Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 28

“Not fair, you cheated!” Harry cried after losing for the seventh time in Uno.

“No I didn’t, stop being a sore loser,” Trent, one of Theodore’s cousin, replied smugly.

“You saw the cards, and you shuffled them wrong.” Harry tried to make excuses, trying to justify his suspicions that Trent actually cheated.

We were currently sitting in the Benson’s living room taking turns playing Uno. We could’ve all played at once, but then we would’ve run out of cards, so we opted to take turns.

“No I didn’t, you just can’t admit defeat,” Trent asserted, wearing a victorious grin on his handsome face.

“Do they always fight like this?” I asked Theodore who was sitting next to me on the floor, our backs against the wall.

“Most of the time, when Harry gets tired of losing,” Theodore replied, “but I know just the thing to say to make them shut up,” he said and got up pulling me along until we faced the entire Benson family.

“Everyone, Hailey and I have something to tell you all,” Theodore declared making me nervous. I had no idea what Theodore was planning to tell his entire family.

All of a sudden Harry and Trent stopped arguing, and as expected all eyes were on us. I wondered if Theodore enjoyed being the center of attention, because if that was the case then I agreed with the fact that opposite did attract as I loathed being the center of attention.

Once Theodore was satisfied that all eyes were indeed on us he wound an arm around my shoulder with a soft smile. “Everyone, Hailey and I are pregnant.”

At first we barely got any response. Just pin drop silence. I was starting to think that maybe they weren’t happy to hear the news. But then the Benson family erupted in a chorus of Oh My Gods, and Congratulations, and I’m going to be an uncle or an aunt. Mrs. Benson came towards us and wrapped her arms around me, nearly leaving me breathless.

“Oh my, this is the best news I heard all day, I’m going to be a grandma!” She gushed.

“Congratulations son, I can’t wait to hold my grandbaby,” Mr. Benson said proudly while patting Theodore at the back.

“Go bro, you knocked up Hailey,” Trent hollered making me blush. Harry smacked Trent on the back on his head making him scowl.

“This is definitely the time to celebrate,” Mr. Benson announced with a glint of happiness in his eyes.

“Let’s pop the champagne,” Adam, Trent’s brother, shouted then ran out of the living room only to pop back in holding a bottle of champagne.

“No drinks, my wife is pregnant.” Theodore scowled making me chuckle. I patted his arm showing him that it was perfectly alright for me if they drank.

“James, we must start buying things for the baby, I hope it’s a girl, have you guys found out the sex of the baby?” Mrs. Benson asked exictedly.

“Not yet, mom, Hailey is seven weeks along though, I’m going to schedule an appointment with the OB/GYN in a day or two, we’ll see the baby then,” Theodore informed his parents who nodded, while I stood there awe-struck. This man thought of everything!

“Okay, we better prepare for the baby shower, and both of you must inform us of the baby’s development,” Stephanie ordered us.

“No it’s okay, there is no need for a baby shower,” I interjected.

“Excuse me, sister dear, but we are going to have a baby shower, isn’t it bad enough you both got married without inviting any of us, you can’t stop us from having a baby shower,” Ellie protested.

“We didn’t invite you because you were dealing with Jamie’s accident, the whole family was there, I only had Harry at my wedding as he was the best man,” Theodore defended.

“Still, you could’ve informed us,” Teresa argued not letting the matter drop. I, for one was enjoying the Benson family teaming against Theodore. Seemed like not only my family was pissed.

“We gave him the go ahead to marry Hailey, and we didn’t go either because we were there with you guys at Jamie’s,” Mrs. Benson cut in.

“Still, he should’ve told us, also he didn’t bother informing us he was going for his honeymoon, it was only when I called him that he told me he was in Bali with his wife,” Stephanie complained.

“Okay okay, people, calm down, you guys can have your baby shower,” Theodore surrendered, resulting in the girls punching the air in victory.

“Theodore, you know how much I don’t like attention,” I whispered.

“It’s not like there would be guys there, it’ll be just the girls, just relax and have fun.” Theodore kissed my temple.

“I wish the baby is a girl,” Felicity said with a smile.

“What, no way, it’s going to be a boy,” Jamie stated.

“Please, we already have too many guys in the family, this baby is going to be a girl,” Teresa argued.

“This is the first child, it’s definitely a boy,” Trent stated.

“Yeah, plus we can’t handle a girl in the family, you know how difficult it would be to protect her from all those boys,” Adam added making me roll my eyes.

“Great, the baby’s not even here and he’s already going in protective uncle mode,” Ellie said.

“Plus we can’t have the girl dress us all up and put make up on our faces, girls do not like guys with make up,” Wes, Theodore’s cousin, complained.

The guys agreed with Wes’ statement whole heartedly, muttering things like “exactly” or “yeah”. While the girls shook their heads as if the guys were a hopeless specie and didn’t know why God created them.

