Us, In Another World

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In this world full of surprises: even how hard we try, if we were not meant to be, we won't be. But in our world where only both of us exist: our promises will be kept and there, we will be married.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

It’s been 10 years, but the pain is still there.

After that tragic moment... I think I’m still into him.

As I sip my coffee in this cold morning, I came to realize that 10 years of longing makes me melancholic.

This frigid morn causes me to reminisce every single day with him. Those happy moments and even the worst. And nostalgia overcame me as I remember the days where both of us look so fine and all right.

It was all started in the year 2010. I’m in the park, sitting on a bench and reading my favorite book entitled “Us, In Another World”.

I’m so engaged in what I am reading, but that time, someone caught my attention. Someone sits right beside me. A man in black ripped jeans, black sweatshirt, and white rubber shoes.

I gazed at him.

And while starring, I can say that he’s somewhat good-looking and I can’t deny it.

In about 8 seconds of figuring every detail of his face, I suddenly look away and pretend that there’s nothing I’ve done as I sensed that he’s about to look at me.


Have you been there for a long time?

H-ha? I stuttered because of surprise.

I said, have you been there for a long time? He repeated his question. And for the second time, I can say that despite his manly look, he got an angelic voice.

Ah, yes. I respond and he just nodded slowly.

That time, I witnessed a little spark that ignites between us.

That time, I can feel something from within that pounds so fast.

The way he looks at me, the way he talks to me... all of them makes me fall so easily. And that time, I found out that it was love at first sight.

no, no, no. I rustled while shaking my head.

mmm, why?

ah, nothing.

I just smile and turn my head to avoid an awkward moment.

After a second, I noticed that it’s already 5:15 in the afternoon and my mother might be worrying about me. So without any second thought, I returned my book in my bag and I stood up.

But before I left, he asked my name and my number. So I gave it to him.

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