Chocolate Kisses

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Chapter 6 - Angel


After I left the dorm, I went to look for my friends. I found them hanging out near the entrance of the school. I walked towards them.

I looked at everyone quickly in my head and saw that everyone of my friends except Jake was there.

Let me introduce you to my friends.

First up is Adam. He has brown hair, light blue eyes, and a charming smile. He is a playboy and the star swimmer on the swim team.

Next up is Nico. He has dirty blond hair, green eyes, and is the school's unofficial prank king. He plays on the soccer team. He is also Adam's best friend.

The most nerdy person in our group has to be Liam. He has black hair, brown eyes, and is the nicest person you'll ever meet if you take the time to get to know him.

Now, it's time for Jake. The "bad boy." He has brown hair, forest green eyes, and a playful and kind personality. You do not want to get onto his bad side. He's the quarterback of the football team, and a major playboy. I'm his best friend.

Last but not least, me! I have curly black hair and amber eyes. I am the least wild of the group and am not a playboy. I dislike parties and have never been to a club. Girls ask me out but I reject them. I don't get very good grades but I still pass, and I'm looking for the girl I want to spend my life with.

"Hey dude. Whatcha thinking?" Adam asks. I shook my head. "Nothing important."

Suddenly, someone comes and hugs Adam. He stiffens up and mouths, "Who is it?" Nico answers, "Jake's girlfriend, Angel."

He remembers who it is and quickly wiggles out of her grasp. Once she realizes he just rejected her, Angel starts coming over to me.

Oh no. Please someone save me.

She twirls her hair around her finger and gives me a sly smile. She says flirtatiously, "Hello Mike. I know you want me." When I give her an enraged look, she scampers off quickly.

Probably to find Jake. Oh well.

Liam speaks up. "Guys, you should know that she only speaks to us because we're the golden boys."

I nod my head positively. "Yup. I've seen her act around other people. Oh, it wasn't pretty. At all."

I hope you guys like this chapter! πŸ’•πŸ’•

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