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I walked back into our room to check on her. That feels good to say, our room. I sighed with a smile on my face. What has she done to me?

I opened the door and ran over to her unconscious body.

"RIVER! River wake up, baby. Please, wake up." I yelled causing everyone to run upstairs to see what was going on.

"Call Noah, tell him to get here now." I said to no one in particular

"On it." Jamie said

"What is this? Who is Justice?" Damon asked looking at the name on the floor

"Her dead brother." I heard someone say, I turned and looked to see Daniel

"How did you get in here?" I asked

"This is your fault. This is all your fault." he looked me dead in the eyes saying those words.

"I'm here!" I heard Noah call from downstairs

"Up here! Get out." the last part was directed towards Daniel

He didn't listen, instead he walked over to me and took her body from me. He sat on the ground cradling her to his chest. I was beyond upset. First he enters my house without permission, then blames me for this, then takes her from me.

"I need to see her." Noah said looking at Daniel

"No, you need to show me your badge, without making a sudden movement." Daniel glared

"We don't have time for that, let him look at her before we lose her."

"We aren't gonna lose her as long as I am touching her, and he isn't getting anywhere near her until I see a badge."

Noah looked at Daniel like he just realized something, then quickly pulled out his badge showing Daniel.

Daniel pushed her far enough away to be examined but not taken from him.

"This is River isn't it, and you're him, Daniel right?"

"Don't bring that up again and focus." Daniel demanded

I looked at the boys questioning but they just shrugged.

"She has lost a lot of blood. We are lucky she is who she is, otherwise she would have been dead long ago. Daniel I need you to use your teeth and gently bite her right here." Noah said pointing at the biggest vein in her wrist.

"Hell no! He is not biting her. I will, that way I know it's gentle." I said

"They don't know do they?" Noah looked at Daniel

"Most don't even care." Daniel said

"I need you guys out of the room now." Noah said looking at us

"I am not leaving her."

"It wasn't a choice Alexander. You need to leave so I can work."

I grumbled and walked out behind the guys.


Daniel (surprise!)

He kept looking at me giving me the creeps. He clearly knows who we are, but is he gonna harm us, or help us?

"Daniel?" he said softly

I looked at him showing I was paying attention

"Bite, then lick immediately after to clean the blood and help her."

I grabbed her wrist pulling my canines out and bit her wrist. Then I pulled back and started cleaning the blood. After that was done she still didn't move. I looked at Noah to see him staring at her. I cleared my throat and he looked at me.

"What now?" I asked scared

"Now, we wait."

I dreaded this, it has only been ten minutes and I was ready to scream and kill. The feeling I always get when I was too far away from her.

"He left me too." was her first words when she woke up


River (before waking up)

I woke up on a rainy road, I got up and looked around. I didn't recognize this place at all. I walked for a little but didn't find anyone anywhere. Where was Justice? Did he leave me also? He wouldn't, he has always protected me. So where was he?

I didn't get to look any longer before it started to slowly drift away. I tried pushing the feeling away to keep looking for Justice but I didn't work and my eyes closed against my will.

Not long after I was able to open my eyes again, but I wasn't in the same place. This time I awoke in a room, and my arm hurt badly. There were only two people here, the one who was supposed to never leave me, and I don't know the other.

"He left me too." Was the only thing I could say

My throat hurt so much, I think Daniel caught that and handed me water. I motioned my head to the other guy without talking silently asking who he was.

"I am Doctor Noah, you must be River." I was stunned, did he just say doctor Noah?

I looked at Daniel and he nodded then I directed my look to the doctor, he smiled at me.

I then directed my attention to my throbbing arm. I rubbed my finger over the marks and pain shot through me. I kept doing it till Daniel stopped me.

"Stop, I can see it is causing you pain. Why do you always willingly do things to put yourself in pain?"

"Maybe because feeling the pain is better than the real feelings I am or am not feeling." I snapped

"What are you talking about?" he asked confused

"Why are you here, you left me so why are you here now?"

"I didn't leave, I went downstairs to get water at your house and woke up tied to a fucking chair."

"That dick lied to me." I muttered

"Technically, I didn't lie. I just didn't tell you the entire truth." Alex said standing in the doorway

"Get out." I said glaring at him

"No can do baby girl."

"Don't call me that." I growled hoping he didn't see me shiver

He just smirked and walked over to me. I watched his every move curiously. He walked over and leaned over me since I was still laying down

"Baby girl." he muttered huskily

I shivered again and pushed him away from me. I got up from the floor and Daniel looked uneasy. I motioned him to come over and he crushed me in a hug.

"Don't scare me like that again. Also that thing you wrote on the floor scared me. He wouldn't want you to join him."

"Get off her." Alex spoke angrily

"Don't tell me what to do." Daniel said

The doctor kept staring at Daniel and it was freaking me out. Sometimes I wish I could read peoples minds. I never tried, maybe I should. Suddenly there was whispering all around me. I panicked and looked around me to see Daniel and Alex still fighting, the doctor still staring at daniel.

The whispering got louder and I was able to understand them.

This is the boy who was abused by his mother and doesn't know who his real father is, the boy I rescued was standing up for another human. This is my boy, my child. God, I wish I could have been there for him.

I gasped, and everyone looked at me. I just kept staring at Noah, it all makes sense. They look so much alike, I looked at Daniel and panicked. He doesn't know. I again looked at Noah and he must have realized, and a worried look came over him.

"I must go now, River may I please speak to you privately before I leave."

I followed Noah and we walked to the front door.

"Is what I just heard true?" I asked carefully

"Don't tell him, he can't know." he rushed out then walked out of the door.

Everyone came downstairs and I was still standing there unmoving.

"Riv, are you ok?" Daniel was the first one to speak

I looked at him and regretted it, all his thoughts soon came to me as well.

What did they talk about, why isn't she moving? Did he hurt her? What happened before in the room?

"Shut up! Just be quiet!?" I screamed fed up with the voices

"River, no one is talking." Alex stated concerned

I ran upstairs in one of the rooms and locked the door. I heard them run up shortly after and thought they were gonna get in. I peaked at the door and more voices came in, it wasn't just one person's thoughts though. It was everyone on the opposite side of the door.

The pounding and the voices stopped. Instead I felt someone's feelings. Anger, sadness, concern, confusion. They were not my emotions. Maybe the anger was mine, but it was mixed with someone else's.

"Daniel, I am going to unlock this door and I need you to come in. Just Daniel."

I unlocked the door and Daniel stepped in then shut and locked the door.

"I know they are listening so I am going to type this."

He nodded and gave me time to type.

This is going to be a weird question, but I really need you to answer honestly. -R

He read it and responded.

Ask away -D

Clear your entire mind, and your feelings, and think of a color and word, something I can't guess. -R

He looked at me and I motioned him to just do it. He rolled his eyes and said done

I stared at him Green pickles

Was the color green, and was the word pickles? -R

How the hell...?-D

Found out one of my new powers...It won't shut up-R

Is this why you yelled shut up and ran away, because you heard all of our thoughts? -D

Yes -R

What am I thinking now? -D

Salad is gross

I laughed

Salad is not gross Daniel -R

Yes it is! -D

"What do I do?" I asked scared

"You learn how to control it. I will be with you every step of the way." he smiled

"Thank you, come on I'm hungry too."

"This is gonna be annoying and fun. Stay out of my head." He grumbled

"I will try."

We walked out and nobody was there. I shrugged and headed downstairs with Daniel behind me.


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