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After Jake finishes his homework with the help of my best friends we walk to my room and hang out for a while before they have to leave.
"Hey Riv, will you give us a ride. Please I really miss riding in your truck." Angel begs
"Yeah, come on."
We all head to my truck but I turn around getting ready to talk to Jake when he beats me to it.
"Can I please go?" Jake pouts
"It's almost your bedtime."
"Please, it's weird her being here." he said referring to mom
"Alright hurry up. Mom we'll be back!" I called walking out
After dropping them off we head back home and I try to take him to bed like normal when for the second time tonight I get interrupted.
"Oh honey don't worry about your brother, I got him." My mom smiled
I wearily complied, kissing my brother's head before going to my own room. I left my door cracked knowing she wouldn't tuck him in or wait till he fell asleep before leaving, therefore he would end up in my room tonight
It took him 15 min to come to my room.
"Sissy, are you awake?" he asked quietly pushing my door open
"Yeah, come on buddy."
He climbed in front of me falling asleep after a while of me playing with his hair.
"Goodnight Lee." I kissed his head and fell asleep
The next morning I woke up and unwrapped my arms from Jake then went to do my morning routine. After I finished I woke Jake up and told him to get ready.
"Sissy, is mom still here?"
I looked in the driveway but didn't spot her car
"No, she is at work."
He didn't respond and I figured he was finishing getting ready.
After a while we were ready and we left the house making sure to lock the front door. It didn't take long for us to arrive at Lee's school. When he got out he turned around and waved "Bye, love you!"
I responded love you too and waited for him to enter the building. I left soon after, arriving at my school and reluctantly walked in.
I didn't see Angel, Daniel, or Adrian which is weird. By now I usually see one of them. What is weirder is Daniel can't even be that far from me or he instinctively gets mad, and I get headaches/depressed. Trust me, it sucks. I didn't feel depressed or have a headache which has to mean he is close, but why didn't I see him. I decided I would text the group in our chat
Where are you guys, I hate being alone...
They never responded so I just went to first period. Angel wasn't even there, she is always there. Ok, what is going on.
Lunch time rolled around and I was feeling my anxiety/depression spike, what did I do to make my friends avoid me. I checked my phone for the twentieth time today and they still didn't respond. I just sighed deeply and walked to the cafeteria.
As soon as I walked in I got ambushed with questions from my friend group.
"Where have you been?"
"Is it true you're moving?"
"How is this going to work?"
"Slow down, I've been in class all day, I don't know what you're talking about. I am not moving anywhere. How is what going to work, where have you guys been, where is Adrian, and what did I do to all of you for you all to avoid me?" I finished with fury
"Wait, you mean to tell us we have been searching for you and you weren't even leaving?" Angel said
"Who told you I was leaving, because if I am nobody told me."
"We got a text from an unknown number, here look." Daniel said showing me the message
From Unknown
My dearest apologies if this is bad timing, but I thought I would warn you before it is too late that your friend River is about to move, so I would say your goodbyes while you still can.
I was confused, I wasn't leaving. My family and I were doing great here, other than all of their work they do.
"Just ignore it, hey anyone know where Adrian is?" I asked confused
They shook their heads and I acted like it didn't bug me, and we walked to finish the rest of the day.
At the end of the school day I got into my truck and started driving to Jakes school to get stopped by my phone ringing. I pulled over so as to not cause a wreck and checked my phone making sure it wasn't important. It was my father calling me, weird. Shouldn't he be at work? I put my questions to the side and answered the call.
C=Christian(River's dad) R=River
C "Hey honey I need you to come home as soon as possible please."
R "Dad, I still have to pick up Jake, and aren't you supposed to be at work?"
C "Dear, you pulled over to answer this call right? I hear cars and it sounds like you are still driving."
R "Yes I pulled over, what am I stupid." I asked irritated
C "Don't talk to me like that young lady." he growled out
R "Whatever you say, I have to go. I'm late and Jake is probably waiting outside."
-Call ended-
I got back on the road and got to Jakes school in no time. I was right about him standing outside though. He didn't look happy either, just great.
He saw me pull up and got in the car. We didn't talk the entire way back. I started feeling the headaches start about halfway through the trip from being away from Daniel.
Then my mind started drifting to why I needed a guardian anyway. I only know of one of my powers, that is to heat my hands when I get extremely upset, but the amazing thing is I can control it. Anyway I wonder if Daniel is hurting as well.
