Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 24

My heart was hammering against my chest. The soft sound of the door closing only intensified my anxiety. What was wrong with me? It was only s3x. And it was with my husband not some stranger. But my heart didn’t settle.

The footsteps getting closer had me chewing on my lip. I didn’t know why Theodore’s presence became so stark and dominating, but whatever it was I was internally bouncing with anticipation.

Theodore put his hands on my shoulders, his lips brushing my ear. “You ready, sweetheart?” He asked in a husky whisper awakening my libido. “Do you want me to strip you off, or would you like to do it on your own?” He questioned seductively.

Silence. That was the answer Theodore got for his question. It was like all the words left me the moment I needed them the most, rendering me mute. Oh why did it always happen to me at the wrong time?

The lowering of my zipper sent tingles down my whole body. I was very close to shuddering in ecstacy for having Theodore’s knuckles caress my back as he stripped me off my dress which was acting like a safety barrier for me just a few seconds ago. Theodore pushed the dress off me causing it to pool at my feet. My heart was now jumping in a frenzy, happy that Theodore was touching me.

“You have beautiful skin,” Theodore murmured before placing a butterfly kiss on my shoulder. Even though the air conditioner was on, I felt my body heating up because of Theodore’s scorching kisses.

Theodore turned me around, gently placing his lips on mine, he kissed me with a passion that had my core clenching. He quickly stripped me off my underwear, his mouth never leaving mine. Gently snaking his arms around my body, he expertly lifted me in his arms and led me to the bed. Our bed in which we would be having s3x for the first time.

Gently placing me on the mattress Theodore hurriedly stripped off his clothes while I laid there gasping for breath, ogling the beautiful man who quickly stood in front of me, naked—my husband.

My heart somersaulted as Theodore climbed on top of me, taking my lips once again in a heated kiss that had me clawing at his back to relieve me of the ache that was growing by the minute. He of course took his sweet time worshipping my body, kissing every inch of my heated skin.

“Theodore,” I moaned his name, desperate for him to stop teasing me and just take me already.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Theodore was currently sucking on a spot directly below my right breast.

“Stop teasing me,” I breathed out, growing frustrated after every kiss.

“No,” he responded taking a n!pple in his mouth, sucking on it hard, my back arching in sweet agony, the ache intesifying.

“Please, Theodore,” I pleaded, feeling pathetic that this man had so much power over me.

He stopped kissing me and locked his gray eyes to my green ones. He smiled, love and affection shining in his eyes as he gazed at me. His hand gently cupped my cheek, making me wonder what was going through his head. He leaned down and kissed me tenderly, making me respond automatically.

“Darling, do you trust me?” Theodore questioned softly, his eyes locked on mine, searching for the answer.

“You are slowly earning it.” I told him, happy that even though this man had me trapped in a s3xual haze, I still gave an honest and a sane answer.

“I mean, do you trust me in bed, in here?” He inquired. I didn’t even need think about answering that one. I nodded and his featured softened.

“Do you remember your promise of keeping an open mind reagarding my needs and wants the next time I would take you?” Theodore asked me. His features now schooled in an emotionless mask.

“Yes.” I answered, getting an idea where he was going with this.

“I want you to keep an open mind right now and trust me,” he told me making my stomach knot in anxiety. This was one of the times where I wanted to slap myself silly at agreeing to terms I had no details about.

“O—Okay,” I told him nervously. My stomach now in five knots.

He gently got off me, my eyes following his every movement. Theodore left the room—naked—and came back a couple of minutes later holding what looked to be a rope. My anxiety doubled, my stomach knotting further. He came and perched on the bed next to me in all his naked glory.

“I want to tie you up,” he told me softly. However, his words sounded more like a request.

“Why? Do you have a fetish of tying women up?” I questioned bravely.

Theodore chuckled. “No, just you. But it’s not a fetish, it’s more like a need.” He confessed causing me to frown.

“What kind of need?” I inquired. I was still lying on the bed, naked.

“When I tie you up, I—I feel better knowing you won’t run or leave,” he told me, not the slightest bit uneasy about confessing his reasons for his actions.

“I won’t run, Theodore, not anymore, I know you won’t let me get far anyway, but still I won’t leave you,” I told him sincerely. As long as he didn’t do something that would hurt me and make me run, I was willing to stay with him. I loved him.

“I know you won’t, sweetheart, but I still need this. Can you do that for me, darling? Would you give me your trust, and let me tie you up?” He asked softly. My heart clenched with ever growing love for this man. He was asking me to trust him, not taking matters into his own hands and doing things to me without my consent. And that was all I wanted.

