Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 15


What was that woman doing to me? I swear I’ve never felt the need to possess, to control someone so badly, so completely. Until Hailey Pritchett walked into my life. I didn’t know what to do with these new found feelings towards this dark haired, green eyed beauty, all I knew was that I had to own her, in everyway possible, whether she liked it or not.

I pinched the bridge of my nose with my eyes shut, trying my best to erase the flower blooming in my life. That’s what Hailey was, a flower. A beautiful flower born just for me, and it was my job to take care of this flower, because I knew it in my heart that no one else could do it—because I wouldn’t let them.

“Sir, we’re here.” Dan, my driver told me and I slipped out of the car. I was standing outside my parents house in Dallas. I told them I was coming to visit for a week, and they were eagerly waiting for me. My mom had called me 17 times since morning, asking where I was, how much time until I get there. Believe me I was happy to see my mom, but right now, standing outside their home, I couldn’t help but wish that Hailey was with me or I was with her. I really wanted to handcuff her and bring her here so my parents could meet her, so that Hailey got to know her future family, but I knew she wasn’t ready. My flower was not ready.

I quickly went inside the large English estate that my father bought for mother as their new home after they got married. As soon as I entered through the front door, mom was there waiting for me with a huge smile on her face. When I saw her smiling, my soul which was craving Hailey’s presence, instantly relaxed.

“Oh my dear boy, it’s so good to see you.” My mother gushed and hugged me tightly. My mom was pretty healthy and strong for a 47 year old woman.

“It’s good to see you, too, mom. I really missed you.” I told her and softly kissed her cheek.

“I’ve prepared all your favorite dishes, come on let’s go and sit.” My mom said and made me sit on the plush sofa in the living room.

“So tell me, how’s everything?” She asked as usual. My mother always asked how everything was going on in my life whenever I visited.

“It’s good. But there is something I have to tell you.” I told her. Yes, I told my mom everything. She was not only my mother but my best friend as well. Even at this age, I told her everything, because I trusted her, and honestly, she gave awesome advice.

“Okay dear, we’ll talk after dinner in private, and you can tell me everything.” My mom said. Just then the sound of the front door slamming was heard, and Harry entered carrying a black duffle bag.

“Mom, what on earth is he doing here?” I questioned annoyed.

“Nice to see you, too, brother.” Harry answered sarcastically.

“Be good you two, no fighting while you’re both here.” My mom warned us both, “okay, you boys sit and chat while I’ll go and check on lunch.” My mom got up and walked out of the living room, leaving Harry and I alone.

“So how’s your girl?” Harry asked, flopping down on the sofa next to me, “I’m guessing she’s the reason for your surprise visit.”

I nodded and closed my eyes. Immediately Hailey’s face appeared, so full of life and innocence, you couldn’t help but stare at it for hours. The high cheekbones, the plump lips, framed by wavy brown hair that I loved running my fingers through. I had memorized every single detail about my darling girl, all that was left to do now was get to know her intimately, as I was pretty sure I would soon take over her heart.

“Of course she would be. If she wasn’t you would’ve brought her with you.” Harry stated. “Are you planning on telling mom and dad about it?”

“Yeah, I’m going to do it, after dinner.” I told him.

“Okay, by the way, I like her even though I barely talked to her, but she seemed very innocent.” Harry commented, fishing out his cell phone from the pocket of his jeans.

“She is, but nothing I can’t handle. Yeah she needs to be kept safe, and trust me when I say that I’ve taken all the necessary precautions regarding her safety.” I told him.

“Oh yeah, like what? Because if my eyes are not deceiving me, you are here, without her, and she is back in New York.”

“Don’t think for one second that I don’t have my men watching her. I’ve assigned a full security team to watch her and report me of her activities, everyday until I get back.”

“Wow, that girl has brought out the stalker in you.” Harry teased making me ball my fist.

“It’s for her protection.” I grumbled.

“Protection against what?”

“Dammit Harry, do you know how many enemies I have in the business world?! There are thousands of people who would give anything to cause me harm, and trust me she is one person that they can use to harm me.” I told him truthfully.

