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Thea Davis. The eldest of seven siblings. Her siblings highly respect her: a caring, loving, gentle, all kinds of good words, kind of sister. However, her character changed when a boy, Ignacio King, move to the same college as her. Thea hated him because of what he did. He ruins her life. Ignacio King, The son of the city's famous businessman, tried to conquer the hearts of all the girls around him before breaking their heart. He wanted to do it because of what had happened in the past. He wants every girl to feel the same feeling he'd been having for ages. Can he make Thea fall in love with him? The girl whose heart had been broken beyond repair?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Thea King POV

“Hey! Thea!”

I turned around and looked at Esther’s pouting face.

“Yes?” I raised my eyebrows and put the earphones away from my ear.

She pursed her lip, both hands placed on her waist. Her eyes scan the area around us with a frown.

“Have you seen Floyd?” She looks at me with her eyebrows furrowed.

“No, why?”

“He took my camera!” She clenched her fist as her eyes form into a slit.

My veins inside my head throbbed detecting the aura of an extreme headache coming soon.

“Est, I bought two cameras. One for each of you. So, why did he take yours?” I glowered at her.

Her fury sank a bit when she lowered her head and played with her fingers.

“He said he wanted to borrow it for a moment,” She says with a small voice that I can barely hear her.

I gripped my hair slowly with my fingers as a sigh escaped my mouth.

“It’s okay, Est. He wants to borrow it, right? I’m sure he will give it back to you later,”

I tapped my hands on her shoulder gently.

“But I want to use it too!” Her face turns red.

Does she want to cry?

Or is she angry?

Esther confused me to no end. I can’t pinpoint if she wants to cry or if she’s angry when her face turns red.

I take that moment to pulled out my phone and took her picture in secret.

Her foot meets the sand harshly and repeatedly while whines after whines rush out of her mouth.

I sigh. Looking down on my phone and zoom in on Esther’s photo. Seeing her confused face, I chuckle lightly before showing her picture to her.

“Thea!” She screeched, horrified to see her red face on the screen.

Suddenly, I heard voices behind me.

“Ow!” A boy’s voice groans in pain.

“Thea!” A girl’s voice blends along with the groan.

“Stop it, Nicole! It hurts!”

I turn around just to see the angry face of Nicole and a painful face of Floyd.

“Hey sis, wanna know something?” Nicole looks at me while holding Floyd’s ear.

I cringed at the amount of pressure she was putting on it.


She smirked at him.

“Floyd t-mmh..mhmp..”

I didn’t catch what she was about to say because Floyd already covers her mouth with his hand.

“It was nothing! Nicole was just kidding,” He grinned but ended up screaming once more because Nicole gets a hold of his ear, again.

“Kidding..about what?” My curiosity piqued up, hearing this.


Floyd, who’s still covering Nicole’s mouth, drag Nicole along with him and walk away with funny movements. Considering there is a lot of stumbling, kicking and clawing along the way.

“Floyd! Where’s my cam?! Give it back!”

I glance at the girl beside me. Esther, with her red face, her hands on her hips. All the while, watching Floyd with determination.

Floyd stopped walking and turn around.

“I’ll give it to you later!” He turns around, continuing his fight with Nicole.


Esther growls angrily. She walked towards the both of them before tickling Floyd and made him let go of Nicole, laughing as he tried to evade Esther’s tickly fingers.

“Ha..haha! Est, stop it!!”

But Esther didn’t stop. Floyd let out more laugh and lay down on the ground. Defeated.

His weakness.

Nicole walked towards me and sat on the bench I was sitting on.

“So?” I glance at Floyd and Esther once again.

“Naughty Floyd takes a photo of a girl behind a tree secretly. That girl is swimming with her friends. Can you see her? The girl who’s wearing dark blue swimming clothes,” I look around the beach and saw the girl.

“How dare you take that girl’s picture with my cam? How dare you?!”

I let out a sigh and run my fingers through my hair.


I stood up and walked towards them. I put my sunglasses on top of my head looking down at them. Floyd’s face turns pale as I glare at him.

“Floyd, where’s your cam?”

“At home,”

“How old are you now?”

“Urmm..13?” Okay, that one is making my blood boiled.

“Floyd, I never teach you to take that kind of pictures. Who taught you to do that?!”

He became tense when he heard my voice rising.

“I-I-I am sorry, but Ryder did it too!”

You brat! Wait and see ’till I smacked you down.

“Don’t do it anymore, okay?!” I glowered at him.

He nods.

I look around to find where that brat was. I caught Ryder’s figure along with Axel. I exhale before walking towards them.

Skylar walks in the same direction.

I pinched Ryder’s ear. He didn’t even notice me approaching him.

“Ahh! What the hell?!”

This is unacceptable! What kind of language was that?!

“How dare you?!”

With that, he turned around, and his eyes widen when he saw me. His face turns pale for a second before turning back to its original colour. He touches his neck awkwardly.

“ sorry. I didn’t know it was you,”

I smirked at that.

“Well, you’re not forgiven,”

He frowned at this.

“Because you didn’t teach Floyd how to take a photo with the right terms and condition and now he’s becoming you!”

Just as I want to continue my speech, I heard a tsk beside us.

Skylar and Axel shake their heads.

“So embarrassing,” They say in unison.

I bite my lips to hold out the laugh forming at the back of my throat.

So, here I am, On holidays. Going to the beach with my siblings.

My name is Thea(19).

I’m a girl, of course.

I have six siblings, and including me, is seven. I am the eldest.

Second is my younger brother, Ryder(18).

Third, my younger sister Skylar(17).

Fourth, Axel(17).

Fifth, Nicole(15).

Sixth, Floyd(13),

and the last one is Esther(12).

We stayed in London. But our parents live abroad. How?

That is my request. I pleaded to our parent’s to let us live somewhere we desire. Not because I hate them, but because I wanted to be free, together with my sisters and brothers.

After high school, my siblings and I move here. Nice and thank them for their love to travel.

Wow! We are a big family!

Our parent was angry and disagreed with what I wanted when I told them. Yeah! It’s a big ‘NO’ for them. I’m still learning, and my siblings are still young.

I promise them that I’ll go after I finished high school and they still disagree with that. They say that if I want to go somewhere so much, then I should go with them. But, I refused.

It’s getting worse after I finished high school. But, then, they finally let us go when they hired some people to keep us safe.









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