her phone and starts singing. As I have said before she isn’t bad but the look on the teacher’s face says that he wasn’t a fan. I try to hold my smile and laugh knowing that I can’t let on that I can tell how he feels.

“Ok thank you and Ophelia your up.” Heads turn to my little corner and I see Cole and Mason go wide eyed as they have no idea that I was in here.

“May I use the piano?” The teacher nods and I walk over to it and sit down. “This is a piano version of the first opening for an anime I like. It’s called Unraveled and I’ll sing it in Japanese.” I begin to play and sing and get lost in the music. This is the first time I have played in front of anyone other than my previous teacher. For years that teach let me come to her house and play and sing since I wasn’t able to do so at home. As I finish I open my eyes and notice that everyone is just staring at me.

“Was it that bad?” I ask the teacher. He just smiles and laughs. He walks over to me and takes my hand.

“Your former teacher called me and told me what to expect and she didn’t lie, you are great. My name is MR. Jackson and you my dear did a great job.” He turns to the class as I walk back to my seat. “That folks is what I mean when I say that you have to have talent. You can’t force it, it just has to be there.” I look over and Katherine is red in the face and she looks like she is ready to kill me. Great now I will have to deal with that at some point. I notice that Cole is once again staring at me and I can’t help but blush a little knowing that he heard me sing and that he is aware that I saw him openly staring. I have a feeling that my life here is going to be filled with way more drama than my life has ever seen before.

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