Chocolate Kisses

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Chapter 2 - Meeting You Again


I bumped into someone, and I lost my balance and started to fall.

Before I could fall, someone caught me by my waist and steadied me before I could fall.

I looked into the eyes of my saviour and I felt like I saw him from somewhere before.

Before I could think too much about it, a voice interrupted my thoughts. "Are you alright miss?" "Oh yes... Thank you for catching me." I really looked at him this time and I noticed that he had deep forest green eyes, light brown hair, and a tall figure.

He offered me a smile, and said in a pleasant voice, "My name's Jake." "I'm Aubree" I replied giving him a shy smile.

"You know, I once had a childhood friend named Aubree. I used to call her Bree. You look a lot like her." I stared at him and asked, "What's your real name?" "It's Jake Harris."

My eyes went wide and my mouth dropped open.

"Jake? Is it really you?" I gasped, not believing my childhood friend was here.

"Yup." He replied, staring at me intently.

"So.... How have you been?" He asked me awkwardly.

"I've been great. I mean great as in finally attending my dream college, having my best friend as my roommate." I rambled. He chuckled and said with a pout,"I thought I was your best friend."

"Ummm...... Jake..... We haven't seen each other for like a decade!" I contradicted.

He gave me a hurt look. "Don't you remember the promise we made each other?"

I raised my eyebrow and asked,"What promise?"

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He gazed at me and said softly,"The promise we made each other right before I left."

I shook my head and said,"Jake, I am sorry but I can't remember the promise."

He smirked at me and slyly said,"I'll have to remind you then."

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