Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 18

“I’m going to make you the happiest woman in this entire world.” Theodore whispered in my ear before leaning down and kissing my lips softly. I ignored him and turned my face to look out of the window.

We were currently in airplane, flying to God knows where. I demanded to know where we were going but Theodore told me it was a surprise. After that, I spent the rest of the plane journey ignoring Theodore, who made numerous attempts to talk to me, but I was not going to give up. He can’t just force me to marry him and expect me to be ecststic and dancing in joy! No sir, he would get what’s coming to him. He would face my wrath!

“You know, you should get some sleep, it’s going to be a while until we get there.” Theodore told me softly. I just ignored him and pretended like he wasn’t sitting right across from me; which was proving harder than I thought, especially when his signature scent was overwhelming my senses.

“You know, I don’t like being ignored.” Theodore said after a minute. I stayed silent, clearly letting him know that I wasn’t happy.

Theodore mumbled something under his breath and the next thing I know I was being pulled from my seat and landed on Theodore’s lap. I shot him a venemous glare which seemed to have no effect on him whatsoever, and tried to wriggle free, but the arms banded around my waist prevented me from doing so.

“If you don’t stop struggling right this minute, God help me, Hailey, I’m going to leave hickeys all over that pretty neck, and trust me those bites will hurt, hurt enough to draw blood, so behave yourself.” Theodore threatened in a deadly voice, effectively stopping me from my struggling for my freedom. What kind of a sick, twisted man was he?!

“Good girl.” He cooed before placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Get some rest, flower. I would’ve let you sleep on the bed but you’ll only sleep on a bed once we consummate our marriage.” He whispered, running his fingers on my bare shoulders.

“Let me go.” I demanded defiantly giving him a hard stare.

“Never.” And kissed me with such raw passion, I got the feeling that he would consummate our marriage right here on the plane. I tried to fight him. I clawed at his shirt and punched him a few times, anything to get him to release me, but no; it was like he had made it his mission to have me submit to him.

After five minute of throughly fück!ng my lips, Theodore broke apart, leaving me gasping for air. “You’re not allowed to say those words to me ever again, do you understand me, baby?” Theodore murmured close to my lips.

“I’ll continue to say those words to you until you comply with my demand.” I told him bitterly.

“Say those words one more time, and see what happens.”

“Let me—” Theodore silenced me by placing his lips on mine. I bit his lip in fury causing Theodore’s grip to tighten. He clamped his teeth on my lower lip causing me to release his lip.

“Now you know what would happen once you utter those words out of your mouth?” Theodore asked smugly, wiping blood off my lip.

“I hate you.” I told him firmly, my heart clenching at the lie.

Theodore smiled, like he knew I was lying. “You love me, darling.”

“You wish, I’ll never love you!” I exclaimed in frustration.

“You already love me, sweetheart.” Theodore said, causing tears to well up in my eyes. I didn’t say anything after that, just buried my face in crook of his neck.

The only reason for my tears was that Theodore was right, I already loved him.

“Sweetheart, wake up, we’re here.” Theodore gently nudged me out of my slumber. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, expelling the last remains of sleep.

“Where are we?” I asked in a hoarse voice. Glancing out the window to see clear blue sky.

“We’re in Bali, my darling.” Theodore told me and my eyes widened in surprise.

“What are we doing in Bali?”

“We’re here for our honeymoon, of course.” Theodore took my wrist and led me out of the airplane. The strong gusts of wind had my hair flying all over the place. There was a black Volvo standing at a distance from the plane, which Theodore wasted no time in leading us to and slipping inside.

“To the hotel, Brody.” Theodore instructed the driver, who nodded and took us to our destination.

Throughout the ride, I stared out the window mesmerized. Bali was a beauty that one could live in forever. All I wanted to do was jump out of the car and dash towards the clear aqua water, with the trees in various shades of green and the golden sand, Bali was like a little slice of heaven on Earth.

Too soon for my liking we arrived at the hotel. Theodore ushered me out while the bell boy went behind the car to take out our luggage which I had no idea was there in first place. I didn’t pack any clothes or had anything on me for that matter, Theodore rushed me out of my apartment eager to get married. So I had no idea whose luggage it was.

We were welcomed by the hotel staff, who offered us drinks with those pretty, colorful, mini umbrellas, which in all honesty tasted delicious. I was really enjoying my stay here so far.

One of the staff members took us to the elevator and up to our suite. Since I was still mad at Theodore I wanted to sleep in a separate room, but no, Theodore had booked only one room.