“Wow, I’ve never seen you like this, bro. Not even with Cindy. You never cared about anyone like this.”

“I don’t just care about her, Harry. I—I don’t know man, my feelings go way deeper than just caring about her.” I confessed, feeling like a pu$$y.

“Don’t tell me you love her, man.” Harry burst out laughing, making me want to punch his face.

“No, I don’t love her, not yet.” I mumbled softly to myself.

“Why don’t you call her?” Harry suggested making me wonder how in the hell were we even related.

“Are you out of your mind?! I’m not going to call her, I told her I was going away for a business trip for a week.”

“Why did you do that?” Harry inquired, never removing his gaze from his cell phone.

“Because I was losing control, and I had to step back before I did something she wasn’t yet ready for.” I told him. God was wrong with me, I never had a conversation this long about a woman with my brother before. Hailey was really messing with my mind, not to mention she had already gotten under my skin.

“You’re so gone, bro. Now there is no hope for you, you’ve gone off the deep end. Let’s go find a ring for her.” Harry taunted, making the urge to punch him even stronger.

“Shut up, d!ck.” I snapped.

“Back at ya, pu$$y.” Harry retorted.

“Language people, you are under my roof!” My mother snapped, coming back in the living room.

“Sorry.” We both mumbled in unison.

“Now, Theodore, go freshen up, your father would be home soon, then we’ll have lunch.” My mother told me, and I wasted no time in obliging her. I quickly stood up and went to my childhood room. It was my room until I was eighteen and moved out.

Taking the stairs two a time, I reached the third floor in under five minutes, then strode over to the end of the corridor and pushed open the double doors that were the entrance to my room. I was not surprised to see my room, because I visited my parents at least twice a month, while Harry visited more frequently.

My room was the same as the last time I came here. It was s mixture of black, red and gold. If I had my way, the whole room would be black, with some grays and an occasional white, but since this was my parents’ house, mom had full control of it. She decided what colors would be used in which room. When my mom told me she would be using red and gold for my room we had a huge argument over it, but finally my mom allowed me to have some black in my room.

There was a black king-sized bed, with red and gold sheets, along with two red pillows and a round gold pillow in the middle. There were side tables made up of the same dark wood and color as the rest of the furniture, with red lamps placed on them. There was a black crystal chandlier in the center of the room, with a plasma screen tv on the wall. Gold and red curtains hid the windows, encasing the room in considerable darkness. A dark vanity table was against the wall next to the bed, with a picture frame that had the photo of me and my family.

I quickly shed my jacket and made my way to the walk-in closet to pick something casual out to wear. Even though I no longer lived here, my parents thought it was best that I still had some clothes here, in case I needed them; and even though I had brought clothes with me, I was too tired to open my suitcase and take out my clothes, so I opted to wear whatever was available in the closet.

Once my clothes were out, I hurried over to the bathroom and took a nice, long shower. During the shower, I had the urge to change the water to cold when Hailey’s image came to mind. But this time, it wasn’t only her face, but her whole body—bare, doing painful but pleasurable things to my body. It was safe to say that after that scene I really wanted to take a cold shower, but thankfully the image was gone just as soon as it had come, but that didn’t mean I was alright.

After my shower, I went down for lunch, and just as my mom had said, dad was there. He gave me a hug, and all four of us sat down in the dining room for lunch.

The day passed quickly. After lunch I took a nap, sleeping off the fatigue of the travel, then woke up in the evening by the sound of my phone ringing. It was a business call which I got done with fairly quickly.

Soon enough, dinner was served, and throughout the meal, I could sense my mother’s curiosity and excitement. I was excited to tell my family about Hailey, but at the same time I was hesitant. I mean, what if talking about Hailey made my feelings more real, made them not just figments of my imagination but gave them life. I was afraid, that what if after this I got my heart broken by her. No! Never, I would never let Hailey leave me. I would chain her to my bed for eternity if it meant keeping her by my side, so getting my heart broken was not an option.

After dinner, all four of us went and sat down in the living room. My mom wasted no time in getting down to business.

