Chocolate Kisses

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"Best friends forever. Pinky swear?" Aubree and Jack were best friends when they were kids. When Jack's parents get new jobs in Florida, Jack is forced to say goodbye to Aubree. Just before Jack leaves, Aubree and Jack promise each other that they will always be best friends. What happens when Aubree and Jack meet again at college?

Romance / Drama
Little_Snail 🐌
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11 years ago


"Bree! A butterfly!" I shouted, frantic to get her attention. She quickly ran over and stared at the butterfly in awe. "Woah... So pretty!" She mumbled underneath her breath. I smiled at the wide-eyed expression she was making.

"Jake?" My dad walked outside and saw us inspecting the butterfly. "It's time to go. Today is a big day."

"What's happening today?" Bree asked with a curious expression. "Oh! Jake hasn't told you yet?"

"Told me what?" She nervously said.

My eyes started welling up with tears.

My dad gave me a worried look and told her, " We are moving today."

Slowly, Bree's eyes began to fill with tears; she bit her lip as if she was trying to hold it in. Oh no.

My dad quickly said, " We'll come visit you."

She looked to the ground and quickly brushed off her tears.

I knew that she hated showing her weaknesses in front of other people.

"Jake..... say goodbye to Bree." My dad softly said.

Then he left and got into the car.

"Bye bye Bree" I mumbled, looking down. My eyes were damp from my tears.

Bree gently hugged me, and whispered with tears in her eyes, "Best friends forever. Pinky swear?" She held up her pinky. I hooked my pinky with hers and shook it. I said, "Pinky swear."

With one last hug, I climbed onto the backseat of the car and started waving to Bree.

She shouted, "Bye bye Jake!"

The car started backing of the driveway and started driving.

Bree started to get smaller and smaller.






Finally, she disappeared.

Present Day


"Bree! Wake up!" I woke up abruptly. "Gee Addy, thanks for waking me up so early." I said sarcastically. Addy giggled and said, "Look at the clock."

I looked at the clock and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

I leaped out of bed. "Seriously Addy? You couldn't have woken me up sooner?" I complained.

I only had only one hour left before I had to go to class.


Addy smiled, and then started walking to the door. "Bye Bree! My classes are starting soon, I'm gonna go now!" She wiggled her fingers in goodbye."

I waved at her, and then started getting ready.

I finished getting dressed and assessed myself in the mirror.

I have dark blue eyes, a straight nose, and porcelain skin. My hair is brown colored and it falls to my shoulders.

I brushed my hair and tied it into a messy bun.

I got my books out and started walking to my first class.

I put my earphones on and started listening to some music.

I was so lost in my music that I wasn't looking where I was going.

I bumped into someone, and I lost my balance and started to fall.

Before I could fall, someone caught me by my waist and steadied me before I could fall.

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