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I jolted awake having another nightmare of him. I tried to get up but I was stuck. I moved the unfamiliar blanket covering me to see I was tied to the bed. My left arm is tied by rope to the bed frame while my feet were chained together to the bed frame.

I pulled on my arm but the rope only tightened. The chain on my feet was cold, almost making me shiver. I made a quick plan of action, hopefully it works.

I started making the rope painfully tight so that my hands will heat up. I wish there was a better way, but I haven't found one. After the rope has made a deep wound in my wrist I feel like my hand is on fire, which it is. After the rope burns off I burn the chain on my left ankle off. Before I could burn the right I heard movement right outside the door.

I tried to burn it as quickly as possible but it was too late. Alex walked in and stood frozen for a second seeing my red hand. Although it only looks like blood, so he can't tell that I am burning.

Using his distraction I finally got the last chain off and jumped off the bed. He ran over to me trying to catch me but I dodged him quickly and ran for the door. I didn't make it three feet out the door before he pulled me to him by my waist. By now my hands had cooled down so I couldn't burn him off, not that I had much energy anymore.

"Where do you think you are going?" Alex asked me, his breath hot on my neck.

"Oh, I decided I was gonna take a stroll to candy land." I said sarcastically

"Enough with the sarcasm, but no you are not going anywhere."

"Excuse me! Who the fuck do you think you are, bossing me around. Listen here mister, I don't care if you are the ugliest/sexiest, poorest/richest, dumbest/smartest person alive. I will not listen to you."

"Well that is rude, I think for that you deserve more time in our room." He said calmly

Wait, what? Did he just say our!? Not happening!

"Yeah, no. I am not sharing a room with you."

"It's cute that you think you have a choice."

I didn't get to respond before he walked in the room with me. He walked over to the bed and layed down grabbing a remote that was on his bedside table.

"Come here."

"I'll pass, thanks though."

I slowly started feeling sick, and ready to hurt someone. He didn't like my answer and got up, grabbed me again, then forcefully pushed me on the bed going to the other side and laying down.

I just sat there not moving. I didn't know what to do but I needed daniel.

"Where is daniel?" I asked



"Where is daniel?" she asked

"Not here." I grumbled upset she wanted to talk about him.

Of course he was here, I didn't want her hurting because of me. I just didn't want them hanging out. She was mine, and I wasn't gonna share her. So he was being held somewhere else. I figured she wouldn't be in any pain and I still had her to myself.

"He left me?" she said barely above a whisper

Then she laid down looking hurt. I climbed up next to her and tried wrapping my arms around her. Key word, tried. She kept pushing me off which was irritating me.

I finally got fed up with her pushing me away so I got up and walked out of the door and downstairs.



He left me, why would he leave me? What did I do to him? I thought we were bestfriends. I guess it was all just a lie. How am I gonna get through this? I physically can't survive without him, oddly enough he is my oxygen. I can't breathe without him.

My head started hurting and I knew right then, I wasn't gonna see the light of tomorrow. I needed to ease the pressure in my head so I used my fingernail and ripped my wrist open leaving blood to spew around me. I crawled on the floor, my knees to my chest. I sliced my wrist more and more, the pressure felt like it was getting worse. I never once screamed though.

I needed away from this mess, the only one besides Daniel that knew how to help me with this was Justice. God I miss him, that's it! I will escape and go to Justice! I started using my blood and drew my brother's name on the floor. Just one more long slice and it should be over. So, that is what I did. I sliced my skin one final time making it deeper than I have ever done before. Not long after I found the darkness and smiled at it.


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