“Okay, Theodore, I’ll let you tie me up, because I do trust you in bed,” I answered him. His eyes glittered with pure joy at hearing my answer. Theodore bent low and gave me a deep kiss, making my heart resume its crazy dance.

“Thank you, my darling, thank you so much,” Theodore stood up and crawled on the bed. He gently took my wrists and raised them above my head. My heart was doing a tango, while my stomach was molding itself in different shapes. My breathing became ragged as I felt a soft ribbon being wrapped around my wrists. Trust Theodore, he wouldn’t hurt you.

Once Theodore was finished tying me up he kissed me neck, while sucking on a spot just below my jaw. He raised his head and gently stroked my cheek with his fingers as if I was made of glass.

“My wife, my darling,” he murmured to himself in awe, as if he couldn’t believe I was actually there.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, if you want me to stop and untie you all you have to do is say so and I’ll do it, okay? And trust me when I say that my feeling won’t be hurt in the least, okay?” Theodore told me, making my trust in him grow.

“I trust you,” I responded sincerely, causing Theodore to smile.

Theodore went back to his original position—on top of me—and took a n!pple in his mouth. The sudden jolt of pleasure caused me to arch my back, the restraints snugly wrapped around me wrist keeping my hands in place.

A finger smoothly entered me causing my nails to dig into my palms. Theodore worked me up by pumping his finger into me, slowly then increasing the speed making my pleasure mount. But he withdrew just as I was about to reach my peak, making me whimper in frustration.

“Are you ready for me, darling?” Theodore questioned softly. I nodded, finding myself at a loss for words.

He kissed my neck then my cheek. “That’s all I want to know,” he murmured.

With extreme care, Theodore gently entered me, deliciously stretching me. The world flew away, and there was only Theodore and I joined in the most primal of ways, experiencing pleasure that only we could provide each other.

I wanted Theodore to kiss me. To pour his love and affection in the kiss. But he gave me something better. He took my body to cloud nine. He—with slow deliberate strokes—made my body come to life. My mind numb, my heart beating wildly, Theodore Benson made love to me in the confines of our bedroom.

Slowly and gradually I reached my peak. Theodore being a gentle lover did not torture me with my impending ørgásm. Instead, he held me as I fell from the peak and exploded in a million pieces. My eyes rolled back in my head as I rode wave after wave of absolute euphoria.

After Theodore cl!máxed, he untied me, then pulled me to his chest and waited for me to come back to Earth. After coming back to reality, I raised my eyes to look at Theodore only to see him looking at me. His fingers were stroking my back while his hand cupped my cheek, his thumb caressing my skin.

“I love you, Hailey,” Theodore said and gave me a soft lingering kiss. “I love you so much, sweetheart.”

My heart nearly exploded with bliss at hearing those words leave Theodore’s sensual lips. I felt as if I was living a dream where Theodore finally professed his love for me, but the tingles my skin was experiencing from his caresses made me believe that it was, indeed, a reality. And that knowledge pleased me greatly.

“Say that again,” I requested.

“I love you, Hailey.” Theodore kissed my temple. “I love you so much, my darling wife.”

I cupped his jaw, the light stubbled prickling my fingers. “I love you, too, Theodore,” I finally told him what my heart wanted to for so long.

“Really, after all I’ve done to you?” Theodore asked in a surprised tone, as if he couldn’t believe I actually loved him.

“Well you’ve done a lot to redeem yourself, so I guess you’re forgiven,” I responded. His face broke into a smile. The genuine smile that I loved so much and wished to see everyday for the rest of my life.

Theodore pulled the duvet over us. Tucking my face under the crook of his neck, then wrapping his arms around me, Theodore made me feel loved.

“Good night, sweetheart, I love you,” Theodore murmured into my hair making my heart flutter at hearing the words ‘I love you’.

“I love you, too, Theodore, good night,” I replied and closed my eyes, feeling not only peace but love as well.

“Alright, spill, what’s the reason behind that ridiculous grin you’re wearing?” Mandi demanded as soon as she sat down on the chair opposite me.

We were currently having lunch in one of New York’s famous pizzerias. I was craving a large pepperoni pizza, so decided to call Amanda and meet up for lunch. I was also eager to tell Mandi about last night. Just the thought of what happened between Theodore and I had me blushing and my heart soaring in happiness.

In the morning, Theodore woke me up by sliding his fingers in me which eventually led us to having morning s3x. The best part about my morning were the words Theodore whispered as soon as my eyes fluttered open.

