Fighting For Hope

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Thank you all!


Thank you so much for even choosing to click into this story. To join me in my dream to become an author and read what I created makes me so happy! I love every one of y'all. <3

I appreciate all the reviews, comments and likes. It means so much to me and will inspire me continuously to become a better writer.

Also, this story is PUBLISHED!!

I self-published this story a while back but decided to put it on free sites such as Inkitt, Wattpad, Dreame, etc. so readers will be able to discover me and get to read for free! If you'd like to support me (thank you so so much omg), you can simply review the story on Goodreads or Amazon. You can find me through my penname 'Jazel L. Faith'.

Follow me on Insta/Twitter: jayzel_f

I am brimmed with gratitude for all who is reading. I would definitely love to return the favour if possible. If you've reviewed on Amazon/Goodreads/both, just drop a message! I would love to show you the support you show me. Perhaps I can review your story, leave a comment and all to show my immense appreciation!!


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