"Sissy?" My little brother broke my thoughts
"Yeah Lee?"
"Are you ok? You seem down in the dumpsters." I laughed a little
"Lee it's down in the dumps, and yea I'm fine." Lie
We finally arrived home and I saw a SUV I didn't recognize but thought it was one of dad's co-workers, then got Jake out of the truck telling him to go inside. I texted Daniel needing him to relieve me of this depression and head pain.
To Daniel
Hey I could really use your help, I have a huge headache...and ya know...
I walked inside shortly after and went to my room to put my stuff down. My phone buzzed, so I pulled it out and checked it
From Daniel
Please don't add to your scars, I will be there in 3 minutes.
I pulled my sleeve up and looked at my scars remembering all of their stories for being there. Long story short, before we found out being away from Daniel caused my depression/head pain, I was cutting to get rid of the pain and sorrow. I almost killed myself one time because it got so bad when Daniel went to visit his brother in another state.
I then remembered dad wanted to see me. I go inside and walked to his office. I opened the door to see 5 figures in the room not including myself. I shakingly walked to my father trying to keep my anxiety at bay.
"Please give us a minute alone." My dad looked at the 4 other men in the room. When they left my dad looked towards me and sighed
"River, I am so sorry I have to do this, you are-"
My dad got cut off by my scream of pain, the headache was ten times more painful than it has ever been. I needed Daniel, no. I needed Drake.
"Honey, what is wrong?" My dad asked worriedly
I couldn't respond, I just screamed again the pain is only getting worse. The door burst open and finally I could breathe. Daniel came in, scratch that, Drake took over and pulled me close, keeping everyone away. It was helping me a lot.
Then two of the guys before starting ripping us apart and again I couldn't breathe, I screamed and screamed. I tried clawing at my wrists successfully making them bleed but it didn't make the pain any less painful.
"Stop, let them go!" My father yelled in his authoritative voice
They listened and I fell down being to weak to hold myself up, Drake ran over to me picking me up holding me bridal style while carrying me to the couch in my father's office.
One of the guys came over looking furious but Drake growled at him, only angering him more.
"Move." The guy demanded
It looked like it almost worked, Drake looked ready to submit.
"No." I barely muttered while putting my arm more on drake tearing him out of whatever daze this guy put him in. Suddenly Drake looked down at my arm and growled at me, licking the blood coming from my arm. The blood was drying but there would be a couple more scars.
The guy took a step back, surprised then got even angrier if possible.
"Well now we know what happens when you're ripped or kept from each other." My father said
I was growing stronger every second of being in Drake's arms. Slowly Drake gave Daniel his body back.
"Hey riv, you feeling better?" Daniel asked slowly
"I'm fine." I looked around and noticed everyone was staring at us. My anxiety was high and I needed everyone gone.
"You all need to step back." Daniel looked at them calmly
"Excuse me?" The guy closest to us said rudely
"Alex please have your men wait outside." My father said
The closest guy, Alex, looked at my father, then 'his men' and motioned his head towards the doors. After they all left I decided to speak up
"Father you need to tell me what is going on, why did that just happen, who are these people and why the hell is he acting like an ass in my house."
"You better watch yourself." Alex said
"Was I talking to you?" I asked ready to rip his head off
He went to lounge for me but Daniel got in the way.
"I suggest you don't make that mistake again." Daniel growled
"Alright! Everyone settle down. Daniel go to River, now." My dad ordered
Daniel came back and sat next to me, I leaned on him tired from all the screaming.
"River, this is Alexander Delta. You will be leaving to live with him at his place." My dad said sadly
"The fuck I will. I have a life here that I have built and I am not letting some outsider come and ruin this for me." I ran out of the room with Daniel trailing slowly behind me. I spotted the guys ready to grab me but a new sense of strength overcame me and I pushed them all out of my way.
I don't even know where that came from. I didn't question it considering I wanted to get out of there. I ran out of my house and kept running and running even though it was dark. I thought I would have passed out by now, but it was like I wasn't in control of anything. I soon recognized where I was running to and then came to a walk. I walked to the swings at my favorite park and just swung thinking everything over.
As I was thinking I heard some noise, I walked near the noise only to see a nightmare. The queen bee and Adrian were making out right in front of me.
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