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(Before meeting River!)

Today was the day I would meet her. She was beautiful and I wanted her for myself. I have all the info I need to get her. Her father made that oh-so-easy.

I was preparing to leave when I decided to be nice and text the people she calls friends.

To My loves friends
My dearest apologies if this is bad timing, but I thought I would warn you before it's too late that your friend River is about to move so I would say your goodbyes while you still can.

I hit send and smiled. I got downstairs of my mansion and saw my sister Lilly, and Rose running around trying to find who knows what. Rose's boyfriend, Jamie, was also downstairs sitting on the couch watching TV, I called everyone else over.

"I would like to make an announcement. First, I need you girls to prepare my room for a girl, second I need Jamie, Derrick and Damon to come with me to make sure this asshole doesn't pull any tricks."

They all nodded and we left telling the girls bye. We loaded up in my SUV and Derrick drove. I was slightly nervous, what if she doesn't love me like I love her? Oh who am I kidding, she will love me, and if she doesn't she will learn to. Otherwise her life is gonna be a difficult one.

We arrived at her house, only one car was in the parking lot. I knocked on the door and Mr. Stone answered the door. He looked distressed and I smirked at him.

"Hello sir, I have some important information I think you would like to see."

"Not really, please go away. I have to finish this before my wife gets home."

First mistake, never tell anyone about your family. Luckily I already knew.

"So you can run away to your mistress?" I smirked again

He looked shocked, then looked over me before ushering me inside. This is going exactly how I planned.

"Follow me to my office and we can discuss this."

We followed behind silently. Damon taps my shoulder and shows me a picture on the wall, a picture with a mother, older boy, young girl and younger boy.

We kept walking and we stopped outside a glass door that read Christian Stone. He opened the door and let us through.

"How did you know about Sindy?" he asked skeptically

"I have my ways. Now, unless you want these pictures out to the world. I would give me what I want."

"What could you possibly want from me." he sneered

"I'll give you a choice, 3 million dollars or that beautiful young lady I saw in the picture. Your choice."

"I don't have 3 million dollars and you most certainly are not taking my daughter!" he yelled

"Pleasure doing business with you Stone." I said walking away

Please don't let me leave, please don't let me lea-

"Wait! Please don't release those pictures, it would crush my wife."

"So you'll give me 3 million dollars?" please say no

"Yeah right. I don't have that kind of money."

He got his phone out and started dialing numbers. It rang for a minute before her beautiful voice filled my ears. She was being kinda snappy and making me upset that she is talking that way. He hung up after making sure she was safe and was gonna be home quickly.

A little while later I heard the noise of a truck pull up. Then my phone went off.

From Damon
I hope she comes out of the truck, that would be hot!

I glared at him and he smirked, Yeah he is a big flirt. I heard the front door open but didn't hear it close. I looked at Christian and he looked lost in thought. After some time I hear a door opening down the hallway. I thought for sure she would come in here immediately. She took her sweet time, I was getting bored. Then the door opened and she froze and looked at all of us. I got upset when her eyes wandered the room instead of staying on me.

She walked to her father looking a little shaky.

"Dad?" she said

"Please give us a minute." Chris then looked at us

We walked out, I really didn't want to leave. I wanted to know what he was gonna sa-

"Who are you?" A boy that looked like my angel's age asked us

"No, who are you?" Jamie looked at him, if looks could kill this boy would be sixty feet under.

"Whatever, don't answer my question. Look I need to know where River is. She i-"

"What do you want with her?" I cut him off sharply

"I can't do this right now." he muttered trying to push through us.

I grabbed him and shoved him to the wall

"I said what do you want with River?"

"Look she needs my help, will you please tell me where she is so I can help her." He looked sincere

"I don't know why I feel the need to answer, but she is talking to her dad right now, and she doesn't need your help. She is fine."

"Actually she isn't, she has a huge headache, she is about ready to slice her skin and pretty soon I am not gonna be able to hold myself back."

