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I walked in after getting the ok. He sat on his bed with his head in his hands, he looked stressed.

"Look, I know I should have talked to you but-"

"I know you think I only took you to get back at your father, but that isn't the only reason. I care about you, ok? I need you to work with me here. I want to say I need you to trust me, and to feel the same way I do, but what I want more; for you to want to tell me where you are going. I want you to feel like you can trust me." he looked down, upset.

I looked at him confused for not yelling at me for taking off like I did. He just seemed disappointed, but for some reason his disappointed face made me feel bad.

No, I shouldn't feel bad. I shouldn't even care...but I do...

"I don't know what to tell you, I really only trust like three people. It took me forever to even trust them."

"I know words don't mean much, but at least try to take what I am saying legit. I am aware it is going to take some time to earn your trust. time try and communicate, Please." I nodded and walked back to my brother.


What is this girl doing to me, I want to tell her how I feel but I am afraid she is gonna use it to her advantage. I tried getting my point across. Did it work? I'm not sure. Did I try? Yes.

I just hope she takes what I said seriously.


After reaching my room again, my brother was still asleep and Daniel looked lost in thought.

"Hey, you ok?" I interrupted

"Not really, I get why you left me behind but I still wish you would have told me. I could have prepared for the anger, and the accusations."

"I'm sorry, I thought about telling you but I see the way you look at him. Like you just want something to happen so you can get him back for everything he has done. I couldn't risk it."

"Have you asked your parents why they didn't show up?"

"No, they probably forgot I was kidnapped so they didn't get him thinking I would. The best part, I'm sure they haven't even realized he hasn't shown up." I said frustrated

"Ok, calm down. Come on, let's get some sleep."

The next morning

I woke up to struggling next to me. I turned over and saw my brother trying to get up but not being able to because of the bruised ribs.

"Lee, let me help you."

"I'm hungry and just wanted to get up." I nodded my head

I help Lee up and help him get downstairs yawning a couple times. The twins were already in the kitchen and so was Alex.

I get my brother on a stool at the kitchen island and start making him breakfast. After making him eggs and toast I noticed he was awkwardly sitting there sneaking glances at everyone around us curiously.

"Sorry, I'm still tired. Lee, this is Damon, Derrick, and Alex. You'll meet everyone else later when they wake up. Everyone, this is my brother and best friend Jake." I finished

"You guys are identical twins, right?" Lee asked

"Yup." they said at the same time

Jake laughed and I stared at him smiling remembering the sound. I felt a burning gaze on me and looked to its direction to find Alex staring at me with something in his eyes. I looked at him suspiciously and he looked away.

"You're the person who 'helped' my sister right? I get the feeling you own this house, and these guys follow your rules." My brother stated, putting quotes on the word helped.

That's right. Jake has this feeling towards people. He can tell if you're a 'good guy' or a 'bad guy'. He can also tell when people are lying. It can be helpful at times.

"Jake, I told you he helped me so don't say it like that."

"I don't think he really did help you though, at least not at first." he stared at Alex trying to figure him out, all while Alex stayed silent.

Here is where the lying thing is annoying. He even knows when I am lying.

"He took you, didn't he." Jake looked at me long enough to see my we-will-talk-about-this-later face then snapped his head to Alex with a glare.

"What's with the heavy atmosphere?" Daniel said walking down

"Morning Dan." Jake said

"Morning Jakey, Riv." Jake glared at him

"Morning Daniel."

"So, the atmosphere?"

"Nothing. Want breakfast?" I questioned changing the subject


"Me too?" I turned and saw Lilly walking down the stairs

I nodded starting their food.

"Us too pretty please." Came Rose's super cheery tone with Jamie following her

"Anyone else?" I asked tiredly

"Will you make us food this time?" the twins said again

"If you stop talking like that. Alex do you want food?"

"No but I will help you, beautiful."

"No. None of that, no name calling. No sweet gestures." Came my little brother's reply

I smiled at his attempt at protectiveness

"Oh yeah? Who is gonna stop me?" Alex questioned Jake

"Me, She has a boyfriend. A terrible one, but still a boyfriend. My sister won't cheat."

"You haven't told him?" Alex looked at me shocked

"Enough. Both of you now." Daniel raised his voice which pissed Alex off.

"Excuse me!"

"I was right, I don't even need your confirmation. I don't know what yall are talking about right now, but I do know you are the leader and they follow. Except her, she isn't a follower."he pointed at Rose.

"Ok, Jake you have to teach me how to do that."

"What?" Jake said confused

"The way you seem to know everyone without even knowing them."

I stopped cooking and ran to my brother knowing what's coming next.


He passed out and fell off the stool and just barely landed in River's arms.

I saw her tears but didn't know what to do. Jake was unconsciously trying to jerk away from her.

"I didn't mean to! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"Jake, you are having a nightmare. You aren't there anymore. Jake please." River cried softly

"Stop!? Please stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorry." his voice faded


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