Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 19

I woke up with soreness between my legs. I stretched in bed and turned my head slightly to see Theodore sleeping peacefully. I gazed at him for a couple of minutes wondering how could someone so beautiful be so cruel and controlling.

Shaking my head to dispel thoughts of my so-called husband I got up and shuffled in the bathroom. I was glad that Theodore didn’t have his arm around me otherwise getting out of bed would’ve been a task in itself.

Once in the bathroom I gazed at myself in the mirror and saw a couple of red hickeys marring my skin. They were just a couple of centimeters apart on my shoulder, mocking me about last nights events. The presence of those hickeys had me second guessing my actions. Did I give in too soon? Did I even give in at all?

My questions were answered when my gaze fell on the shiny platinum band adorning my ring finger. Yes! Damn it I had given in too soon, shoot. How could you do this Hailey?! My sanity returned with a vengeance. In my defence, Theodore took advantage of my exhaustive state last night. My love struck side defended. And you let him take advantage of you, what about the fact that he threatened you, your family just so he could marry you?! My sanity snarled in disbelief.

I quickly did my business and exited the bathroom only to find Theodore awake, leaning against the head board, looking mouth-wateringly sexy. I glared at him, fully accepting the fact that he took advantage of me when I was tired.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” Theodore greeted softly. I ignored him and walked over to pick up my purse which was sitting on the dressing table. I took my phone out and saw 60 missed calls. I scrolled through the list and found 20 missed calls for Amanda, 20 from Ingrid, and 20 from my cousin April. Damn it, Amanda must be freaking out by now.

I quickly called Amanda, not caring about the fact that it was probably midnight in New York. Amanda thankfully, picked up after a couple of rings.

“You freakin’ b!tch! Where the hell are you, do you have any idea how worried I’ve been!” Amanda shouted, nearly damaging my ear drum.

“Amanda, calm down, I’ll tell you everything,” I started to say only to be cut off by her.

“No you listen to me, Mrs. Hailey Jane Benson!” My heart sank at hearing Amanda refer to my new name.

“Amanda, I can explain.” I told her with a heavy heart.

“Explain what, that you went and got married to Theodore without even telling me, let alone inviting me to your wedding.” Amanda snarled.

Something just clicked at how in the world did Amanda know that I got married, since the marriage was private with only a few people. “Wait, how did you know I got married?”

“Seriously, do you not watch TV? It’s all over the news, how the mega billionaire had finally found the right person to spend the rest of his life with. There are pictures of you two, in your wedding attire, might I add.” Amanda told me with hurt evident in her voice.

“Amanda, please listen to me, I can explain, believe me I wanted to invite you.” I told her, my voice breaking at the thought of hurting my best friend. By now, Theodore had come up behind me. I could feel his body warmth as it radiated off of his bare chest.

“You wanted to, you should have! I thought we were best friends, Hailey, but I guess I was wrong all this time.”

“Amanda, I’ll tell you everything once I come back, just please try to understand that I did not want to get married like this—without you.” I told her, desperately wishing that she would believe and understand me.

“Don’t bother, I don’t want to speak to you ever again.” Amanda hung up, leaving me to stare at my phone.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Theodore asked concerned, snaking his arm around my waist.

I whipped my head around and looked at him with murder in my eyes. It was all his fault that my best friend was now mad at me. His fault that he disregarded my wishes and forced me to marry him. He was going to pay. I was going to make him pay for ruining my relationship with my best friend.

“Don’t touch me, you despicable man.” I snarled.

“Hailey, what’s the matter?” Theodore was now blatantly confused.

“What’s the matter?! You actually have the fück!ng nerve to ask me what is the bloody matter, when you’re the cause of everything!” I nearly shouted.

“Hailey, watch your tone.” Theodore warned.

“No, screw you, and your demands! I’m done listening to you! Because of you my best friend is mad at me! Because of your selfish demands my friendship is now at stake!” I shouted this time, tears running down in rivulets. Damn these tears.

“How in the world is your friendship at stake because of me?” Theodore asked, making me wonder how in the North Pole was this guy a successful businessman.

“Are you always this dense, or are you deliberately being obtuse?! You forced me to marry you, without even bothering to invite my family and friends, and now my best friend is mad at me, because sadly she is still in the dark about the circumstances of our marriage. This is why, Theodore, this is why she is mad at me, because she wasn’t invited to the wedding!” I continued shouting. At the end I was breathing heavily, wanting to pounce on Theodore and use him as my personal punching bag.

“Hailey, calm down. You know we got married in a haste, but sweetheart, don’t worry I’ll fix this, okay, just relax.” Theodore tried to hug me but I backed away.

“No, we got married in a haste because of you. And yeah, you are going fix this Theodore Benson, or trust me I’ll ruin you.” I threatened.

