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On the way back to the house Alex would take little glances at me whenever we were at stop signs or lights. If you listen closely you could hear little sniffles from the backseat.

“Jake, do you have any questions or anything you wanna say?” I asked still staring out the window.

He didn’t say anything for a long while which confused me. How could you have heard all that was said and not have any questions to ask.

Well if he didn’t have any questions, I had one.


“What did he mean?” a little voice squeaked

“About what?” I asked softly turning to him

“About the Justice thing, what did he mean about what really happened?”

“Lee, I wish I could answer that for you but you are too young for that kind of explanation. I swear I will tell you when your older ok?”

He didn’t respond the rest of the trip. I got a message not long after from Daniel.

We are behind you, how did it go? Do you still have Jake?

Yes we still have Jake, thanks to Alex. It didn’t go so well...Jake heard some things about that night and asked me about it. My father still blames me for my brothers death and Alex heard it all :(

I put my phone away not able to talk about this right now.

“You ok?” Alex asked me

“Yep! I’m great! How are you?” I smiled the fakest I have in the longest time

“River, you don’t have to hide how you’re really feeling from me. I’m here if you wanna talk. Or if you don’t wanna talk and you just need comfort I’m here for that too.”

“Thanks bud.”

Alex looks at me weirdly and I burst out laughing

“Yeah, I’m not here for that, but I can be if it makes you laugh every time.” He said the end so quietly I almost didn’t hear it.

When he pulled into the driveway and parked I got Jake out of the truck and we walked into the house. Jake walked up the stairs and I went and sat on the stool in the kitchen. It seemed nobody was really here so it felt empty.

Really? If I remember correctly you couldn’t keep your boyfriend in check so your brother jumped in front of you. Correct?

I couldn't get that sentence out of my head, it was like it was on repeat.

"River, Hello?"

"Hm?" I asked

"Did you hear anything I said?" Alex asked softly

"No, sorry. What did you say?"

"Forget it, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'll get through it. I always do."

I walked upstairs and laid in bed not even worrying about how cold it was. I was hoping to sleep but my head was to awake.

I heard footsteps walking up the stairs and the bedroom door open so I quickly closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. I heard the floorboards creek getting close and I almost opened my eyes but decided to see what he was doing over here.

"You're not alone anymore, Beautiful." he kissed my forehead and covered me with a blanket then walked away.

After he walked away I heard a door open thinking he left I rolled onto my side facing the wall thinking about everything that happened today. While thinking about it all it occurred to me I never asked Alex what he had against my dad that ensured I kept Jake. I also never thanked him.

Alex walked out of the bathroom but I didn't feel the need to close my eyes again because it was so dark. I contemplated asking him about my dad but decided against it after he laid down and wrapped his arm around me.

With his arm around me I felt warm, comfortable even. It's a scary thought but maybe, just maybe I'm starting to feel something towards him.

I just got home from the library when I saw my brothers babysitter and my boyfriend sitting on the couch watching some scary movie. After greeting him with a kiss and walking into the kitchen he comes in and snaps at me for never doing anything more than kissing with him. I told him I wasn't ready for taking the next step when he hit me.

After hitting me he said I wasn't doing anything more with him because I was getting it somewhere else, angering himself further. After arguing about only loving him and that there was nobody else he said prove it and tried pushing himself into me.

Justice walked into the door shortly after I pushed him off causing him to yell and hit me again. When Justice realized what was happening he quickly ran over and pushed me out of the way but wasn't paying attention to what Issac pulled out of his pocket, a knife, while Justice was distracted trying to ask me questions Issac stabbed him trying to step over him to get to me Justice slowly got up and grabbed a lamp and threw it at his head hitting the one spot on the skull that could kill you instantly. As Issac fell so did Justice, I ran to my brother and lifted his shirt crying when I noticed the hole and blood near my brothers heart. After the paramedics left with Justice I hoped they could save him. Suddenly the blood grew, it was all over me, my brother's body was back and there were no trace of the paramedics. The blood was all over the house, every wall, and Issacs's body wasn't lying unconscious anymore but now was stood in front of me "Let's go bitch."

I jolted up screaming trying to hit whoever was actually in front of me.

"Hey, hey it's ok. It's ok, take a deep breath, it was just a dream. Deep breath." A soothing voice spoke

I closed my eyes putting my head in my hands and took a minute. The person only rubbing my arms softly.

"You wanna talk about it or should we just lay back down?"

I looked at the voice and just stared at him, why? I don't even know. Alex was handsome, hell he had a soothing voice that you just wanted to listen to all day.

I didn't wanna talk about it, I don't think I could even if I did want to.

I silently laid down facing the wall and felt him lay next to me rubbing his hand through my hair. I hate to admit it but I'm so glad he is here.

After moving a little to get more comfortable Alex stopped and just stared.

"Stop staring." I said then grabbed his hand putting it back on my hair

"I can't help but stare at anything beautiful." he said staring at the movement my hair was making when he ran his soft fingers through it

I turned towards him

"Thank you." I knew he knew I wasn't talking about him calling me beautiful

"I'll always be here." we stared at each other

Looking into his eyes I glanced at his lips and leaned in when he pulled away completely.

"Get some rest. I'll be here when you wake up." he spoke

I turned back around not able to fall back asleep. Partly because I was afraid if I did then I would see it again, partly because I actually wanted to kiss Alexander Delta and he pulled away. I'm not sure why it hurt, I should have expected him to. I mean why would he want to kiss me anyway. I'm-well me.


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