“Good morning, sweetheart, I love you.” And that was the reason why I was as fresh as a daisy, smiling at anything and everything.

“Woman, would you mind leaving lala land and telling what’s got you in such a happy mood?” Amanda snapped her fingers, bringing me back to the present.

“Calm down, and the reason for this gigantic smile is that last night Theodore told me he loved me,” I told her, feeling like a teenager who had her crush reciprocate her feelings.

Amanda’s face broke into a cheeky grin and she begun bouncing on her chair. She shrieked like a six year old, giddy with happiness.

“Finally, I knew he would tell you sooner or later, the man is completely smitten with you,” Amanda claimed making me blush.

“Yeah, I can’t believe he’s actually my husband,” I remarked, still couldn’t believe that the man who I thought to be unattainable was now my husband. Fate worked in strange ways.

“Oh please, Hailey, you both are perfect for each other. I gotta admit, I’m happy for you but at the same I envy you,” Mandi confessed making my raise my eyebrows at her.

“What? Why?” I asked shocked at hearing her say she envied me.

“Because you have what every girl wants; a man who loves her and goes through plenty of trouble just to make his wife happy, trust me, Lee, not many men are like that,” Amanda remarked.

“I know, but believe me, Mandi, you’ll find your prince charming, just be patient,” I told her, desperately wishing that Amanda found a man who loved her and considered her to be the light of his eyes.

Our pizza arrived and we wasted no time in digging in the cheesy goodness. I nearly moaned when the flavors burst on my tongue, my tastebuds dancing in delight. In no time we were finished, but since none of us was exactly full we decided to order another one.

“So, where is boss man?” Amanda inquired, while taking a slice out of the second pizza.

“He’s at work, had lots of work to do,” I answered her while dropping a slice of pizza on my plate.

“Aren’t you going back to work?” Amanda questioned taking a bite of the pepperoni pizza.

“Of course I am, I just told Theodore I want to take a couple of days off. I don’t really feel like going back to work just yet,” I told her taking a sip of my Coke.

“Oh, so you’re taking full advantage of being a boss’s wife, huh,” Amanda wiggled her eyebrows making me roll my eyes.

“It’s not my fault I’m lazy,” I told her grabbing another slice of pizza. Why was I eating so much?

“I’m surprised Theodore didn’t stop you from working,” Amanda commented.

“He told me that if I didn’t want to work I don’t have to, but I insisted on working, so he agreed. Mainly because he would get to see me more if I continue to work as his PA,” I answered her, making her chuckle.

“When are Ingrid and April leaving?” I asked Amanda after a few minutes.

“In a couple of days. I’m kind of happy that they’re leaving but at the same time I’m sad about it,” she confessed.

“Why sad?” I queried, my eyebrows furrowing.

“I’m happy because they would finally be gone out of my personal space, but my apartment will be quiet and lonely, since you won’t be living with me anymore,” Amanda answered, making me wish there was some way I could have her live at my place. I wasn’t sure if Theodore would be alright, maybe I would talk to him.

The rest of our lunch flew away with Mandi and I talking about everything. Amanda told me that we would be meeting a make up artist who had connections in the modelling world. She was hoping to land a job as a model, while I desperately wished she would have her dreams come true.

Amanda left after we paid the bill. She told me she had to run some important errands and was expecting a call from the make up artist. We hugged and said our goodbyes. I was sad that she was leaving but we made plans of meeting again tomorrow and going to the mall. I really hoped that Amanda and I didn’t drift apart.

I wasn’t ready to go home yet, so decided to take a stroll and go through some shops while I was here. I didn’t text the driver, instead began walking, enjoying the soft sunlight as it hit my skin, loving the warmth.

The streets were busy as it was the crucial lunch hour. Men and women in suits were rushing about, eager to get back to their respective workplaces. There were hardly any children or teenagers present. Cars were whizzing by, the fumes adding to the already growing pollution, the painful sound of horns could be heard.

Venturing inside random clothing stores proved to be a great way to kill time and boredom. I fell in love with a few shirts that were reasonably priced and I couldn’t resist buying them. Even though my intention was not to buy anything, but I just couldn’t resist those cute shirts.

After an hour of going through different shops, I was finally ready to go home. I exited the shoe shop with a pair of new slippers now in my possession when I suddenly bumped into someone. I was glad I wasn’t wearing heels as I would’ve fallen and hurt myself.

“I’m so sorry, sir, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I apologized before looking up to see who was that I bumped into, only to have my blood run cold at seeing the familiar face in front of me that I had no intention of ever seeing again.

“Hello, Hailey.”


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