"You need to leave." Jamie said from behind me

Jamie started pulling him away and from inside the room we heard screaming. Her screaming.

I went to open the door but I got pushed to the ground. The boy ran in and held her close, keeping everyone back. His eyes changed color.

Damon and Derrick pulled them apart and she started screaming again, she started clawing at her wrists ripping them open. Maybe the boy was right.

"Stop, let them go!" Chris yelled

My guys listened and River fell down. The boy ran over to her and picked her up carrying her to the couch in the corner. I walked to them getting ready to pull her from his grasp when he growled at me. The fucker actually growled at me.

"Move." I demanded

It looked like the boy almost moved until she had to speak and put her arm over him telling him not to. He listened to her like a little puppy dog. How is that even possible, nobody can resist my temper. The boy looked at my girl's bloody arm and growled licking it, the blood dried. How the hell is this even possible? I stepped back surprised then realized he is doing my job. Cleaning her, holding her, calming her. It infuriated me.

"Well, now we know what happens when you're ripped or kept from each other." Chris says

She started looking better and I noticed this boy's eyes were changing back to their original color.

"Hey riv, you feeling better?" the boy asked

"I'm fine." Was her only words, she started shaking a little bit

"You all need to step back." The boy looked at us calmly

"Excuse me?" I snapped ready to break every bone in his body

"Alex please have your men wait outside." Chris said

I was unsure but looked at Chris then my crew motioning to the door. After they left she started talking. I noticed she wasn't shaking either.

"Father you need to tell me what is going on, why did that just happen, who are these people and why the hell is he acting like an ass in my house."

She did not just cuss.

"You better watch yourself." I said

"Was I walking to you?" she did not just snap at me, I will teach her.

I went to grab her but the fucking boy stepped in my way.

"I suggest you don't make that mistake again." he growled

"Alright! Everybody settle down. Daniel go to River now." Chris ordered

The boy, Daniel, went and sat next to my baby. The worst part, she leaned on him and was about to fall asleep on HIS shoulder.

"River, this is Alexander Delta. You will be leaving to live with him at his place." Christian said sadly

"The fuck I will. I have a life here that I have built and I am not letting some outsider come and ruin this for me."

Well that kinda hurt to hear her say. She ran out after saying those words. I went to follow her but got stopped.

"I know what I did was wrong to my family, but I have my reasons. Take care of her, and give her some slack. It has only been her and my son here. My wife and I are never home. She doesn't know anything about a parental figure, because to her she is the parental figure. She had to be."

"I'll keep that in mind." With that said I ran to go find my beauty.

We split and searched till I heard her cries, but I also hear yelling?

"What the hell is your problem man!?"

I ran over and saw Daniel keeping some dude away from my angel. I jumped in front of her to get ripped back by Daniel. Only his eyes changed again.

"River I'm sorry, I thought you left."

"Sorry, doesn't fix a broken plate asshole." Daniel said

"Go away!" River yelled still crying

Daniel looked at her and wrapped her in his arms. He again is taking MY job. Damn this kid is pissing me off.

"Do you want me to grab them and put them in the car?" Derrick asked me

"Daniel, as much as I hate to say this. You either put her in my car and leave or you give her to me and leave."

Daniel looked shocked

"You really think I am going to leave her in the hands of a stranger while she is vulnerable because her asshole of a boyfriend just cheated on her." He yelled the last part.

"Come on kid, I'll take you home."

Maybe if I offer to take him home he will leave us alone.

River POV

"No! He isn't going home. I won't allow it, if you even think about going home. I will not fail this time." I looked him directly in the eyes knowing he knows what I mean.

"Dan, take me home." She yawned

"You haven't called me dan since-"

"Shut up! I'll fucking walk home! If any of you follow I will murder you." I said the last part Icey cold.

Daniel looked ready to break down and cry.

"I meant what I said about you going back to that house, just don't follow me. Alex, take him to my house, we will talk there."

"I-" Alex started but I didn't wanna hear it

"Go." I said then started walking towards my house.


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