I was surprised when our suite turned out to be the presidential suite of the hotel. And to say I was gobsmacked at seeing the inside of the suite would be an understatment.

We entered what looked to be the living room of the suite. The whole furniture was pristine white. There was a white circular table at the center on top of a white fluffy rug. A sofa was situated against one wall with fluffy cushions. Two love seats were placed opposite each other across the sofa, giving the room a pure feel.

The bedroom was a whole other matter. A king-sized bed dominated the room with white bedding. Red rose petals were scattered all over the white sheets. The side tables had lamps which bathed the room in a warm glow. On the foot of the bed were sheets shaped like swans which had their heads joined making it look like a heart. The dressing table had a basket of different kinds of chocolates and strawberries, making my heart jump in my throat. The whole suite screamed newly-weds.

“Your luggage would be brought up in a few minutes, would you like anything else?” The man asked and Theodore shook his head.

“No thank you, my wife and I would like to rest now, it’s perfectly alright if the luggage arrives after a few hours.” Theodore told the guy. By the tone of his voice, I figured Theodore had some hidden agenda regarding this rest.

“Okay Mr. Benson. Congratulations on your wedding.” The man smiled and walked out of the room.

Once the door closed Theodore went over to the bed and sat down. “Would you like to consummate our marriage now or later, Mrs. Benson?” Theodore asked with a mischevious glint in his eyes.

“How about never, Mr. Benson.” I replied with a saccharine smile.

Theodore stood up and strode over to me, his gait confident and precise. “Princess, you do know that we are married now, right?” He asked as if talking go child, “you must also know, that a good wife does not deny her husband.”

“Well you see, that’s what a good wife does, I on the other hand Theodore, am anything but a good wife, so yeah, I will deny you.” I seethed.

“You will be what I want you to be, my darling, make no mistake, you will submit to me, and trust me when I say we will consummate our marriage tonight, and you will give in, without me having to force you, baby.” Theodore pecked my lips, then turned and headed into what I believed to be the bathroom, leaving me staring at his retreating back. Oh, I wish I was strong enough to resist this infuriating man.

The rest of the day passed quickly. I wanted to go to the beach but Theodore forbade me, saying I was tired and that we’ll go tomorrow. To say we had our first argument as husband and wife would be an understatment. I was extremely close to clawing his eyes out, but when Theodore warned me about getting lost in Bali and encountering strange men, I shut up. No matter how angry I was at him, I didn’t want to go to the beach alone and get lost.

Theodore instead decided to take me shopping. I complained about not having regular clothes to wear, to which Theodore just strode over to our luggage—which the bell boy brought—and took out a pink dress for me with silver sandles. Looking at my surprised expression, Theodore explained to me how he bought a few dresses for me for our honeymoon. I was touched by his thoughtfullness, but then realized that he did this for his own selfish desires and my anger returned full force. Nonetheless I put on the dress, happy to be out of the wedding dress—I was afraid I would end up ripping the beautiful garment.

Shopping for clothes with Theodore proved to be a difficult task. I only wanted to buy selective items of clothing, while Theodore ended up purchasing me a whole new wardrobe. I really wanted to cause a scene in public about his outrageous spending habits, but one sharp look from Theodore had all my arguments dying in my throat.

“God I’m so tired.” I groaned while entering our suite. Theodore gave the shopping bags to the bell boy and told him to bring them up later. I on the other hand was craving a full body massage, my muscles protesting from the jet lag and the shopping spree.

Once I entered the bedroom with Theodore following behind me my eyes popped open. The room was bathed in soft glow of the candles placed in various parts of the room. There was a soft fragrance surrounding the atmosphere and I figured it was because of the candles which were scented. The bedroom was now the ideal setting for a long romantic night.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off and lie down, I’ll give you a massage to help loosen those muscles.” Theodore suggested causing my eyebrows to raise.

“Why would you give me a massage?” I asked with suspicion.

“Because I’m your husband, and it’s my job to take care of you.” He told me like it was the most obvious thing.

After a minute I relented and took my clothes off. At first I was hesitant at having Theodore see me naked, but then he remembered he was now my husband, so it was okay. Theodore was in the bathroom, which gave me the perfect opportunity to hide myself before he saw me. I quickly went and laid down on the bed face down, covering the lower half of my body with the duvet.

The door of the bathroom opened and my heart pounded in anticipation. I never had a man touch me before. This would be the first. Theodore would be the first.

