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This is a story of a 10 year old middle class girl , who fall in love with 13 year old boy , who lives beside her house . But it was not so easy for her. Read this story how a little girl struggled to convince the boy for the love that she do . This story is of 2010 based on real incident of a girl . HOPE YOU ALL WILL ENJOY THIS NON - FICTION STORY. HAPPY READING !! โ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ

Romance / Poetry
Prachi Sinha
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This story was started 10 years back. When a 10 years old middle class girl was living her beautiful life with her family and friends .

So, to know the whole story behind it , let us go to the past , almost 10 years back.

The girl used to go out and play with friends who lives besides her house . Any child who is in his/her childhood or in early age , he/she used to play , have fun , enjoy their life , instead of taking any tension of studies or something else. She loved to make new friends in school but , now that was not too easy because she had only counted of friends in her school . Why ? Because she was an average student in her school . But still she loved to make new and new friends .

One day , like every evening she had gone out for spending some time with friends , but here the twist began !

That day , a new guy came to her neighbourhood to play with some of her neighbour's friends . One evening , when the girl asked to one of her friend about that unknown or new guy in her colony , she asked - "Who is he? , What is his name?" , That friend of her told - "He lives behind our house . Want to spend some time with us and want to play too" .

As her nature of making new friends before , she went to him asked for friendship . She introduced herself in front of him , even the boy do the same .

Day by day they got to know each other very well . Coincidently , one day , the girl went to her school , when the school ended , she got to know that her bus had not came yet . As she was waiting for her bus to come , she had seen the boy standing on the other side of the campus and he too was waiting for his bus . She was literally happy inside but she couldn't able to show her happiness in front of anyone . Even she couldn't able to say about her happiness to anyone .

But somehow one day , she tried to describe her feelings in front of one her close friend in neighbourhood . As time passed , the boy knew all about her feelings . He got literally angry on her . When the girl knew that , the boy was angry on her , she was broken up and ran up to her room and cried for hours .

Day after day passed , year by year passed . Now , the year was 2014 , in the early days of the year , the boy realized that he was wrong . After time passed , he was also been in love with her . As the year was ending , it was the month of November , on the occasion of Diwali , that day the boy was standing a far from her house with one of his friend . As the girl came out of her house to lighten up candles and diyas outside house , she saw him standing there . After few minutes , the boy called her with the help of his friend , as he wanted to talk something with her . The girl went there , wished him and asked - " Happy Diwali ! What happened " . The boy answered - " I need to talk to something important , but not here ! I will tell you the right time and right place to talk ." She got happy , came back to her home and closed room door from inside and played loud music and was dancing like what a victory did she got that day , Ha..haa !

After few months , on December 27th 2014 , the day came , usually all the things were again repeated the same . The boy came again to the colony but not to play , instead of that , he was planning something very new which was never happened before in both of their life .

On that day , one of the girl's friend came to her house and took her to a beautiful silent place , the girl didn't knew what would Be going to happen . She again saw that boy standing far away there and waiting her to come . As she went there , she was again shocked , and thought - " What is he doing here ?" After few minutes , the boy came towards him and asked her a silly question , he asked - " I have heard that you like me , isn't it true ?" The girl answered him with making a weird face , she answered - "Yeah obviously , it's true ." And after saying these few words , the boy planned to propose her in front everyone including his friends and her friend too . He felt down into his knees taking a Rose into his hand in front of her and proposed her , all their friends were clapping and making noise . The girl was surprised and got melted . The tear of happiness came out of her eyes . She didn't even knew that one day , the day would come in her were she would be the princess of someone to whom she loved .

And this is not the end ...

The main struggle of both of their life was still there .





See you in the other chapter , " What hurdles they both faces together and how they passed it happily ? "

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