“Well it’s getting late, mom, Hailey and I should get going,” Theodore said.

Mr. and Mrs. Benson nodded. “Of course son, you kids should head home, do tell us how the first scan goes, and you guys are going to have dinner with us day after tomorrow,” Mr. Benson replied to which Theodore and I nodded.

“Okay guys, bye, take care,” Theodore told the rest of the Bensons, who got up and gave us individual hugs. I never got so many hugs at one time in my whole life.

“So, did you like your new family?” Theodore asked as he emerged from the bathroom in his pajamas.

“Well, I must say they are one of a kind, and extremely loving,” I commented while rubbing lotion on my arms.

“Their affection can be overwhelming, but you’ll get used to it,” he responded. I nodded, then got under the duvet, getting ready to sleep. However, there was one question that was keeping me from sleeping.

“Theodore?” I got his attention with just one word.

“Hmm?” He turned to face me.

“Do you want the baby to be a boy or a girl?” I inquired; curious to know what he wanted the baby to be.

“It doesn’t matter to me if the baby is a boy or girl, but personally, I want a boy first,” he answered making my frown.

“Why do you want a boy first and not a girl?” I questioned.

He tugged me closer to him. “Because, I’ve got my hands full with one beautiful girl,” he gazed me with adoration, “I’m not sure if I can handle two beautiful girls at one time,” he confessed making me blush.

“However, if we have a boy first, then there would be someone there to protect my little girl if some guy tries to hurt her,” he explained softly.

“What if all our babies are girls?” I wanted to know if he would run if all our babies turned out to be girls.

“Then I would thank God for blessing me with beautiful girls,” he answered smoothly, making me feel like the luckiest woman alive.

“Do you believe in God?” I didn’t stop questioning.

“I didn’t at first, but then you came into my life, and when I saw you I realized that only a mighty being such as God can create such a beauty who I’m proud to call my wife.” By now I had tears in my eyes at hearing him say such sweet things.

“I love you,” I told him. However, I had no idea exactly how much I loved him.

“I love you more, darling,” Theodore pecked my nose affectionately, “get some sleep now, in the morning we’re going to visit the OB/GYN and have your first scan,” Theodore told me, before wrapping me in his secure grip.

“You already made an appointment?” This man worked fast.

“Yes, with Dr. Marlow, she is the sister of our family doctor, our appointment is tomorrow at 10:00 am, so get some sleep,” Theodore ordered, to which I didn’t aruge.

“Good night, Theodore, I love you,” I murmured already succumbing to sleep.

“Good night, sweetheart, I love you.” Theodore whispered.

“Theodore, are you okay?” I queried. We were having breakfast, and Theodore had been eerily quiet. Even during s3x he was quiet, which had me worried.

“Yes, I’m fine, darling,” he replied immediately, but I didn’t believe him.

“I don’t believe you, tell me what’s wrong,” I persisted. I didn’t want to be a nagging wife, but I couldn’t see my husband upset, it worried me.

“Sweetheart, I’m fine, I’m just worried about the scan and seeing our baby for the first time, you might not know it but men find that thing scary,” he replied lightly. I could tell he was lying. Sure he might be worried about the scan, but I could tell there was more to what was bothering him. But, I decided to let the matter drop. I had a feeling that whatever it was that was bothering Theodore was something serious, and he might get angry if I pushed. I just wished he would tell me soon.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be that bad, I can assure you the baby is just fine,” I replied easing his worries.

“Are you done with breakfast? We have to be there by 10:00 am,” Theodore said getting off the chair.

“Yes, I’m finished, let me grab my bag, then we can go,” I told him then hurried out of the dining room to grab my purse. To be honest, I was a little nervous for my first scan as well and a little excited as well. I wondered how my baby would look like.

After five minutes Theodore and I left the house, as Dan drove us to the hospital. Throughout the ride I noticed Theodore stayed silent, just kept typing away on his phone. Worry begun to gnaw at me at seeing my husband stressing over God knows what.

What was it that was plaguing him that he was so silent? Why couldn’t he tell me? Was he not happy that I was pregnant?

No, he was happy. He was so excited when he told me the news. So me being pregnant wasn’t the reason for his unusual silence.

But then what was wrong with him?

That’s it, after this I am going to demand to know what was bothering him, and he was going to tell me, even if we ended up arguing. I would not let him hide stuff from me.

Steeling my resolve I relaxed back in my seat. However, my stomach started twisting in nervous knots when we arrived at the hospital. Dan parked the car, then got out to open the door for Theodore, who quietly got out. I followed Theodore out, and together we both went inside the hospital.

