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The walk home wasn't pleasant. It was even darker than before, my phone died, and I still didn't know how to get away from this Alex guy.

I will admit he has god-like features, but at the same time he is planning on taking me away from my home. Sure it hasn't been the best place, and my parents haven't been the best either but this is still my house, and my family. What will Jake do if Alex takes me? He will be alone, I know my parents won't stop working. I can't leave him, I won't. Alex is just gonna have to deal with it.

I got home and I was really tired, I opened the door and Alex was pacing the living room, Daniel was on the couch with his head in his hands, and the other guys in the room were typing in their phones quickly.

"River, I am sorry. Are you ok? Please don't leave again." Daniel rushed out all at once with tears in his eyes.

"I'm tired, we will talk tomorrow. You may leave, goodnight." I directed the last part to Alex

I walked upstairs and heard the front door open and close, I assumed that was the guys leaving. I layed in bed and my door opened. I knew who it was so I just cuddled into him when he layed down.

"Goodnight Riv."

"Night Daniel."



"Guys, go open the back door."

When they closed the door Christian came over to me.

"You need to take Daniel if you are still taking my daughter."

"First, no. Second, why wouldn't I still take her?" I asked

"The trouble that follows her, and you have to take him. He is her guardian, you saw what happens when they are apart. Do you really want her to be in pain the entire time she is with you, possibly die?"

"Fine, he can come. Also don't talk about her like that."

"Talk about who, like what?" Daniel appears from the stairs

I texted the guys to come in grab him to take him with us.

I started walking upstairs to find her room but was having no luck. After a while I found a door cracked open and almost walked past it but decided to peek inside, sure enough there was my girl. She looked peaceful. I grabbed her bridal style carrying her downstairs. She grabbed onto me more and mumbled something I couldn't understand.

After getting her outside I had an epiphany. We had an extra body we had to take. Therefore there aren't enough seats for everyone to sit in their own seat. My girl will just have to sit on my lap, you don't hear me complaining.

We loaded up with Jamie driving, Derrick behind him, a passed out Daniel in the center and on the right of him was Damon. And I was sitting in the passenger seat with my baby in my lap.

"I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. Please don't hate me." My baby girl muttered in her sleep, I was shocked.

"What's that about?" Jamie asked me

"I have no idea, but you better believe I am gonna figure it out sooner or later."


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