15 Years Apart

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Margarette and Melchor, on the way to their exciting trek in love as couple produced by a fix marriage.

Romance / Other
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Prologue + Note

I was 16 at that time and still on my beautiful youth. With a petite frame, fair skin, and beauty, I was the prettiest in our town. Everyone would court me, except for the ladies of course, and I would give them a chance but no one has ever surpassed my expectations. In my time, you can get married young even if you have just started your period. In my case, it just had been a year since.

Anyway, at that time my mother a.k.a. my sole replica has tied me down to some random man I hardly ever knew. In my tender age of 16, you would think that it is illegal to get married but we still did. My mother was one of the girls who got married early too, some because of the state they are in, and sometimes it's because of fixed marriage. Her's was because of fixed marriage and so she wants to do that to me too. I wanted to stop it, but what can I do? I'm not disobedient so I did was I know was good. I married him.

His family was not rich, but not poor either. They were just right, they were known people in the city and even in some random parts of other villages. They were like hotshots, yet they weren't.

I thought that my life would be much better if I marry him, but I was a tad bit wrong about that. Because no matter what we do, we can Never make this work and that's all because ; We are 15 years apart.

Hello! this is the author's note because the prologue already finished. Thank you for reading the prologue and now the note. So this is kinda important, so might as well grab a popcorn coz this might be long.

1. THE STORY IS BASED ON REAL PEOPLE AND REAL FEELINGS. Yeah, this is the story of my grandparents. Sappy, corny, and a bit weird but it's worth it. Though some parts may be untrue and did not happen in their journey but I assure you that 90% is real and the ten percent is well, secret for now.
2. THE NAMES MIGHT BE BASED ON REAL PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIVED IN THIS WORLD SOME TIME AGO. Well, I won't be too sure but yeah. And this might come out creepy in some ways but it's up to you.

3. THIS IS A MULTILINGUAL BOOK. Yeah, well this is because I am from The Philippines and we have many languages here. It can be mixed up though, but don't worry because I will put English translations in the author's note so you won't have to search it somewhere.

4. DON'T COPY MY GRANDPARENT'S STORY. It's their life and their journey and it might not be appropriate if you would fabricate it as yours. As for I, I already have the authority of my grandma so no worries there.

4. VOTE, COMMENT, AND SUPPORT. This is a must for all of you to do, well not really but you get the idea. If you like it, please comment. I beg you...

5. ANSWER THE QUESTION. It's not really an important announcement but yeah.

Q; What do you think the 10% out of a hundred could be?
Thanks for the support hon, see you on chapter 1?

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