“So Theodore, what was it you wanted to tell us?” My mom questioned, and all of a sudden I had three pairs of eyes staring at me.

“Uh—well,” I began but faltered slightly. What is wrong with you, get a grip and man up!

“There is this girl—” As soon the words left my lips, mom perked up.

“Oh, that’s amazing, honey,” mom gushed, “so what is she like? Who is she? Where did you meet her? When can we meet her? What’s her name? Where is she—” dad stopped mom from throwing her volley of questions at me.

“Stop Judy, let Theodore talk.” Then gestured for me to continue.

“Well, as I was saying, there is this girl, who is my assistant. Her name is Hailey, and I feel really strongly for her...” I trailed off at witnessing complete silence.

“What exactly do you feel, son?” Dad asked, giving me a look that said that he clearly understood what I was talking about.

“I mean, I really like her, but I—I think it’s more than that. Call me crazy, but I want to own her, want her to be mine in every possible way, and trust me when I say that this is the first time I’ve felt this way about anyone.” I breathed, satisfied that this was off my chest.

“Okay, if you like her so much, why didn’t you bring her with you?” Mom questioned.

“Because I needed time to think. I seem to lose all sense of control when it comes to her, and she isn’t ready to witness the extent of my feelings for her, yet.” I told them, feeling like a girl, but I knew this was my family, and I could tell them anything.

“Son, if you believe she is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, then you need to take the next step.” My father said, and both Harry and my mother nodded—agreeing with my father for me to take the next step.

“Do you have a picture?” Mom asked me with a smile. I nodded and pulled out my phone and took out Hailey’s picture for my parents to see. It was a picture of her in the Gerogian estate. She was smiling while staring at the beautiful estate, and didn’t notice me taking a picture of her.

“She is a lovely girl, Theo. I can’t wait to meet her.” Mom gushed, while dad nodded.

After talking more about Hailey amongst other things, mom and Harry left the living room, and I was left with dad.

“Dad, do you think it’s the right time for me to take the next step?” I really liked Hailey, and didn’t want to mess this up with her.

“Son, I just saw the girl, trust me, you need to take the next step, and soon.” With that he got up and left, bidding me good night.

In my room, I was lying on my bed, the thoughts of Hailey plaguing my mind. Her smile, her laughter, the sparkly eyes, the breathtaking scent that continuously enveloped her. I missed my girl.

Looking at the empty spot next to me I couldn’t help but recall the two times she slept in my bed. She wasn’t aware of the fact that those nights were the best nights of my lives. I spent hours looking at her sleeping peacefully in my bed—memorizing every little detail, whether important or not, because for me, every single inch of her was important.

How I wished she was here right now with me, in my bed. I would hold her, and kiss her until she fell asleep with my arms securely around her. I would lay her head on chest, and would stroke her hair until I too fell asleep. Another thing Hailey was unaware of was the kisses I stole while she slept like baby next to me. Believe me I tried to refrain, but the plump lips were too strong a temptation for me to resist touching them—loving them. So I had stolen kisses, although I was not sorry at all.

The ringing of my phone brought me out of Hailey-land. I accepted the call when I saw the caller was Eddie, one of the guards assigned to watch Hailey.

“Yes?” I demanded.

“Sir, I have the report of Ms. Pritchett’s activities for today.” Eddie told me.

“Good, tell me everything.” And for the next 25 minutes, I listened to Eddie tell me everything that Hailey did. She woke up and had her usual breakfast, then spent the rest of the day with Amanda, shopping and having lunch in a pizzeria. Lastly at night they had ordered Chinese, and watched movies until they retired for the night. There were no unusual meetings with people, which I was very glad to hear about.

After ending the call with Eddie, I was satisfied that Hailey had an uneventful day. Then my thoughts went over what my parents had said about taking the next step. I really wanted to be a considerate guy and think about Hailey’s choices, but the fact of the matter was that I wasn’t a nice man, and therefore, I would not consider Hailey’s choices.

The last thing I remembered before sleep took me was the only thing that would soon become a fact to the world.

Hailey Pritchett was mine.

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