Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 11

I stared at the handcuffs in horror, my blood turning to ice, but Theodore seemed to have no regards for my transparent expressions.

“Wh—wha—what are th—those? Wh—why do y—you ha—have th—them with you?” I stammered, my heart beating a wild staccato, tears of anxiety pricking my eyes.

“Lie down on the bed.” Theodore ordered and went to stand next to the bed.

I wanted to run away; far far away from here, but the door was locked. I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole so I wouldn’t have to do what he said. I wished magic existed so I could make those God awful handcuffs disappear. I wished, I wished, I wished.

“Sweetheart, come to bed.” He cajoled softly, betraying his real intentions. I knew his intentions were far from pure, but I also knew that there was no running away. It was just like he said, the time for running away from him was over.

I gulped, and tiptoed all the way over to where he was standing. I actually wished I had a knife so I could stab him over and over with it. Maybe next time—if I made it out of here alive—I’d make sure to carry a knife with me wherever I go.

Once I stood in front of him, he gave me a soft, gentle smile, that promised care and tenderness, but I knew that smile was only to there to give me a false sense of comfort, I knew he was upto no good.

He gently took my hands and gave me a gentle push, causing me to lose my balance and flop on the bed. I wished my knees had some strength to support me, but it was like as if all my strength had chosen this godforsaken moment to abandon me.

“Lie down, darling. I promise I won’t hurt you.” Theodore assured me softly, but I had a hard time believing him. I knew he would hurt me. Guys like him always did. Only instead of my emotionsl well-being, I was worried about my physical well-being.

Reluctantly, I did as he said and laid face up on the strangely comfortable bed. I wish he he told me to lie on the bed in order to sleep for the night, but the clinking of the handcuffs made me think that he had no intention of letting me sleep.

He gently took hold of one of my wrist and raised it over my head. Fear washed over me at the realization of what he was about to do, and I tried to wriggle my wirst out of his hold, but he had a vice-like grip, making it impossible for me to free my wrist.

“Calm down, princess,” he said before I felt a distinct coolness of the handcuff wrap around my wrist. Oh no.

Once my wrist was secured, he lowered his face and asked me softly. “Do you trust me?”

I shook my head rapidly, letting him see that I didn’t trust him at all. He smiled as if I was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. He took a strand of my hair and twirled in around his finger.

“You don’t now, but you will.” He stated and stood up. He removed his jacket and my heart rate accelerated. I feared that if my heart accelerated any more I would have a heart attack.

Theodore saw my obvious fear and smiled. Damn it why does he keep smiling. I like him when he scowled and shouted, it was easier to hate him.

“Relax darling, I’m only taking off my jacket, it suffocates me...sometimes.” He threw his jacket in one corner and went back to the closet. Now, I was even more confused, as to what in the world was he going to take from the closet now.

The distinct sound of metal clinking against metal had my senses in hyper-alert. When Theodore turned around, I was sure he was planning to kill me.

In his hands was a coil of metal chain, made up of thin, shiny chain-links. It looked like a silver snake ready to strike at any given moment. And this coil did not bode well for my poor heart that was already going 649 miles per hour. The fear of what Theodore had planned had my skin temperature dropping, causing me to shiver.

Sensing my obvious distress, Theodore strode over to me and sat down next to me. He gently tugged on my lower lip, freeing it from the brutal treatment of my teeth.

“What did I tell you about biting your lip, baby?” He asked softly, rubbing the blood off my lips.

“Please let me go, please.” I begged, and a tear escaped my eyes.

“I can’t do that, flower. I just can’t, so please don’t ask me to.” He muttered softly, wiping the tear with his thumb.

I took a deep breath and let it out causing my body to shudder. Theodore, loosened the chain coil, then took one end of the chain and began wrapping it around my already cuffed wrist. I knew fighting and asking questions right now was useless, so I kept my mouth shut and let him do what he was doing.

Once he was done coiling the chain around my wrist. He removed the handcuff, then went to the other side of the bed and repeated the procedure with my other wrist. Once he was done, he took a moment to let his gaze wander over me, making me feel naked despite the clothes I was wearing.

“Perfect.” He said and came and laid down next to me. He propped himself on one elbow and ran his eyes over his handy work.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, and thanked the higher power that I didn’t stutter.

“I am going to put you to sleep. You must be tired from the flight, so now you’re going to sleep.” He stated and begun running his fingers through my hair in a soothing manner, causing a yawn to escape my mouth.

I was shocked at hearing this, but my body, tired from the events of yesterday and today, welcomed the soothing movement of his fingers, making me go lax and get comfortable in the bed.

“But, why did you tie me up?” I mumbled sleepily, my eyelids becoming heavy from his expert touch.

“Sshh, just sleep, sweetheart.”

I wanted to stay awake and demand answers, but Theodore’s fingers were working like magic, and in a matter of mere minutes I lost the battle of staying awake and succumbed to the dark depths of sleep.

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