Chocolate Kisses

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Chapter 5 - Feelings

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I walked into the cafe and looked around for a place to sit. All the tables were occupied, so I looked over at the booths and saw Mike sitting in the corner booth with a girl.

I knew he probably wouldn't mind cause he has crashed my dates before.

I walked up to them.

I slid into the booth.

The girl was looking down at the table. I looked closer and noticed that her cheeks were flaming red.

She looked like Aubree.

Suddenly Mike introduced us. "Aubree, this is Jake. Jake this is Aubree."

Wait... Aubree?

I smirked and extended my hand to her.

Well, let's see if Mike actually likes her.

I said, "Hello pretty lad-" Suddenly, I was cut off by Mike saying, "Geez... It's Aubree."

So he does like her. But I like her. She's mine.

I rolled my eyes and asked with annoyance present in my voice, "Hello Aubree, it's nice to meet you. I am Jake. Are you Mike's girlfriend?"

I needed to know if she was his girlfriend.

Mike groaned. He said forcefully, "She is not my girlfriend." Then he said the word, "Yet." Underneath his breath.

I heard him.

He's never been this serious about a girl.

Aubree replied, "Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Aubree, and to answer your question, no I am not Mike's girlfriend. We just met actually."

Ahhh. So Mike probably saw her sitting here alone, thought she was pretty, and decided to make a move.

I stared at Aubree. I wanted her to tell Mike that we have met before.

She started conversing with Mike.

I waited.







And waited.








But she kept talking to him, without a care in the world.

I started listening to them talk, and I heard her agree to go on a date with him to Saturday.

I felt mad and jealous. I wanted to go on a date with Aubree! Well, two can play at this game.

I turned to Aubree and asked, "Dear, will you allow me to court you?"

I felt Mike glaring at me. Probably because I was making a move on Aubree.

She fidgeted, uncomfortable under my gaze.

She answered with a nervous edge in her voice, "I'm sorry Jake, but I'm going on a date with Mike on Saturday."

Then she looked at her watch and gasped.

She started gathering her things together and waved to us.

She shouted, "Bye guys, I need to hurry or else I'll be late for class!"

We waved back at her.

Suddenly Angel walked into the Cafe.

I thought she disliked this cafe.

What was she doing here?




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