My anxiety doubled when we entered the sterile walls of the hospital. My feelings for hospitals were conflicting. Some people considered hospitals to be a place of death and blood. But people forgot that hospitals were also a place where people were given new life, not to mention hundreds of babies that were born inside these white walls.

Theodore walked to the reception desk where an old lady who looked to be in her fifties was busy typing away on her computer. She had short curly gray hair that made her look like a loving grandmother, with dusty blue eyes. She was dressed in standard hospital clothes. When she saw us approach, a beautiful smile stretched across her face.

“We have an appointment with Dr. Marlow,” Theodore told the reception lady, who tapped some keys on the keyboard.

“Uh yes, go up to the second floor, Dr. Marlow’s office is the first door on the right,” the lady, who’s name tag on her shirt said Jess, told us.

Theodore thanked her then hurried over to the elevator. By now, my excitement and anixety were battling with each other for dominance, and so far none of them were winning.

We got off the elevator on the second floor. It took us no time to find Dr. Marlow’s office, as the first door on the right had a gold plaque nailed to the door that read Dr. Elizabeth Rein Marlow M. D. And below it was written Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN). Theodore immediately knocked and entered, while I followed timidly.

The office was painted white. There was a bed against one wall, while a dark wooden desk was against the other wall. The doctor was sitting behind the desk, which had a bunch of papers stacked neatly on one side, and one picture frame in the corner. There was a window at the back, and one potted plant in the far corner.

As soon as the doctor saw us, her face broke out in a pretty smile. I got a good look at the OB/GYN, and to say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was about 5′7, looked to be in her mid-thirties. She had blonde hair that were styled to perfection, and crystal blue eyes. Her skin was flawless while her nose was straight, giving her a regal look.

“Elizabeth, how are you?” Theodore asked while giving the woman a hug.

“I’m great, Theodore, how are you?” The looked to be old friends, with the way they were so comfortable with each other. I still didn’t like the fact that Theodore hugged her.

“I’m great, Elizabeth, this is my wife, Hailey,” Theodore gestured to me with a smile, “Hailey, this is Elizabeth.” He came and stood next to me.

“It’s great to meet you Mrs. Benson,” Elizabeth said happily.

“Please call me Hailey,” I told her.

“Right, Hailey, what do you say we check the baby?” Elizabeth asked with a smile.

“Yeah sure, I’m ready,” I told her nervously.

“Okay, there is the bathroom and a gown inside, change into that while I get ultrasound machine ready,” she instructed. Theodore kissed me before I went inside the bathroom to change. I hurriedly put the flimsy gown on then came out of the bathroom.

“Okay, Hailey, lie down and let’s get started.” I immediately did as instructed. Theodore came and stood right next to me, holding my hand firmly in his.

Elizabeth pushed the gown up, exposing my stomach. “This will be cold.” That was the only warning I got before Elizabeth smeared a glob of cold gel on my bare stomach. She spread the gel around a bit, grabbed a wand and placed it firmly on top of the gelled area.

After a few second, the silence was shattered by steady rhythmic sound. At first Theodore and I were confused, wondering exactly the sound was.

“This is your baby’s heartbeat, both of the heartbeats sound nice and strong,” Elizabeth said. I was too focus on the sound of the heartbeat to listen to what Elizabeth exactly said. Instantly tears welled in my eyes at hearing the strong beat of my baby’s heart. Theodore squeezed my hand; I looked at him to see his eyes glittering with unrestrained happiness.

Elizabeth tapped a few keys on the keyboard then turned the monitor slightly. “These are the babies,” Elizabeth pointed to two blobs.

“Two babies?” Theodore asked, shock evident in his tone.

“Yes Theodore, congratulations, your wife is expecting twins,” Elizabeth stated. Tears gathered in my eyes at seeing the two blobs on the screen. I couldn’t believe that Theodore and I were having twins.

“Sweetheart, did you hear that, we’re having twins,” Theodore said in awe, then bent down and kissed me tenderly, wiping my tears. Happiness was radiating out of him in waves.

“You are exactly seven weeks and two days along. It’s still too early to tell the sex of the babies, but we can find the sex of the babies in the upcoming scans. Would you like a print of the scan?”

“Yes,” Theodore and I said unison. Elizabeth immediately printed the black and white image and handed it to Theodore. She then gave me a couple of tissues to wipe the gel off. Once the ultrasound was done, I changed back in my clothes, then sat next to Theodore in the visiting chairs.

“Now Hailey, you must take care of yourself. You must maintain a proper diet for yourself, and try your best not to stress yourself over things, alright. Theodore, you better make sure Hailey doesn’t stress herself, it would not be good for the babies,” Elizabeth instructed.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got her,” Theodore assured her. After a few more instructions, a prescription for vitamins and a date for the next scan, Theodore and I bid farewell to Dr. Elizabeth Marlow and left the hospital, with smiles on our faces.

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