Chocolate Kisses

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Chapter 4 - Cafe Noir

This chapter is dedicated to @marcihuncho. โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ


After that unexpected meeting with Jake, I started walking to Cafe Noir, this Cafe that has affordable food and drinks along with a friendly atmosphere.

When I got there, I ordered a coffee and sat down at in one of the booths to wait.

Suddenly, a guy asked me, "Excuse me? Can I sit here?" He was pointing at the empty space next to me.

I nodded. "Of course."

He slid into the booth. He said, "Hello, my name is Mike, and you are?"

I turned towards him and answered, "I'm Aubree."

He grinned, and replied, "Nice to meet you Aubree."

Mike had curly black hair long enough to run your fingers through, amber eyes, and a nice smile.

He cleared his throat and I quickly averted my eyes. He wiggled his eyebrows and I blushed.

He asked me smugly, "Like what you see?"

I was saved by another guy sliding in the booth. I didn't look at him because I was still looking down at the table.

"Aubree, this is Jake. Jake this is Aubree." Mike introduced.

Wait...Jake? Could it be my Jake?

I looked up at Mike's friend. It was my Jake.

Jake smirked, and extended his hand for me to shake.

He told me, "Hello pretty lad-" Suddenly, he was cut off by Mike saying, "Geez...It's Aubree."

Jake rolled his eyes and said with a sliver of annoyance, "Hello Aubree, it's nice to meet you. I am Jake. Are you Mike's girlfriend?"

Mike groaned and said forcefully, "She is not my girlfriend." Then he said the word, "Yet." Underneath his breath.

I replied to Jake."Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Aubree, and to answer your question, no I am not Mike's girlfriend. We just met actually."

Jake stared at me, probably wondering why I didn't say that we've met before.

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