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We got downstairs and everyone stopped talking and looked at us. I ignored all their stares and walked into the kitchen making myself and Daniel food.

I didn't know what to make and wanted to try my new power so I dug through Daniel's head trying to think of what he wanted. It was hard, but I did it. I started making mac & cheese.

Suddenly a new voice spoke out but I wasn't sure who it was.

I hope she is ok. I still can't believe we got her. I seriously love her, more than she would ever know.

This stunned me, who was thinking that? I looked around but noticed I was alone. I went back to cooking and finished soon after.

"Daniel, food is done!"I yelled

He came running in and so did the guys.

"Where is ours?" the brothers asked

"I only made some for Daniel and I. Besides, what are your names?" I asked eating

"Right, still haven't done the introduction yet. Well I am Damon, this is Derrick, the one in there with Alex is Jamie. Then the girls will be here later."

"Girls? I swear if they are the snobby, bubbly freaks then I am gonna scream." I said

"You mean to tell me you didn't make us food." Derrick said looking hurt staring at my food

"Why would I make my kidnappers food? Also if you don't get your eyes off my food I will rip them out of your socket. Got it?" I smiled a sweet smile

"You kinda scare me." Derrick said terrified

"Good." I muttered finishing my food walking into the living room

"You know, you surprise me." Alex said as I sat down

"Why is that?" I asked annoyed

"You have yet to try and escape. Most people would try to leave within minutes of being here."

"Some actually did escape you once." A new voice came into the house

"Who are you?" I asked rudely

"Rose, and you must be River." She smiled

"Did everyone know I was coming here but me?" I looked at Alex but he ignored me.

"Hey, I didn't know about any of this." Daniel came walking in sitting on me

"Who is this?" another person came in the door

"The name is Cyan, Daniel Cyan and you are?"

"Lily." The girl giggled

"Ok, James bond get off me, you have a fat ass." I pushed him off me.

"I do not!" he argued sitting next to me

"So, Rose. What did you mean some actually did escape?" I asked eagerly

"First, could you not sound so eager to leave me. Second. where did you girls go?"

"Out. Hey baby." Rose said to Jamie

"How are you too dating?"

"What do you mean?" Rose asked

" I mean you're bubbly and nice, and he's, well, him."

"Thanks." Jamie responded sarcastically

"Don't be fooled, I can be your worst nightmare faster than you can say ice cream." She said seriously

"Alright well I am going to bed, goodnight." I bid my farewell and Daniel and I walked upstairs

I opened the closest door and went in laying in bed cuddling into Daniel.

"How is your head?" Daniel asked

"Getting there, I haven't heard any more thoughts."

"Don't think I didn't notice the food, how did you know. It definitely wasn't a priority of mine."

"I figured out how to dig farther than the surface."


"Goodnight Daniel."

"Goodnight Fox."

"No middle name." I muttered sleepily

He laughed and I was out.


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