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Jake finally got out of his head and was sweating.


“I’m here. I’m right here.” I responded

I grabbed his hand while his head was still on me.

“I saw him.” he whispered

“I know you did, just remember it’s over.”

He nodded and I helped him get up. I took him to the couch and sat him down.

“What do you wanna watch?”

“I don’t, I wanna sleep.”

I walked over to Alex nervously

“Can Jake sleep on the couch, I really don’t want him in the room by himself right now.”

“Yeah, but then I wanna talk to you.” I nodded and walked away.

I tossed a blanket over him, kissed his head then walked to Alex’s office.


“It’s about your father.”

“Continue.” I said emotionless

“He called earlier, wants to see you both and talk to both of you. Along with your mom.”

“Is that all?” I questioned

“No, I really want you to stop sleeping in the same room with Daniel.”


“Yeah, let me rephrase that, quit sleeping in Daniel’s room.”

“Or what?” I challenged

“Or Daniel is going back to the back house and won’t be allowed here.” I busted up laughing

“” I said in between laughter.

“1. Why is that funny? 2. Consider it done.”

“Alright. It’s considered done. Guess I should go move our stuff. Bye.”


“Daniel’s and mine. See ya.” I start walking out the door and get pulled back into his chest.

“I’m done trying to be nice. You’re mine, and don’t forget it.”

“How about you don’t forget this, I am not anyones and he is my guardian. I have to be near him. That means if he leaves, I leave.”

“Fine, he can stay but you’re still sleeping in our room.”

“It’s your room, not our. Jake and I will go see my ‘parents’ tomorrow.” I said and walked out

I found Rose in the kitchen and decided I wanted to hear the story of the person who escaped.

“Hey Rose?”


“What is the story of the person who escaped, how did they do it?”

“Come on. Let’s go to my room.”

I followed her all the way there and we sat on her bed.

“The girl was 16 at the time. A boy kidnapped her and took her here. She woke up without anyone around so she climbed out the window and ran. Ran to the road and hitched out, she got away for two years before they found her again. They got her again but she fell in love with the boy before she escaped again.” she had a glow to her face while thinking of it.

“The 16 year old girl is you, isn’t it?” she nodded

The door opened and Jamie came in.

“Alex wants you.” he said and belly flopped on Rose

“Thanks Rose, for the story.” I smiled at her and left

I looked at the time and it was nine at night. Damn.

“Where is he?” I looked at Jamie

“ your room.” I glared at him

“It’s his room.” I gritted and walked out

I was headed to HIS room when I passed Jake still sleeping in the living room so I woke him and took him to Daniel’s room. Then proceeded to go to Alex’s. On the way I thought about what Rose said about her escaping. How did they find her again? Why was she taken in the first place? Why was I taken?

I knocked on the door and a strong ‘come in’ was heard. I entered and saw him sitting on one side of the bed.

“You wanted me?” I questioned

“Yes. I’m tired, let’s go to sleep.” he yawned

“Well I’m not.” I said turning around grabbing the door handle and walking out. I thought it was gonna be a cliche moment when he grabbed my arm and stopped me, but nope. It’s a miracle.

I went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

“What are you watching?” Daniel came in and sat down

“I was thinking, need for speed?”

“That show is like 15 years old.”

“15 years good. That’s a fact.”

“Alright whatever.”

I put the movie on and half way through, it pauses. I looked around and when I didn’t find anything I played it again. After a while it paused again.

“What the hell?” Daniel said

I huffed and played it again, it paused immediately. I grabbed the remote getting ready to play it again when it was taken from me from behind the couch.

“You’re not playing it, it’s time for bed.” Alex said and I laughed

“I’m not listening to you. Get that through your head idiot.”

“I’m done.” he walked around the couch and picked me up walking to his room when he was yanked back. Daniel was angry, I saw that look that he had anytime Adrian was around. That cheating bitch.

“Daniel it’s ok, calm down.” I said gently

He must have seen my calm attitude because he calmed down. I’m not sure why but I felt oddly safe in Alex’s arms. Not something I was used to. Daniel let go of Alex’s arm and Alex walked away still carrying me without a word.

“You can put me down now.”

“Not till we get to our bedroom.”

I rolled my eyes

“Open the door beautiful.” he said casually

I opened the door and as soon as I did I rolled half way out of his arms using my foot to catch me. I walked over to the bed and sat down leaving my feet on the floor.



“I said are you gonna lay down?”

“Oh, um...yeah I guess.” I muttered

I laid on the bed but couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about the reasons we were here, why was I laying in Alex’s bed willingly and what would happen tomorrow? All these questions and I had no straight answer. I looked over at a sleeping Alex. He was handsome no doubt, no. What was I saying, he isn’t handsome. He isn’t even a little good looking.

He stirred and I froze then closed my eyes with only one thought in my head. What would happen if I quit lying to myself?


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