Chasing Giovanni

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After the death of her boyfriend Giovanni, Lana begins having dreams in which she can still communicate with him. They discuss things Lana never got to talk to him about while still mourning his death. It's not easy navigating life without him, but they still find a way to be together. However, will these dreams give her a look into herself and future, or make her question everything she stands for?

Romance / Drama
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Another Average Morning

"Ok and the card says...biggest fear," said Lana.

"Dang..that's hard. I don't really have one," Gio replied winking.

"Of course you do, everyone does whether they want to admit it or not!"

"Then you admit yours first Lana," he said laying on the couch.

Lana sat on the floor thinking. She didn't really know which fear to pick. Quite frankly, she had a ton of fears. Death, losing someone, spiders, love, pretty much things any other person would be afraid of. However what did she fear the most? This card was harder than Lana thought and it shouldn't have been.

"No answer? You did say everyone has a fear," Gio said breaking the silence.

"I never said I didn't have one I'm just thinking of the right one, but they're so many I just don't know which to choose."

"Just pick already."

"I'll have to say..death I guess."

Gio paused and just laid there in silence. Then a question anyone would asked popped into his head.

"Why death Lana?"

"I don't know what's on the other side. Anything could be there. What if I die randomly without doing everything I wanted to do. Or saying everything I wanted to say to certain people?" she pondered.

He turned his head to her and looked her in the eye. "You'll be able to."

"You don't know that though," Lana sighed.

"I have feeling you will, it's in my gut."

Suddenly the room began to fade and so did Gio. She was now floating and could barely make him out but she could hear his voice.

"'re waking up now. See you tomorrow?" Gio asked.


The cool autumn air brushed Lana's hair across her face and she rubbed her morning eyes. She had forgotten to close her window the night before. To make matters worse, she had a cough now. The clock read 7:00am and sure enough she was late again. Lana was supposed to meet her friend Mai at 6:30 outside of Parker's Diner. They liked to get there early to beat the breakfast crowd so they could get a seat.



"Where are you Lana?"


"Hellooooo anyone there?"


"You're probably stuck in one of those dreams again..don't worry about it. Just come to the park when you wake up. Btw bring granola."

Well at least Mai wasn't mad at her but she couldn't help but feel guilty. Before her friend had to wait any longer she got out of bed to get ready. Of course, the window was still open.

Her room was pretty simple, but had a couple of things she added. For starters, the window seat. It was great for reading or admiring the outside which she did often. The blue decorative pillows gave the seat a sort of pop. Gardening had always been something Lana enjoyed the most. Living in an apartment didn't help with that though. There wasn't anywhere to plant anything, so she kept her plants inside. Mostly Aloe Vera and String of Pearls.

Finally there was the bookshelf that Gio put in for her last Christmas. It was brown with little specks of white indicating it was a bit worn. That didn't matter though, a rustic look fit the room in a charming way. She wasn't a big reader but read when she could, so he took it upon himself to find books he thought she'd enjoy. The funny part to her though was that Gio was never a reader. He hated books really. Though everyone tried to get him to read a book it wouldn't work. So the first book he thought would work was To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Lana always read it and still did, she had probably read it a total of 53 times.

"Where are you off to this morning?" asked her mom sitting at the table. Every morning her mom had to have coffee or else she wouldn't be herself. It was always the same, French with 5 creams and 5 sugars. Lana put the kettle on the stove to make some Green Tea. Her mother was a rather older woman but proved that age was just a number. She always wore bright red lipstick that made her thin lips pop. Her hair was always in a neat bun, the gray hairs poking out ever so slightly.

"Just to meet Mai like always," she replied grabbing the granola and stuffing it into her backpack.

"Wouldn't you have been gone by now?"

"Yes..but I slept in by accident."

Her mom raised an eyebrow and took another sip of coffee.

"You sure that's all?" she questioned.

Lana poured her tea into a travel mug and hoisted the backpack on her bag. "Yes mom."

"Be safe then, call if there's any trouble. Oh and take a cough drop sweetie you sound a bit dry."

Lana took the cough drop and headed out of apartment 154. The elevator man greeted her with a smile and pressed 1. An awkward silence filed the compacted space, but was broken by the ding that cued they had reached the first floor of the building. To her surprise, Mai was sitting in the waiting area reading a book. Now Mai was a very avid reader, pretty much reading every book she could get her hands on. Whether that be a short story, newspaper article, or even a children's book, she read it.

"Hey! I was worried!" exclaimed lana's friend pulling her into a hug.

"Sorry again..i need to buy a new clock," Lana replied sympathetically.

They pulled apart and Mai gave a funny look. "No need, like I said it's totally fine."

The two walked out of the building onto the busy street of Portland, Oregon. There were kids with skateboards and mothers holding their children's hands desperately trying to navigate around. It was easy to point out tourists as they seemed to be having trouble navigating as well around. One women with a thick fur coat was walking what looked like her 13 Pomeranians. Lots of things were happening but the two were always used to it.

"So..anything last night?" Mai asked hesitantly.

"Yeah he was there as always." Lana handed her the granola out of her backpack.

"Well what did he say?"

"We we're playing Confessions and I got a card that said biggest fear," she said sipping her tea, "I told him I was afraid of death."


"Then he asked why and I replied basically saying that I didn't know what was on the other side and stuff."

Her friend stuffed granola into her face as she tried to imagine the dream.

"I also told him what if I died and didn't say or do the things I wanted for people. He said I will be able to!"

"Is get some fortune teller?" Goofed Mai.

"I wish," giggled Lana.

They walked in silence for awhile enjoying each other's company.

"You know I miss him too," Mai mumbled, "Every single freaking day."

" do I."

The two girls stopped in front of the rusted gates of the park. Lana took a deep breath, grabbed her friends hand, and proceeded to walk in.

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