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When you live with someone for years, you never expect them to stab you in the back. But that's what he did. I moved away and hid somewhere where he would never look, I changed my name, I went lengths to keep me and my son way from him. But I went back to NY after 6 years I don't know why but then he invited me and I went. Ok I gotta go now -Lilly moon You never know what your doing it until it's done. I guess it was stupidity but I guess I'll never know why I betrayed her. Then I hosted a party and I saw her. -Luca storm (This is not a diary story) If anything this is most likely cliche :)

Romance / Action
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The betrayal

When you marry someone you expect them to be forever faithful to you.

To forever love and cherish you. To never betray or hurt you.

And that's how it was with Luca at first. He loved a cherished me. He never hurt or betrayed me and was faithful to me. At least that's what he made me think.

"Momma, I'm hungry!!" My sweet son shouted.

"Alright cupcake. Just wait until we get on the plane and I'll buy you a sandwich" his eyes lit up with joy

"Sandwich!! Yay momma" a gorgeous smile exploded on his face.

This is my one and only son, he is currently 6 years old and his 'momma' is 25. Yes, that means I was young when I had him (19 years old to be exact) and it was also when I left my husband.


I looked at the glistening gem on my finger. I know that I am too young to be married at the age of 17 but he is the love of my life. My parents argued with me when they found out I was engaged to my first ever boyfriend, especially since he was a playboy, and they told me that I should try to see if it lasts longer because we only dated for a year. However, I just ignored them and went to marry Luca anyway. It was almost like one of those Fairytale weddings, the ones you see on Disney.

I checked the time. It was around 8 pm which was strange considering that my husband should have been home one hour ago. I tried to call him but the calls went straight to voicemail.

'Honey, please come home quickly I have something to tell you'

What was I about to tell him?

That I'm pregnant with his child.

He wanted a child for so long especially after we got married he pestered me about having children.

I grabbed the pregnancy test, the results clear as day... positive. Two red lines across the blank white paper.

I decided I couldn't wait anymore and packed my pregnancy test in my Red velvet purse and made my way to his office grabbing his beloved red Ferrari.

This is the time when his company started to become successful and his company shares were through the roof making him the world's richest man in his 20s.

His office building stood tall and proud like me, I was so proud of him and his success.

As I entered the receptionist looked at me and smiled and I smiled back heading towards the elevator. When she looked back down to her computer, her head shot back up and she ran towards me before I entered the elevator

"Mrs Storm, Mr Storm is really busy right now and I don't think he is ready to see you now if you'd like to go home and I'll inform him you were here" I held my hand out to stop the elevator door from closing right in front of me.

"Don't worry about him being busy, I have something important to tell him anyway and I cannot wait anymore" I gave her my million dollar smile.

"No no no Mrs He's in... he's in a-a meeting?"

I laugh

"You are bad at lying" I flick her forehead playfully. "It's just two seconds don't worry"

"But Mrs!!" The elevator door closed before she finished her sentence. I pressed the 100th floor for 5 seconds (this is a little trick he told me so the elevator doesn't stop at any other floor) and so the elevator began it's journey to my divorce.

Once the door opened I saw that my best friend (who is his secretary) isn't at her desk. I shrugged it off thinking she's probably gone home. I open my husband's office door and hear

"Fuck yeah bitch. You're so much better than my wife"

I gasp and they stop. What I see it my best friend sprawled our on his desk his documents on the floor and my husband's dick in her entrance. My vision becomes blurry. I throw my purse at him while saying "expect the divorce papers tomorrow"

He just laughed and continued to bang her. "Oh honey, this has been going on for 4 months already, I mean look at her compared to you, do you think I'd rather a fat woman or a Model" he went faster. I ran out of the office and into his car. The second I arrived hom... to HIS house I packed all the stuff I bought which was around two bags. He never allowed me to buy my own things when he got rich saying that I deserve to be spoiled. I grabbed the bags, car keys to my old car and a sledgehammer... you can see where this is going. When I saw his red Ferrari that I drove in, I put down everything I had and bought down the hammer on his hood, window and taillights making sure that the repair costs more than the actual car. Then I spat on it. I strolled over to my stuff and grabbed a pen and paper.

Hello, there ex-husband,

You know I've been wondering why you were not home an hour ago when I made dinner for us. Turns out you still were the playboy that I met 4 years ago. A cheating asshole. I thought that you changed when you said you would when we were star gazing and I was 15 and you 17. And the day you proposed to me saying that I lit up your world I guess that was a lie too. I still remember you starting out your company with passion, you coming back home tired and going to sleep in my arms or the day you burst into tears because a deal that would have made you millions fell through. I remember being so proud of you when you made your first speech as a millionaire to the public and you stepping off the stage while you gave me your biggest smile. I remember that I remember it all.

I thought you loved me. I really did, but to you, I was just a game wasn't I. A thing you were going to throw out the chance you could. Well, guess what, you'll never break me.

Ps. I hope you enjoy your new Ferrari hubby.

I placed it on the windshield and slid my ring off of my finger and placed it on the car as well.


No emotions aroused in me. I have become completely numb of the past. The nights I spent crying after him was enough. I changed my name as soon as I could and my appearance as well, I also change as much as I could about my son as he looks quite close to his father. I went on a diet and started exercising which left me with a fit body and nice breasts and butt. I wear brown eye contacts and dye my hair blonde, my son has blue eye contacts and I dye his hair blonde too.

As I and my son waited in line to get on board to New York, I heard the girls behind me gossiping "have you heard that Luca Storm is going to have a party in New York!!"

"Oh my god! Yes I heard and apparently, he is going to have random security guards pick people from random areas in New York and they'll get invited to his party!!" The second girl squeaked.

I turned around and said "what!?" They both looked at me.

"Yes, he's going to do that. He said that there will be guards around New York, he didn't say where or when, but they'll come up to you and give you an invite!"

"Oh cool" I replied

"What do you me oh cool, this is awesome, he is probably the most handsome eligible bachelor in the whole country and one of the richest man in the world, he's also very single and only got married once and never had a girlfriend since then. I mean he does hook up with girls and all but he's gotta take care of business if you know what I mean" I nodded my head and head a sweet voice.

"Momma, what's the beezness they are talking about?" I laughed and told him he'll find out in the future and he smiled.

'Boarding flight 3829 hotline airline'

It's time to fly back to my home town.

Ok if you are my friend and you read this, I hate you forever and don't make fun of me or I'll add you to this book and do the worst thing to you so :)

Yh I know this includes sexual content but it's what people like ;) I read a book and it was really long and I came to the chapter where they supposed to but didn't and they didn't and I was mad soo... I mean it's still a good book and I finished it but Yh I would have preferred sex in it tbh (this is the reason why I'm under an author name and not my real name, my parents would kill me)

On my wattpad account I’m going to be a chapter ahead so if you want to read the next chapter head on there

Anyhow anywho

Follow my insta, I post updates when a chapter is out and if it's delayed which is 99.9% of the time

Word count: 1425

Cya ;)

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