Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 12

“Decided—tie—chains,” the voices didn’t stop, causing me to break out of my slumber. I peeled my eyes open and stretched like a cat, then relaxed back in bed, wanting to enjoy the soft mattress underneath me a little longer.

“I—help—her,” the mumbling voices continued talking. One of the voices was Theodore, I was damn sure, but the other one belonged to a male, if my hearing was to be trusted, but I didn’t know who it was.

I tried to get up but found myself restrained. I twisted my head sideways to see the cause of my restriction only to see my wrists tied to the bed post. Anger took hold of me, like a welcoming armor, and I started to pull with all my strength at the chains, in order to free myself. But those stubborn chains didn’t loosen, all they did was make plenty of unwanted noise. Stupid chains.

I guess Theodore must’ve heard that I was awake due to the clinking of the chains, because after a couple of minutes the sound of lock turning was heard, and Theodore entered wearing another one of his expensive suits.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he rushed over to me and placed his hands on my wrists to stop me from struggling, “don’t do that, sweetheart, you’ll hurt yourself.” He chided gently and begun releasing me from the chains.

I waited until both my wrists were free, then scrambled away from him, causing him to frown in confusion, while I did nothing but glare at him from my position.

“What’s wrong, darling?” He asked softly.

“Let me go,” I demanded, “And why the hell did you tie me up, are you out of your big-ass mind?” I nearly shouted, rubbing my wrists gently to abate the stinging pain.

“Why don’t you go freshen up and I’ll have someone bring breakfast for you.” He told me with a sweet smile, causing my anger to flair.

What in the world was wrong with this man? Did he not understand the fact that I was pissed? Pissed because of the fact that he tied me up, scaring me out of my mind, only to put me to sleep? Did he not know that I was absolutely not okay with him controlling me like this? And to top it all of, he was now telling me to freshen up and to have breakfast! Oh the nerve of this man.

“I’m not freshening up, and I’m most definitely not having breakfast. I want to go home, and please just get out of here so I can go and brush my teeth.” I ordered him in my my most business like tone.

The way Theodore’s eyes suddenly hardered at my words, I knew he did not like what I just said. He stood up and came over to where I was huddled in the opposite corner and sat down just inches away from me.

“Don’t talk to me like that,” he stated in that deadly calm voice of his that had me praying for my life,“I will not allow you to talk to me like that. I told you to get up and freshen up and you are going to do exactly that,” he held up a hand when I opened my mouth to protest, “and you will eat breakfast, even if I have to tie those chains around your wrists again, you understand, baby?”

The thought of being restrained by those chains had my heart jumping in my throat. Last night was the most surreal, yet terrifying night of my life. I never ever wanted those chains around my wrists, once was enough. So I ended up nodding at his words, causing his hardened gaze to soften.

“Good girl,” he smiled and kissed my cheek affectionately. Then got up and strode out of the room, causing my heart to slow down.

I sat there for five minutes just contemplating the enigma that was Theodore Benson. I had no idea whether to put him in the good category or the bad. All I knew was that he was one dangerous man who was hell bent on making my life crazy. The man was doing his best to break down the walls that were protecting my fragile heart, but he didn’t know how hard I’ve worked in order to build those very same walls. And if he thought that he could break those walls by a few earth shattering kisses and endearments, then he had another thing coming.

Freshening up didn’t take long, and soon I was tying my hair in a neat pony tail. One glance in the mirror had my eyes landing on my wrists that were indented with the chain links from last night. My wrists were red with a few cuts on them, which didn’t help my anger to dissipate. Oh no, those marks only heightened it, making my insides resemble a bursting volcano.

I stormed out of the bedroom into Theodore’s office, ready to give Theodore a piece of my mind, but found him absent. This should’ve made me more angry, but his abscence meant that I could get out of here without being detected, and this time I would definitely take the back exit and not the front one, because of Fred.

But my excitement was short lived. As soon as I made my way out towards the exit, a male voice spoke causing me to come to an abrupt pause.

“You know, you can’t run away. Plus, it would be a pretty stupid thing to do, especially when my brother is practically obsessed with you.” I turned around and came face to face with the mirror image of Theodore, only he seemed a couple of years younger than him. He had the same gray eyes, full lips, and high cheekbones. His hair was messy, but his body was a bit on the slim side, unlike Theodore’s that was packing with muscles.

“Brother? Theodore is your brother?” Out of all the things in the world, I chose this to ask him.

He chuckled lightly. “Unfortunately, yes, Theodore is my older brother; and he left me incharge of you till he gets back.” He stated casually, as if Theodore assigning him to babysit girls was an everyday thing.

“Uh excuse me, mister, but I don’t need a babysitter, what I need is to get out of here. So tell Theodore that I had an emergency or something, and that I had to leave,” I begun backing up, fully intending to get out of here, “yeah, you do that, thanks so much,” I turned and nearly screamed when I saw Theodore standing there with his arms crossed.

“What part of you can’t leave before breakfast did you fail to understand, Ms. Pritchett?” Theodore asked, meanwhile, his brother only laughed behind me.

“I—I’m not hungry. So please, let me go.” I pleaded despite wanting to sound firm.

“No, you will eat breakfast, then I will take a look at your wrists, then we’ll see what to do next.” He stated and took hold of my arm and dragged me over to the couch.

“Thanks for watching her, Harry. You can go now.” Theodore told his younger brother, Harry.

“Sure thing, bro. By the way, I now understand why you did what you did.” Harry said cryptically. What in the world was he talking about?

“Good, say hello to mom for me.” Theodore replied, sitting down next to me.

“Will do.” He said and strode out of his office, leaving me once again alone with him.

“What did he mean by that?” I asked curiously.

“Mean by what, princess?” Theodore questioned.

“That he understood why you did what you did.”

“Oh that,” he shrugged, “nothing that you should concern yourself with.”

“But I want to know.” I persisted.

“The only thing you need to know, is how I kiss you.” He leant forward and kissed me softly, clouding my brain with images of him. Once he broke the kiss, I thought he would sit back and talk, but he didn’t, instead he began placing kisses all over my jaw and my neck, causing all sane thoughts to leave my mind. But, even though my mind was under Theodore’s spell, I still managed to find a semblance of sanity and push Theodore away.

“No, do—don’t kiss me. Tell me what I want to know.” I demanded, breathing heavily, my cheeks heating up.

A knock sounded and a man appeared looking to be in his early thirties holding the rails of a trolley.

“Your breakfast is here, sir.” He said.

“Good, bring it in, Mark.” Theodore replied, and Mark rolled in the trolley and stopped when he reached the table.

“Thank you, Mark. You may go now.” Mark nodded and left.

“Eat up, Hailey, you need your strength.” Theodore stated calmly.

“With you, I need a lot more than just strength.” I mumbled softly to myself.

“What did you say?” Theodore asked.

“Nothing!” I exclaimed, frustrated.

“Okay, eat your breakfast, then I’ll see what to do next.” Theodore said taking all the plates out of the trolley.

Please let me go after this. I thought then begun eating breakfast, wishing this day would be over soon, even though it had only just begun.

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