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I make my way out of the room and then the school. I really don’t want to be caught in her path so I beeline for my car. I decide to call Maggie and see if she wants to hang out. I don’t start work until tomorrow so I need a distraction for tonight.

“My darling Ophelia I was hoping you would call and give me all the details of the first day!” She giggles and I can tell she is very happy to have gotten my call. I laugh and I feel like I finally found someone that I can trust.

“Well are you free for dinner?” I am praying that she doesn’t have any plans.

“I’m free. Meet me in the town square.” As we hang up I see Katherine come storming out of the school and I know that she is looking for me. She wants to make me pay for what happened in that class and I know that she will be looking for anything she can use against me. As I begin to pull off I see Cole and Mason walk out of the school looking as if they are looking for someone. As soon as they see me I hear Mason yelling my name. I don’t look back and make my way out of the parking lot. I don’t know that it going on but there has to be a reason this school is so weird. I have a feeling it has to do with all the attractive guys. I think it’s best if I just stay away from them.

Once I get to the square I see Maggie and we make our way to a pizza restaurant for dinner and I couldn’t be happier. Of course she has to hear all about my day and she sits there listening to my every word. I think I have become her own personal soap opera.

“Tell me the truth. What is going on at that school? Not a single girl talked to me and the guys were on my like white on rice and that’s not normal for me.” She looks at me and I can tell she is trying to figure it out for herself.

“I know that you are definitely more beautiful then you know. I also think that because you’re different from most of the girls there you caught their attention. Did you notice how all the girls there look the same? They are all just like your sister. This town is made up of wealthier families who treat their children like they are the second coming. All the kids tend to have a superiority complex. They all think that they are the best. The girls didn’t talk to you because they saw the reaction of the boys. The boys saw a shiny new toy and they all want to be the first to play with it. “I scoff at what she says. “I’ll tell you this, when I went there everyone was sleeping around with everyone. If you’re still a virgin then the target on you will be even bigger.”

“Well I think that I unintentionally made my life worse when I told Pearce and Dominic that I was.” I sit back in my seat and sigh. This is not how I expected my day to go at all. I am now a target just because I don’t sleep around.

“Just remember it is up to you who you trust and who you don’t. Don’t let anyone make those choices for you. Let them prove themselves. I know my brother can be a disgusting ass but I don’t think he would intentionally hurt you, and don’t let Dominic and Pearce fool you they are all friends. They just all have a new toy to fight over.” She smiles and I know that she is trying to help. I think that I just need to stick to the plan of not having anything to do with them.

The rest of the night flies by and once I get home I get myself settled in. I am getting ready to turn in when my door flies open and there stands my family. I can already tell that Katherine has filled my parents full of things that are not true by the looks that they are throwing my way.

“How dare you insult your sister in such a way at school? It wasn’t enough to insult her singing in front of the whole class you then had to go after the guy she likes. You have one week to prove that you are not going to do anything against her and if you don’t then you are on your own.” My mother screams.

“What do you mean be own my own?” I look at them not understanding what she means.

“We will kick you out of the house. You’re eighteen and we no longer have to keep providing for you.” With that they walk out of my apartment. Katherine stays back and turns to me.

“Don’t mess with me! He will be mine and the school will follow my every word. You will never be more popular than me. Learn your place!” She walks out the door slamming it in my face.

How did what happened at school turn into this? I knew she would be after Cole but what made her think I had anything to do with it. Unless she saw his constant staring there is nothing that happened that indicated that I was even remotely interested in him. I just want to finish school and move on with my life.

I finally go to bed and I know that tomorrow is going to bring a new round of problems and I think that I may have to adjust what my plans are going to be. I may end up leaving home before I thought. I know that I have plenty of money to get me through. My fears of my parents coming for all that I have worked hard for are being brought to the front of my mind. I can’t let them ruin everything I have worked so hard for. I just have to stick to the plan and make changes along the way. I will get out of here.

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