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Lilly sat next to Daniel and I just sat on the couch watching tv waiting for her return.

The front door opened soon after and all our eyes snapped to it, We frowned. Rose and Jamie walked in with the twins trailing behind them.

"Damn, nice to see you all too." Rose said walking in rolling her eyes

Jamie gave me a confused look, I ignored him and turned my eyes back to the tv.

"Um...Where is your other half?" Damon questioned

I glared at him

"She left to do something 'important' taking the truck only leaving behind a note promising her return but someone won't tell us what." Lilly said directing the last part at Daniel.

After that we all just waited


I went to the school but he wasn't outside. Maybe my parents did step up. I rounded the corner to go back to Alex's place when I noticed a body on the road. Not just anybody; Jake's. I screamed and threw the truck door open leaving it in park leaving it in the middle of the road.

When I got to my brother's body I cried, he had bruises forming. I gently tried shaking him awake.




"Mmmmm." he groaned looking up at me

"Oh thank god!" I grabbed him and hugged his fragile body


"Yes, yes. I'm here."

"I'm sorry, I was trying to walk home after standing outside for a while, but I didn't see the car that was coming."

"I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner."

"Dad said you moved out. That you got tired of our family, of me."

"Baby, I could never get tired of you! Come on, let's get you out of the road."

I picked him up and carried him to the truck being careful not to hurt him. I took my over shirt off and put him in it to cover his damaged body.

On the way to Alex's house my brother falls asleep. I'm worried if Alex is gonna make me give him back to my parents. The parents I thought changed for their son. The same parents that left their son at his school so he can walk home and get hit by a car. I can't believe I ever thought they would change.

"Sissy, where are you taking me?"

"Lee, do you trust me?" I asked worriedly

"With my life." he said with no hesitation

"Good. Then I am taking you to where I have been living. Are you ok with that?"


"It's only a little farther."

We finally pulled up to the house and before I could even park everyone came running out. The girls looked confused, Daniel looked excited. He must have realized who I was getting. Alex looked mad, but compared to me he looked like an angel. This was his fault. If he wouldn't have kidnapped me then I could have been there for my brother.

After parking the truck I quickly unbuckled and got out running to the other side. Everyone except Alex started crowding me after I got him out and started carrying him. It was getting a little hard due to the audience. I was getting mad and started panicking.

"MOVE!?" Daniel and I yelled.

Huh, he must have felt the panic rising. They all gave me some room and I rushed inside the house taking him to my room. Stripping him of his clothes to see how bad he really is. Thankfully nobody followed me up, or so I thought. I turned towards the door when it opened and Daniel came in.

"What happened?" he asked running over to Jake

"I wasn't fast enough, I didn't get there in time, they didn't even get him on the first day!" I rushed out

"Calm down. Explain everything." he said wiping my tears that I didn't know had fallen

I took a deep breath and explained everything. He just held me quietly, listening. After explaining everything he held me a little longer.

"Would it be ok if I called Noah to check him?" I nodded

"I can't promise I'll be nice, but I'll agree to the professional help."

I looked at my brother and kissed his head before going to the bathroom and turning on the warm water. After it was lukewarm I went to the bedroom and grabbed my little brother taking him to the bathroom and put him in the tub. I grabbed a scrubby and carefully started scrubbing the dirt and grime off.

He woke up and started helping me but you could tell he was really tired. After cleaning him up I got him out and grabbed a really long shirt I stole from Daniel a couple months ago. Then took him back to the room to lay him down.

Daniel was waiting in the room talking to someone; Noah.

"Hello River, and you must be Jake?" he asked carefully

Jake just shook his head and winced.

"I am doctor Noah and I would like to take a look at you if that is alright?"

Jake looked at me

"I won't leave you again. It's ok, I promise. Noah isn't gonna hurt you ok, I'll make sure of it."

He looked at Noah and nodded. Noah cautiously walked over to us and I studied his every movement. When he got to Jake he started asking him questions. I paid close attention to every movement, sound, voice, everything. For some reason my hearing sounds impeccable. I could hear anything without trying. I looked at Daniel to see him already looking at me. He pointed to his head

Are you ok? You look a little confused.

I nodded and continued paying attention to Lee and Noah.

"Hey jake, why don't you get some rest while I talk to your sister alright?" he nodded

"Daniel. Will you talk to him? I don't wanna leave him."

Daniel nodded and they walked out cracking the door.

"He has a concussion, bruised ribs and he sprained his wrist. Other than that, he is completely fine." I heard

I breathed a sigh of relief that there wasn't any life threatening damage. Daniel came in after that with a slight smile on his face.

"There isn't any permanent damage. Just a concussion, bruised ribs, and sprained wrist." I smiled

"Alex wants to talk to you. I told him you would go to him when you're ready." he said, the smile long gone.

"What if he doesn't allow him to stay." he smiled sadly

"I don't think you have to worry about it. Go talk to him, I promise I will stay here and not leave his side."

I reluctantly nodded, kissed my brother's head and walked out. I walked downstairs and found the girls and twins on the couch but no Alex.

"His room." Jamie said


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