Chocolate Kisses

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Chapter 7 - The Surprise


After meeting Aubree and Mike at the cafe, I attended all the classes I had for the day. I met my friends for lunch in Cafe Noir.

My friend group was the "popular" group in our college. My friends are Adam, Nico, Liam, and Mike. Out of all my friends, I'm the closest to Mike. I've known him the longest.



"Mommy, I miss Aubree." I tugged on my mommy's sleeve. "I know sweetie." My mom gently rubbed my back, and knelt down so she was about my height. "But today, we're going to go to the park to play. You might even make a new friend there." My mom smiled. I pouted. "But mommy, I don't want another friend! I just want Aubree!"

My mommy sighed and said, "Jake, you have to understand you can't see Aubree on a regular basis anymore... We can visit her, but we can't see her everyday." I nodded my head in understanding. "Okay mommy, I understand now." My mom stood up. "Come on Jake let's go to the park now."

During the ride to the park, I started thinking about Aubree and how she loved chocolate. I used to give all my chocolate to her. Her favorite kind of chocolate was definitely Hershey's Kisses. I made a promise to myself. I would give Aubree a bag of them when I visited her.

When we arrived at the park I opened the car door and hopped out the car. I followed my mommy to the benches.

"Sweetie, go play. I'll be sitting here, reading my book." I hugged my mommy and ran to play. I wandered around the playground and finally decided to go play in the sandbox.

There was a kid in the sandbox and he had all sorts of toys with him. Shovels, pails, cars...

I wanted play with him. I stepped inside the sandbox. "Can I play with you?" I asked the strange boy shyly.

He didn't answer me. Instead, he rolled over one of his cars to me and moved over a little to make space for me to sit down.

Present Day


I made a real friend that day. And if you haven't guessed, that "strange boy" was Mike. After that day, we started better and better friends.

I started looking around campus for Aubree. I had a surprise for her. I finally found her, sitting on the fountain talking to her friend. Probably her second best friend.

I walked up to her. "Hey Aubree." She looked up at me. "Hi Jake."

Her friend butts in our conversation. She sticks out her hand. "Hello, I'm Carla Edwards and I am Aubree's best friend."

I shook her hand. "Hey Carla, I'm Jake." Suddenly she gasps. "You're the Jake Harris? The famed bad boy, player, and hottest boy on campus."

Suddenly, Aubree clears her throat. "Jake, what are you holding behind your back?"

I smiled at her. A full blown megawatt smile. "This my dear Aubree, is my surprise for you."

I held out the bag. Aubree takes it. She opens it and gasps. She looks at me, and smiles. "You remembered."

She hugs me.

I feel happy because Aubree is happy.

She takes out the chocolates and starts shoving them in her mouth. Then, she looks at a chocolate and then at me. She holds out one of the chocolates to me and smiles cutely. "Here Jake. Have a chocolate."

I am blown away by her cuteness.

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