Chocolate Kisses

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Chapter 3 - Making You Remember


"Yo, dude! Wake up!"

I grabbed my pillow and threw it at that voice.

I then opened my eyes and yawned.

"Seriously dude? How are you still sleepy?" Mike asked with disbelief on his face.

"Umm... Mike...don't you remember that I was at a party?" I answered with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh...yeah... I remember now." He said with realization dawning on him.

He looked at the clock. "Yikes! I need to run. Bye Jake!" He yelled while running off.

I yelled back, "Bye Mike!" But he was already out the door.

I got dressed and grabbed an apple for breakfast. I headed out the door and walked to class munching on my apple.

I threw the apple core away and started heading to the restroom when I suddenly bumped into someone.

I looked at the girl and when she started to fall I caught her by the waist.

She started staring at me.

I questioned her, "Are you alright miss?"

She replied in a breathy voice, " Oh yes... Thank you for catching me"

I gazed at her and I felt like I saw her before. Was she one of my past flings? Or was she one of my past friends?

I shook myself out of my thoughts.

I smiled at her and the told her, "My name's Jake."

"I'm Aubree" She replied with a shy smile.

I studied her again and I felt a pang of recognition. I recognized her.

Well, let's see if she remember me. After all, we were once best friends. I mean still best friends.

I spoke up and said, "You know, I once had a childhood friend named Aubree. I used to call her Bree. You look a lot like her."

She stared at me and questioned, "What's your real name?"

I answered, "It's Jake Harris."

I watched amused, as her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open.

"Jake? Is it really you?" She gasped.

So she didn't recognize me.

"Yup." I replied, staring at her intently.

I realized that she must still be shocked by that sudden revelation, so I decided to break the silence.

"So.... How have you been?" I asked her, a bit awkwardly. I didn't know how to act around her.

Normally, I know how to act and speak with girls, but Bree just takes my breath away.

"I've been great. I mean great as in finally attending my dream college, having my best friend as my roommate." She rambled.

I chuckled and said with a pout,"I thought I was your best friend."

I corrected myself in my thoughts, " I am your best friend! Not was."

"Ummm...... Jake..... We haven't seen each other for like a decade!" She argued.

I felt sad because she didn't remember our promise.

I gave her a hurt look. "Don't you remember the promise we made each other?"

She raised an eyebrow and asked,"What promise?"

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair.

I do that when I'm stressed out or sad about something.

I looked at her and said gently,"The promise we made each other right before I left."

She shook my head and said with finality,"Jake, I am sorry but I can't remember the promise."

I knew that I had to make her remember our promise, so we could become best friends again.

Maybe even more than that. I remember having a crush on her when I was little.

But first, I'll have to break up with Brittany. Or was it Angelina?

I smirked at her and slyly said,"I'll have to remind you then."

I walked to the restroom and did my business.

As I was walking to Cafe Noir, I felt a pair of hands covering my eyes. I stopped walking.

Suddenly, a voice cooed, "Hello sweet cakes. Did you miss me?"

I fidgeted and asked, "Who are you"

"Your girlfriend, Angel!" Angel pouted. She uncovered my eyes and wrapped her hand around my waist.

Oh. My girlfriend that I was intending to break up with. I honestly thought that her name was Brittany.

I have had too much flings and girlfriends. I can't keep up with their names, so I just call them sweetheart, or babe.

I looked down to see what she was wearing. She was wearing a tight tube top and a miniskirt. She had too much make-up on her face and had on 6 inch heels.

I don't know how she walked in those things.

Suddenly, I heard her shrieking, "Don't look at my boyfriend."

She kissed me and then clung onto my bicep.

Did I tell you that she was basically the school's queen bee? She even had groupies following her everywhere.

I am pretty sure that she is only attracted to me because of my looks, and because I'm a golden boy.

If you are a golden boy, then that means that you are one of the most popular people in college.

I turned to Angel and asked, "Do you want to go to Cafe Noir with me?"

She scrunched up her nose and said, "You mean that little cafe where everyone else goes too for food and stuff?"

I nodded my head slowly and answered, "Yeah."

She replied with a disgusted expression, "Nope, not gonna go. Sorry sweet cheeks!"

After that she kissed me and then sashayed across the campus with her groupies following her.

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