Theodore came and perched himself on the bed right next to me. All of a sudden I felt something warm dripping on my back. I glanced at my left to see Theodore holding a bottle of oil, which was slightly tipped, causing the oil to drip on my skin.

After a few seconds, Theodore placed the bottle on the side table and proceeded to rub my back with his strong warm hands. Oh my God, his hands were magic, my inner voice purred in delight. Theodore worked on my muscles like an expert. His touch bringing every cell in my body to life. I moaned in delight whenever a knot in my muscles was loosened. My whole body relaxed under his ministrations.

I was enjoying the massage so much that I didn’t protest when Theodore’s hand ventured south under the duvet. He massaged my thighs, legs, and feet, and I enjoyed every second of it. However, I jumped when Theodore’s fingers dipped between my legs caressing me softly, making me whimper.

“Ssh, trust me, my darling.” Theodore cajoled. He continued stroking and caressing me, turning me on. I moaned in pleasure when he touched a specific spot.

“Turn over, so I could massage the front, baby.” Theodore instructed gently, but made no move to remove his hand from between my legs.

I did what he said, my mind lost in the haze of pleasure that Theodore was giving me. As soon as I turned over, Theodore’s lips descended and captured mine in a kiss that took me to a different place altogether. His fingers dipped and entered me, first one then two, causing my back to arch at the intense pleasure. I wanted to moan but Theodore’s lips silenced me, making me a prisoner to his touch.

A strange sensation begun in the pit of my belly, and only grew. My eyes closed on their own accord, and all I wanted to do was reach that feeling and bathe myself in it. But Theodore kept that feeling at bay. He would increase the movement of his fingers and just as I was about to reach the top he would slow down and the feeling would dissipate. He kept going like this until I cried in frustration.

“Theodore please.” I pleaded, causing Theodore to chuckle.

“I know what you need, sweetheart, but you must ask me for it.” Theodore replied cockily.

I glared at him while his response was an evil smirk. My eyes closed when Theodore touched that same spot again, igniting a pleasure so fierce I thought I would die. I moaned and did my best to grind against Theodore’s fingers, but that evil man knew what I was doing and pulled his fingers out.

“No!” I cried at the sudden loss, while Theodore positioned himself on top of me. Frustrated and furious, I begun scratching Theodore’s chest, leaving a few streaks of blood. Theodore gripped my wrists and positioned them above my head.

“What does my girl need?” Theodore taunted. I screamed at him causing him chuckle.

“You know what I need, you evil, infuriating man!” I nearly shouted.

He kissed my breasts and took a n!pple in his mouth. “No I don’t, tell me what you need.”

Knowing he wouldn’t give up and would continue to torture me, I gave in. “Take me.” I murmured.

“Do you want me to take you?” He asked and gently bit down on my n!pple. The sensation shooting straight to my neither regions.

“Yes!” I cried.

“Do you want me to make you mine?” He bit on my shoulder.

“Yes.” By now I had tears streaming from my eyes.

“Your wish is my command.” And with extreme care he slid himself inside me, stretching me deliciously. There was a sharp pain once he broke through my v!rginity, but it was soon replaced with pleasure.

“God, you feel amazing, darling.” Theodore muttered and began to thrust with slow, deep strokes.

All rational sense deserted me as I became lost in the extreme pleasure that Theodore was giving me. He didn’t thrust too hard, but held me tightly. His strokes were loving and precise, making me experience the true meaning of making love.

Slowly and gradually I rose to the peak. Eager to experience what girls yearned for. And I did. Theodore increased his pace slightly causing me to climb faster and faster until I reached the peak, and fell. I exploded in a million blissful pieces as the örgasm ripped through me. I experienced the ultimate high with Theodore, who grunted and reached his own climax, spilling his seed inside me.

Eventually I came down from cloud nine, to see Theodore gazing at me with love and adoration. He took my lips in a mind numbing kiss, releasing my wrists which had me tangling my fingers in his soft hair.

After kissing for a good twenty minutes, Theodore rolled on his side, but not before taking me with him. He gently tucked my head under the crook of his neck, then covered us by pulling the duvet on top.

By now, sleep was finally catching up to me and I felt utterly relaxed from the massage and the s3x. Theodore begun running his fingers through my hair which only helped in me falling into a blissful sleep.

In my dream Theodore had me wrapped securely in his arms, and the last words I remember before I faded into oblivion were four words that every girl wants to hear from their true love.

“I’ll love you forever.”

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