Theodore cracked a smile. “Oh really, you do know one kiss from me and you’ll be under my control.” He said arrogantly, making my temper flow like lava.

“You are done controlling me, Theodore. Don’t even think about coming near me until you fix this problem, is that understood?” I scolded him.

“Who’s going to stop me from touching you?” Theodore questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“I am.” I stated simply.

“You seemed pretty willing last night, if I recall correctly,” Theodore stated arrogantly causing my cheeks to heat up, “you even begged me at one point, I remember.” Theodore pretended as if he was recalling something a few years back, with his face tilted towards the ceiling.

I gritted my teeth. “Well, that was a moment of weakness, which you took advantage of.” I replied and did a small victory dance at seeing his face fall.

“Took advantage of you?! How?” Theodore asked flabbergasted.

“Well I was tired and you took advantage of my exhausted state, you manipulated me.” I accused, secretly loving the fact that I had the upper hand.

“Oh, yes you’re right Hailey, I did take advantage of you. And you know what, I would do all over again, as many times as the opportuinity presents itself. I was never known to play fair, my darling wife, I get what I want, by any means necessary, whether legal or illegal, I get it.” Theodore told me softly.

I tried not be fazed by his soul shivering declaration. “Yeah well, those days are over, you are now going to have to work hard in order to get you what you want, and Mr. Theodore Benson, and we all know what you really want is me.” I told him smugly, secretly loving the fact at rattling him, if the narrowing of his eyes was anything to go by.

“Oh?” Theodore challenged.

“Oh.” I echoed.

“What exactly are you trying to say Mrs. Benson?” Theodore inquired innocently.

“You’re going to fix this problem you created, and once you fix this only then will I let you touch me, next time.” I stated calmly. I wondered when on Earth did I become to so brave? It’s for Amanda, you’re doing this for her.

“Who’s going to stop me from touching you?” Theodore challenged.

“The cops try their best to keep a rapist out of a victim’s life.” I told him.

“You’re threatening me?” Theodore’s eyes hardened.

“I think you should know exactly what I’m doing,” I took a couple of steps and stood mere centimeters away from him, “after all, threatening is an art you seem to excel at.” I turned and calmly walked inside the bathroom, making sure to sway my hips for Theodore’s eyes to see.

Hailey 1. Theodore 0.

After taking a long shower, I dressed up in a light blue sundress and a pair of blue flip flops. I grabbed my shades and pushed them over my head. After rubbing sun block on my face, arms, and legs I strode out of the bedroom, eager to go to beach.

Theodore left the room after our argument with a purpose. I could sense he was plotting something, just didn’t know what it was yet. But whatever it was I would stand my ground, for my best friend.

I called Ingrid and April once I reached the lobby of the hotel. The conversation went pretty smoothly despite my expectations of listening to them yell and having to explain the bizarre circumstances of my marriage. Both of them sounded genuinely happy, although they sort of hinted at me marrying again and inviting them. However, the idea of marrying again did not sit well with me. It was difficult to marry Theodore the first time, how could I go through that again?

The man sitting behind the reception desk gave me a small smile which I returned, before I strode out of the hotel. Thankfully, the beach was just a few feet away. It was amazing the perks you got when you lived on an island—beach was just a walking distance away.

Having no mood to sit on the soft, golden sand, I opted to walk. I could relax my mind and might even come up with new strategies on how to win against Theodore. I just wish he would fix what he so nearly destroyed before I have to do something rash. Not being a fan of violence and constant arguments, I preferred to solve matters calmly amd rationally. However, rationality flew out the window everytime Theodore came into view.

The water was calm and lapped gently against my ankles, slightly tickling me. I gazed at the crystal, blue ocean and wondered exactly how long did I have to enjoy this beauty. Maybe I could buy a house here and call it my summer house. You need money for that, and your bank account barely scrapes the four digit mark.

I turned around and came across colorful umbrellas dotting the beach. There were numerous couples sitting, sipping fruity drinks, while others were laying down bathing in the golden sunlight. They all seemed so happy, so content with their spouses, I felt as if I was odd one out because I wasn’t happy with mine. Maybe a happily ever after was not in the cards for me.

I entered our suite with no Theodore present. Frowning in confusion, I checked the bedroom and bathroom only to find them empty. Worry gnawed at my insides. Where are you, Theo? I glanced at the clock to see the smaller hand pointing at 11 while the bigger hand rested on 12. I hadn’t seen Theodore since morning, where was he? He wasn’t present during dinner either.

Quickly changing into my sleeping attire I flopped on the bed, planning to wait for Theodore. When fiften minutes passed and he still hand’t shown up, I grabbed my phone and called him, my lip once again being a helpless victim to my teeth. The call went straight to voicemail. I wanted to leave a message but then thought better of it. Why should I send him a message when he had no regards for my feelings?

