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Schools out!!!and two different girls are about to meet during a get together, work fiasco and issues. Lisa is having Family issues, Her Mother lost her job and is sending her to work at a farmers market to earn some money. Giovanna(Gio) is bored, Her latest girlfriend dumped her for being fat. Gio is bigger then other girls. Her mother and father are getting a divorce and send her to sell at the farmers market. Where She meets Lisa...

Romance / Erotica
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I don't like it when people call me fat, like the word was made for me. I am fat though so they aren't lying. Mama and Papa are getting a divorce and they don't know what to do with me. Typical Parents never know what to do with me. " Just send me to prison" I say tapping my nails against the cold counter. "No!" Mama yells as she rolls her eyes and Papa smiles at me, His eyes look worried. "The Farmers Market is open all summer Giovanna can go there" Papa says but he isn't looking at me. I hate it when they call me Giovanna or Gia I go by Gio. " Good Idea! " Mama says with excitement, Like She finally can get rid of me. She grabs a pen and looks at me, smiling.

"I am signing you up, Mija" Mama says as she scribbles on a piece of Notebook paper. I look at My Mama and I see how happy she is to send me away and never have to deal with me again.

I turn around to roll my eyes.

Because this..

Fucking sucks.

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