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The next morning I get to school around the same time as Katherine and I witness the thing that I was scared of seeing. She saunters over to Cole and I can already see by the look on his face that he got what he wanted and he is done. I shut my locker just as Pearce and Dominic walk up and we all turn to watch what will be a show for the ages.

“Hey baby. Did you miss me?” Katherine purrs and flutters her eyelashes at Cole. She is rubbing her hands up and down his arms and I see the irritation flowing off him in waves. Katherine is oblivious to all this.

“Who told you that you could call me that? Better yet what the hell do you think you’re doing? I just slept with you once that doesn’t mean that we are a couple or that I even care about you. You were just an easy lay. No one claimed you so I just took what I thought might be a good time. Turns out I was wrong.” He turns and walks away leaving Katherine standing in front of most of the school with her mouth opening and closing like a fish.

She turns around and I can see the embarrassment on her face. When she looks in my direction I know that I am in for it. She marches over to me and I notice Pearce stand in front of me as if he is going to protect me from her attack.

“You bitch! I know you did something to make him turn on me. Are you trying to get me back for that little dork I stole from you? God you’re pathetic. So I slept with the boy you liked on the day of your first date. That doesn’t mean that you have to steal what I want.” She raises her hand and before anyone can stop it she slaps me.

Gasps are heard all around the hallway as people are shocked at what they saw. I just turn my face back to her and look her dead in the eye. She has a fire in her eyes that makes me tremble with fear of what she will do once we get home. Then again she may be biding her time and planning on doing something way worse after a while.

“I did nothing. I was at work all night until I came home. I have no interest in taking something that you think belongs to you.” I walk off towards my first class knowing that everyone is watching and that I will be the talk of the school for the day.

Mason tried to talk to me about the situation in first period and I told him that there is really nothing to say. I tell him the truth, that I got caught in the crossfire of the incident and that there is nothing to be done about it. I can tell that he doesn’t like that answer but what can I do?

“Ophelia just know that whatever happens that I am always here for you. If she comes after you again let me know. Please.” I nod and smile but it’s one of those smiles that doesn’t really reach my eyes. Mason notices this and drops the subject. The rest of the class passes quickly and I make a beeline out of the room and to my next class hoping to keep from running into Katherine. Once I make to class I try and relax until I see Cole making his way over to me.

He gently grabs my chin and turns my face so that the can see the bruise that tis starting to form on my cheek. I notice that he has clenched his jaws and that his breathing is harsh. I touch his hand to get his attention.

“If she sees this she’ll just get even angrier at me. Cole you have to just leave it alone.” I can see the anger rising in his eyes and I know that he is not happy that I told him that. He takes a deep breath as if he trying to calm his self-down.

“Why does she get to act that way toward you? Don’t your parents put a stop to that crap? I can’t just sit back and let her get away with hitting you. This had nothing to do with you.” I shake my head at him knowing that I explaining all this will do nothing for him.

“Just know that not all families love their children equally. Some have clear favorites and in mine that favorite is Katherine. So if you really want to help me just leave it. Please.” At this point I know that emotions that I do not wish to show are all over my face. He nods his head in understanding and takes a seat next to me. “I will probably eat with Pearce today just to keep the peace.” I notice that his jaw is clenched again but he doesn’t argue he just nods.

Once lunch rolls around I go and sit with Pearce. He has been overly protective since this morning by coming and getting me after my classes and making sure that I am not anywhere near my sister. He buys my lunch while I wait with Dominic. Pearce is a great friend and I think that he will end up being the one that I can count on while I’m here at this school. My brain keeps telling me not to trust anyone but my heart is winning out and I find myself trusting these guys whether I want to or not.

After sitting here a few minutes I notice that Katherine is nowhere to be seen and that Cole and Mason are entertaining a new group of ladies. Things never change I guess and that bothers me for some reason when I look at Cole. My heart does flips when he is around and I know that I am slowly developing a crush on the guy. The problem is that I will never be with him. He only does the one night thing and I am not interested in that. I need to try and not fall for his charms but that may be easier said than done.

The rest of my day goes by fast and Maggie and I spend the night working and enjoying each other’s company. Although I had to give her the same speech as her brother she doesn’t argue and we pass a peaceful night at work. Once I get home I once again wait to be yelled at but nothing happens. I was right when I thought she is waiting and plotting against me. Only time will tell how this is all going to go down but one thing is for sure and that is I am not going down with nothing.

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