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River Stone, she has a younger brother that only listens to her, mother and father always at work, and has a guardian werewolf. Issac Storm, the top gang leader and only has an eye on one female, HIS female. He has wanted her since he laid eyes on her. She doesn't know anything about him, so how does he know so much about her and her family? Find out how he knows her and how he gets her for himself on Blackmail

Romance / Action
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Just another day in Springfield I thought as I skated to school. The only difference was dad was home when I woke up. There was nothing wrong with it, but it is a little unusual.

After another couple minutes and I arrived at school. My best friends were sitting by the big rocks out front waiting.

"Hey guys!" I yelled heading to them

"Riv!" I heard Daniel and Angel call

"So, who wants to ditch?" Angel said

Daniel just glared and I ignored her. We all start walking inside and to our lockers which are right next to each other.

"Has anyone seen my girlfriend anywhere?" I heard a familiar voice behind me

"Adrian!" I yelled and jumped on him

"Hey babe, ready for class?"

"Yeah, you guys ready?" I asked my friends

"Hey um...I-i'll catch you guys la-later" Daniel said running out

I quickly pulled out my phone and typed Are you ok?

I knew he wouldn't respond right now, but I also knew he wouldn't be far. You see, Daniel isn't a regular human. Daniel is a werewolf guardian. My werewolf guardian, that's how we became friends.

"He'll be ok." Adrian tried. I nodded and looked away sadly.

We all walked to first period after that. Angel and I have the same first period but Adrian always walked me.

"Have fun in math babe." he said when we arrived then kissed my head and left

"Have fun in math babe!" Angel mocked him as he walked away

I glared at her and walked in with her on my heels. Angel and Daniel never liked Adrian but they put up with him for me.

After class I started packing my stuff ready to leave when my phone went off, I pulled it out and read the message.

I'm fine, Drake just needed air.

Drake is his wolf. He has the power to transform whenever he wants but when he doesn't change for a while his wolf gets anxious and could force the change, which wouldn't be good in front of other people.

Are you going to second period? I asked

He responded almost immediately I'm not leaving you alone with Adrian

I sent a quick reply and put my phone away. Walking to second period jasmine or better known as the queen bee grabbed my wrist and tried to stop me but I was stronger and kept walking.

I made it to class with 3 minutes left and talked to Adrian and Daniel.

The bell rang and class started, math was easy as always so I didn't pay attention to the teacher and just did the work. That was how class went. When it ended I gathered my stuff and walked with Daniel out but the teacher stopped me.

"River, could you come here a minute." It wasn't a question

I looked at Daniel and nodded at him, he walked out.


"Ethan here could use a tutor and I thought you were the best person to do it."

"I-" Ethan tried but I cut him off

"Oh, um...I'm honored but I really don't have time, miss."

"Then make time, do you hear."

"Yes ma'am." I mumbled irritated

"Great!" She chirped

I rolled my eyes and walked out to see Daniel, my phone rang but I ignored it. We walked to our table and sat down with my head in my hands.

"Hey, you ok?" Angel asked

"Oh I'm so great, I just got more shit on my plate now." I said

"What happened?" Adrian asked as he sat next to me wrapping his arm around my waist

"I now have to watch my brother and tutor someone." I said and removed his arm

"I get your upset but don't push me off." He growled quietly putting his arm back

I pushed his arm off me again and got up walking out of the cafeteria leaving my phone behind. I didn't get very far before Adrian grabbed my arm and dragged me outside.

"First who are you tutoring?" he pushed me on the wall

"Get off." I whispered scared

"Tell me!"he yelled smacking me

"Get off me!" I yelled back pushing him off

I looked at my wrists and saw the bruises, the left looked better than the right. I got pissed and could feel his presence.

He grabbed me again and I punched him "Don't touch me." I growled and walked away

"Give me your wrist." I looked at Daniel except it wasn't him. It was drake.

I gave him my left wrist acting like my right was completely fine. He pulled me away from the curious eyes and pulled my wrist to his mouth and licked it. It slowly started healing and I smiled, grateful.

"Thank you." I told him

"I will never understand." He muttered and walked with me inside

"Understand what?" I asked after Drake gave Daniel his body back

"Well first how my saliva heals you, second why you-"

"River!" I turned and saw Angel

"What?" I asked confused

"You got a text."

I grabbed my phone and saw the text

Baby girl I need to see you. I miss you so much, I can't wait for you to meet me. Do not tell anyone about us or it will end badly for you and them. Talk to you later my love
-Your forever

Well that's creepy I didn't respond and put my phone away. I looked up from my phone and Daniel was staring at me.

"Who was it Riv?"

"A wrong number. Ready for class?" I asked


After school I went to my locker, grabbed my skateboard and waited for Angel and Daniel. A couple minutes later they showed up and we left. We all rode to my house like we always do after school.

"Why is your mom's car here?" Angel asked when we arrived

"I have no clue, but I bet it isn't good."

My mother is always working when I get out of school, she doesn't get off till 11 p.m. normally. We walked in and Jake was watching tv

"Homework Lee."

"No middle name in front of them." he whined

I laughed and he pulled out his homework

"Oh good he's doing it. I couldn't even get this far." my mom said walking out of the kitchen

"Don't worry mom, I got it." I said


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