Fighting For Hope

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The familiar shrill sound of a doorbell resounded throughout the small room as I laid the food on the table. Tyler hurried over to the wooden door, unlocking it before he welcomed the guests into our house.

It is a house I wished to have where I felt at home and treasured. It is a salubrious place I looked forward to returning. It is a reasonable size for a comfortable house. The mansion that burnt down all those years ago was gargantuan with a substantial size which could not compare to this, but in the placement of my heart, that house was nothing compared.

Tyler’s family flooded through the entrance, and my eyes caught the little, animated junior who keenly darted into the house. It reminded me of the days when Justice was still a child.

Hailey married Ajax after sorting out their problems, and he was no longer an underground fighter. He kept his promise to Hailey and found a stable job. He is now a father to an adorable child with the roundest eyes.

Tyler’s parents, Ajax, Hailey and their child greeted us with a smile before settling on a seat. This was every Saturday now, my family around a table.

“Where’s the ‘king of the family’?” his father jokes and I grinned at the nickname.

“Justice has a self-defence class. He’ll be back soon. He mentioned he’ll be bringing a girl,” I told the family, having a seat down myself.

“Don’t you teach him all the fighting? Why did he need a class?” Hailey raised an eyebrow.

“The class just takes an hour to touch up mistakes he’s making. Tyler and I are training him in our spare time,” I responded.

Justice grew to be talented, and I felt proud to be able to call him my brother. He has numerous achievements in school and is striving in both his studies and soccer. I glanced at the time. He promised to be home by now.

We started our dinner without him, engaging ourselves in a conversation. I am mirthful to have a family. After all, I did live a nightmare and lose everything.

I visit my mother even after these years. I watch as she becomes feebler by day. But for a woman in her fifties, she is doing extravagantly.

I would continuously take a glimpse at the clock hanging above the television, trying to call Justice but never able to reach him.

It was then the door was unlocked, and my horrid thoughts came to a rest. Relieved, I observed as the boy entered the house with a girl beside him.

He had brought home many friends in the past. The first time he invited a girl whose face I did not recognize was quite a while ago. She had a smile which was so extraordinarily delightful. I could recall how her wavy blonde hair suited her pale skin perfectly.

It was why I was stunned to see this new woman standing beside my brother. There was such a vast difference between her and the first girl.

It was the confidence she radiated. Anyone could tell by her posture. She did not need to seek attention. Eyes were instantly drawn to her as she stepped in. It was like she stood stronger than tempestuous storms. A type of cold followed wherever she went, and I felt the urge to shiver when being close to her.

The first thing which caught my attention when she first walked into sight was her eyes. They looked so incredibly familiar. I could have sworn I saw it somewhere before. Her pair of blue orbs were hard and unsympathetic.

Justice greeted everyone, showing his signature smile before introducing, “This is Leira.”

The young woman beside him flashed a polite smile as she took a seat beside Justice around the table.

“Sorry I’m late, I got a bit held up,” he vaguely explained, looking at me with the apologetic gaze which always helps him escape a lecture. The boy grew marvellously, and he was one with many talents. Some features reminded me of Calvin, but he is barely in my conversations

I am happy with my life and appreciative for my family. There is nothing more I could ask for at the moment. Many say positive outcomes do not exist, but that is because they gave up. I found mine, and after a prolonged adventure of execrating for those who harmed me, I found love.

Tyler fought for me through everything. He stayed when no one else did. It was him who gave me support.

“Start eating then, your food is getting cold,” Tyler told him, planting a kiss on my head as he stood and headed towards the kitchen.

I fixed an unwavering stare at Leira. The more I gazed into her eyes, the further the thought of whom it belonged to escape my head.

It was then I realized the feelings reflected in her eyes were abhorrence, desolation, and agony. They were hidden feelings I was able to catch because I know those eyes from a person who was close to me.

The puzzle pieces matched and they locked in place.

Those were the eyes that looked back at me every time I saw myself in the mirror during the worst years of my life when I wanted Calvin to pay in the vilest way possible.

They were familiar because they reminded me, of me.


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