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I woke up in Daniel's embrace. I felt warm and comfortable. I heard someone outside the door and tried to read what they were thinking.
I have to figure something out. They can't know, not right now.
I couldn't tell who it was. I wish your consciousness was the same as your actual voice. I would be able to know who was talking then.
I quickly got out of bed to see who was out there. When I opened the door it was Jamie and Rose. It was a female voice so what is Rose hiding?
"Oh hey River, sorry if we woke you." Rose smiled at me
"Oh it's no problem. I had to get up anyway, right?"
She nodded and I walked downstairs.
Downstairs was Alex, Derrick, and Damon.
"Hey gorgeous."
"Don't call me that."
"Why not?"
"What day is it?" I asked ignoring his previous question
"Monday, Why?"
I looked at the clock on the wall; 12:30
Jake got out at 2:30. I really hope mom and dad don't forget about him.
"No reason." I say walking in the kitchen
"Dan, Have you eaten!?"
I heard feet pounding on the floor above me assuming that Daniel was coming down I waited.
"No, but yes I am hungry." he said happily
"What's got you all chipper?"
"Oh, um...Nothing."
"Right, that's why you're blushing."
"I...may have a teeny tiny crush."
"On Lilly, yes I know. What about it?"
"How did you know? I didn't tell anyone, and I didn't realize it till earlier so you didn't get it from my head. Explain."
"Your actions, your James Bond moment, and your huge grin you had when she giggled."
"Oh alright fine. Anyway wanna go watch some movies."
"Do they even have sour patch kids, or Paydays? You know I have to have one to watch a movie."
"Hang on a second."
He ran up the stairs skipping a few on his way, did something then came running back down.
"Alright, so I got one sour patch kid for you and one gummy bear for me."
"Your such a child." I smiled, he glared
We go to watch tv in the living room to find it completely empty.
"Score!" I yelled
"Hush, your gonna grab their attention."
We put in one of the Fast and Furious movies and started it.
A couple FF movies later
"So what now?" Daniel questioned
I looked at the time; 3:00
It can't hurt to check.
"I think I am just gonna go lay down for a few."
"Ok, I am gonna go see if Lilly wants to hangout."
"Good luck." I smirked
Daniel walked upstaris and I checked to make sure I was alone before I start my stupid plan that just might get me killed.
I slowly crept to the garage where they keep their cars. I see a truck and walk over to see if I can find the keys; visor. Yes!
I left a note where the truck was parked.
I start the truck and pull out of the garage quickly. Getting to the gate it was left open, I was totally prepared to make up some passwords.
I left heading to Jake's school.
I couldn't find River but I know one person who knows her location at all times; Daniel. I found him with my sister playing would-you-rather.
"Hey daniel do you know where River is?" I questioned
"No, she said she was gonna go lay down."
"I already checked my room. She isn't there.
Now I was panicking, what if she left me.
"She couldn't have gone far, I would start getting angry."
"I'm gonna check the garage just to make sure. You guys check the Gym."
As I was walking towards the garage I felt nervous. A feeling I haven't felt in a while.
After getting in the garage I noticed all the bikes were there, and the cars, but the truck wasn't there. I walked back in irritated and found everyone else walking upstairs from our underground gym.
"Nothing. What about you?" Lilly asked
"The truck is gone." I muttered
"This is your fault! I wish you wouldn't have taken us! This is bullshit!" Daniel yelled
"If I wouldn't of taken you, I would have killed my baby g-" I paused and looked down
"She isn't yours! She doesn't belong to you!"
"Daniel calm down. My brother likes River, just like I like you and you like me."
"No, that's shit. He doesn't like her!"
"You're right, I don't like her."
"I am in love with her." I said staring at him intently.
"Wait, you always go with her. If she left why didn't she take you?" I saw Lilly frown
"I don't know, but I don't like it."
Daniel walked away towards the garage with us following behind confused.
After we got to the garage he ran to the empty parking space picking something up.
"What is it?" I question
"It's a note. It says I have to do this. I have no choice, I need to make sure of something. Daniel doesn't know I left so don't get on his case. I left him there on purpose. To show; I would be back.
Sincerely River"
"So what could she have to do that was so important on a monday?" I wondered
"What time is it?"
I looked at my watch 3:45
"3:45, why?"
Daniel didn't respond, instead he ran inside and sat at the table like a little puppy. Just sitting there staring at the front door.
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