Forever Mine

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Forever Mine is the story of a friendship between Angeline and Leo. They've been friends since they were in elementary school until they work in the same place. Angeline feel happy and safe whenever she is with Leo. Angeline starts to express her feelings to Leo who actually prefers to be her best friend. Leo does love Angeline but just because he realizes that his status from a normal family is not the same as Angeline, which is from rich family, he prefers to hide his true feelings from Angeline. Angeline was embarrassed by what had happened and began to distance herself from Leo. One day Angeline tells Leo that she is getting engaged to a man. A man of the choice of both her parents and she has never met. Leo was a bit surprised but he made a joke of it and acted casually. Angeline's heart hurt for Leo's reaction. Angeline hates Leo and promises to never see him again. Their friendship is broken. Two years later, Leo is still single and became the most successful entrepreneur. Angeline is rumored to be married and has a child. One day, they meet again but there are many sad stories Angeline has experienced since she became the wife of a very irresponsible man. Angeline still remembers how Leo rejected her for the first time and again, she started to avoid meeting Leo once again. However, every time she tried to distance herself from Leo, Leo will get closer to her.

Romance / Drama
Ellieia Novelis
Age Rating:


Angeline wiped her wet brownish hair with a clean white towel. She sang in a pretty cheerful tone. She sat in front of the makeup table while looking at her beautiful face in the mirror. Angeline smiled broadly.

The towel was placed on the table and then Angeline's hand reached for the hair dryer. Within a few minutes, her hair began to dry. Without wasting her time, she walked to the wardrobe.

Once the closet's door was wide open, she started to inspect each piece of the dress in the closet. Angeline took out two dresses and brought it before laying it on the bed. She examined the pink and black dresses alternately. Like a policeman, she hugged her body and put her hands under her chin.

As she was busy thinking about what color would be best for her that night, the door room was knocked. Angeline sighed heavily before stepping closer to the door of her room. Angeline was shocked to see the face of her best friend, Leo when the door opened.

"When did you get here?" Angeline asked. She frowns.

Leo smiled quietly.

"I was actually downstairs waiting for you for almost half an hour. I tried to call you but you didn't pick up."

Angeline gasped and started to run to the small table beside her bed. She reached for her cellphone on the table while Leo was silent as he embraced his body.

Angeline turned to Leo slowly and grinned like a rotten monkey.

"What's wrong?"

"My phone battery is out." Angeline said with guilt.

Leo smiled a little.

"It's okay, you go get ready. I'll wait for you downstairs." Leo said.

"Leo ..." Angeline called.

She approached Leo who was still there.

"You can wait in here. I can wear this dress in the toilet." Angeline's hand reached for the pink dress. She's ready to go to the toilet.

Leo thought for a moment and then shook his head.

"It's okay, you can change your dress in this room."

Angeline sighed.

"Hey, what's wrong? Don't be like this ..." Leo persuaded. Leo lands his hands on Angeline's shoulder.

"Do you think this dress is suitable for me to wear?"

Leo laughed a little. He almost thought that she was sad for rejecting her idea earlier. Angeline wondered what made Leo laugh.

"You look pretty even if you only wear a pajamas ..." Leo

Angeline pretends to be angry and starts to sulk. Quickly, Angeline turns to Leo and distances herself from Leo. Leo burst out laughing.

"I hate you!"

"Angeline... you're pretty in any outfit." Leo whispered.

Angeline smiled. Her heart is in bloom. When she gets every sincere compliment from Leo, she feels like a princess but when other men praise her, she never feels that way.

Angeline turned back to look at Leo's face.

"Thank you."

Leo nodded and gently rubbed Angeline's right cheek with his palm. Angeline could feel the warmth coming from Leo's palm. Very comfortable.

"It's time for you to wear your dress. Time is running, my dear." Leo told Angeline.

Angeline nodded quickly. Leo smiled. Leo closed the door as he walked out the room so Angeline can safely put her dress on.

Angeline smiled happily. She still felt the warmth of Leo's palm on her cheek. She began to think how lucky she would be if she could have Leo's love.

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