Putting my phone on the side table, I got up from the bed and went to sit in the living room. Turning on the TV I made myself comfortable on the sofa. I flicked through the channels without really seeing the content, until I came across a channel showing an english movie. I dropped the remote next to me while staring at the screen, not really watching it, but the background noise helped.

After I don’t know how long, the door opened and Theodore entered, not looking the least bit tired. I on the other hand was on the verge of falling asleep. His clothes weren’t wrinkled at all, making me wonder exactly where was he all day.

“You didn’t sleep yet?” Theodore inquired.

“Where were you, do you see what time it is?!” I demanded.

“Were you worried about me, sweetheart?” Theodore asked with a smug smile.

“No!” I lied, “I was just wondering where you were, you weren’t here for dinner either.” I stated.

“Why, did you miss me?” He continued questioning me.

“Don’t flatter yourself, why would I miss you?” I scoffed.

“Because you love me.” He stated like it was the most obvious thing.

“I don’t.” I lied again. At this rate I was sure my nose would’ve been a mile long.

“You asked where I was all day, you even asked why I didn’t show up for dinner, I think you were worried about me, and missed me.” He told me.

“I—I was just doing my duty as a wife.” At seeing Theodore’s smug expression I realized what I said. Shoot, sleep was really messing with my mind.

“So you finally decided to accept the fact that you’re my wife?” Theodore asked with a mischevious smile.

“Yeah well, it’s my ugly reality, I would have to accept it sooner or later.” I retorted, glad that I saved the situation.

“Well,” he came and sat down next to me, ” I’m glad you decided to accept it sooner, now all we need to work on now, is that fiery attitude of yours. Believe me, I live for the fire that your personality is, but there our times when I want to snuff out that fire.” He told me softly, making my heart race in dread.

“What are you saying?” Fatigue was destroying my comprehension skills.

“Nothing, my darling. I forgot you’re not yet ready.” He got up and went to the bedroom, leaving me to decipher his cryptic statements.

I followed Theodore to our bedroom. Jumping on the bed I quickly grabbed a bunch of pillows and placed them in between Theodore and I. The guy had no regards for my metaphorical boundaries, he might have regards for the physical ones. Yeah right, Hailey, a few pillows wouldn’t stop him. My inner voice really hated me sometimes.

Satisfied, that the pillows separated us, I got under the covers and closed my eyes. I tried not to give in to sleep so easily, because I wanted to see the look on Theodore’s face when he saw my makeshift wall that would result in him keeping his hands to himself.

As Theodore emerged from the bathroom I pretended to sleep.

“What’s this?” He demanded, his tone indicating that he was barely restraining himself from unleashing his temper.

“What’s what?” I asked innocently.

“What’s with the pillows between us?” He growled softly.

“Oh those, I made a makeshift wall between us. Since you’re not allowed to touch me, I just took extra measures to ensure I would get a peaceful sleep.” I replied.

“You know those pillows can’t help you, right?”

I knew they couldn’t, but I wasn’t going to let him know that. “You’re not allowed to touch me until you fix the problem, Theodore.” I replied, completely ignoring his question.

He said nothing just calmly went over to his side of the bed. I couldn’t believe it, I actually won an argument. Yippee! Now soon Theodore would be under my control.

However, my victory was short lived. Just as I was about to go to sleep, an arm snaked around my waist and tugged me harshly. I yelped as my back collided with a warm, bare chest.

“You can’t touch me.” I struggled to escape the vice-like grip around my waist, but failing at it miserably.

“Let’s negotiate.” Theodore nuzzled my neck, waking up the butterflies in my stomach that were sleeping since morning.

“No, no negotiations, Mister. Let go of—” his teeth clamped on my shoulder, making the words die in the middle while giving birth to a sudden scream.

“We are going to negotiate, okay darling?” Theodore sucked on the sams spot he sank his teeth into a second ago.

“I’ll poison you and push your body in the Indonesian water.” I threatened.

“You are going to let me touch you, whenever I want, however I want, wherever I want; but I wouldn’t have sex with you until I fix the problem, okay?” He stated his terms, completely ignoring my murderous remarks.

I stopped fighting against his hold and gave some thought to his terms. Call me crazy and stupid, but his demands sounded reasonable enough. S3x was the ultimate way to control a man, as Amanda taught me, so being okay with touching was something I could agree to, as long as s3x was off limits until he fixed the problem.

“Okay fine, but don’t even think about touching me between my legs, or I swear I’ll unman you.” I relented but not without a threat to his precious manhood.

“Deal, princess,” Theodore kissed my cheek softly. “Now close your eyes, we got a long day ahead of us tomorrow, you’ll need your strength.” Theodore said and turned off the lamp. I was more than happy to comply with his demand and finally give in to sleep that had been threatening to take me under for the past two hours. I closed my eyes, with Theodore’s arm securely wrapped around me, I fell into a deep sleep.

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