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I hope she says yes to the date, I'm gonna take Daniel's idea and tell her how I feel.

That voice. That's the voice I keep hearing, but who is it? I open my eyes to find Alex sitting on the edge of the bed next to me.

"It's you. You're that voice." I said in accomplishment

"What voice?" He asked

I took a deep breath and told him everything.

"Wow." he replied

"Yes. I'll go on the date with you."

He looked at me confused, then smiled really big. That smile is so beautiful, I could stare at it all day long.

"Oh, before I forget we are leaving to meet your parents in a half hour."

I panicked, jumped up and ran to the closet, grabbed clothes, and then went to the bathroom and took a much needed shower.

Are they gonna try to take Jake from me. I mean they might not be the best parents but they are still his guardian. I don't care if they are his guardian, they aren't taking him from me. I will fight for him. Who let's their son walk home from school by himself when he doesn't know where the house is, who also didn't teach him to look both ways first.

I wiped the unwanted tear off my face and got out of the shower, putting the clothes on and headed back into the room. I put the clothes in the hamper feeling eyes on my back.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, why?" I turned around and smiled at him

"Your eyes are bloodshot, you were in the shower for like 20 minutes when you only ever take like 5-10 minutes, and your posture is slumped."

I snapped

"Can you mind your buisness for once and stop fucking studying me! You don't know me, so stop trying to."

I walked out the door, downstairs and out the front door. I'll admit for some reason I feel bad for snapping at him like that. He was just trying to be nice and I went and was rude.

The door behind me opened and by the calmness that washed over me I knew exactly who it was. He sat next to me on the porch and we sat their in silence.

"What's wrong with me?"

"There is nothing wrong with you. You just have trust issues, bad anger, your stubborn, you have a mouth worse than a salior, but if you get through all that you have a big beautiful heart and the best friend a person could ask for. Now get up because this is sappy as hell and go see your parents and tell them what's on your mind."

"You're right. Thank you, Daniel."

After a quick hug I went inside and put my shoes on.

"Lee, you ready?" I yelled

"Yes!" he yelled back walking to the front door with his shoes on


"Right." he ran and got his coat

"You guys ready?" Alex asked

"Yeah." I responded

"How are you two doing this with the distance?" Derrick asked Daniel and I

"Oh yeah, Lilly and I are going on a date a block I think from her parents house." Daniel answered

"Ok, let's go." Alex said

We all loaded up in Alex's truck while Daniel and Lilly loaded in another car.

"Look, I'm sorry I snapped at you."

Alex glanced at me quickly then returned his focus to the road.

The rest of the trip just consisted of me staring out the window trying to imagine all the ways this could go down.

"River." I jumped and looked around me

"We're here?" I asked

"Yeah, come on."

We get out of the car and knock on the door

"You're shaking." Alex whispered in my ear

My dad opened the door not giving the slightest emotion

"Jake, River, Mr. Delta." My dad states

Alex nods his head in response and Jake and I just stare at him.

My dad moves to the side to allow us all to come in. After walking into the living room I notice my mom sitting on the two seater couch with her head down not looking up.

I sit on the bigger couch with Jake on my left and Alex is standing next to the couch.

I ignore Alex as my dad comes into the room and sits next to my mother.

"Well, I first wanted to know how my children are doing."

"You said like it was a statement, not a question." I muttered annoyed

Jake put his head on my shoulder, or close to sense he can't reach my shoulder.

My dad glared at me and turned his attention to Jake

"How are you son?"

"I'm ok." he muttered pressed against my arm.

"Speak up boy." He demanded

Jake sat up and repeated his words louder. I rubbed his shoulder for a little comfort knowing I couldn't do anything.

"Ok, the main reason you're here is Jake is coming back home."

"The hell he is." I stated calmly looking directly into my fathers eyes.

"Watch your tone young lady."

"Not this time father. You gave away your right to control me. You are not taking my brother away from me, not this time. I don't trust you to take care of him."

"You mean like you do? You're seventeen, you can't raise him. Not to mention you couldn't even protect your older brother from your stupid ex."

"Christian Stone that was a low-blow even for you." My mother scolded

"Don't lie, you think it too. Everyone does."

I jumped out of my seat

"His death was not my fault and you know it!" I shouted tears pouring out of my eyes.

"Really? If I remember correctly you couldn't keep your boyfriend in check so your brother jumped in front of you. Correct?"

"That's enough." Alex said darkly coming by my side.

I forgot he was here.

"You are not taking Jake and that's final." I glared at my father

"You don't have a choice, or I'll tell everyone what really happened that night."

I froze. Un-moving, not breathing, completely and utterly frozen.

I felt Alex move from beside me but I was to frozen to see what he was doing.

"If you say another word, the entire world will know your news." Alex replied darkly.

I looked at Alex confused but he didn't remove his eyes from my father. I looked at my mother but she looked as confused as me.

My fathers face fell and he lowered his head slightly. I have never seen him lower his head, or give in to someone like that.

"Now, we will be taking our leave. I would like the paperwork for River to be Jakes legal guardian at my office by 5am tomorrow."

I turned to Jake to see him silently crying. I put my hand on his shoulder

"Come on buddy."

He gets up from the couch and walks to the front door with me following him and Alex following me.


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