Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 7

Three hours. It had taken that man three bloody hours to find me. And here I thought I was free from him forever. I didn’t know whether to slap myself or him. But whatever the case, Theodore had found me and he was pissed.

“So you mind telling me why in the world you just up and left for Canada? Without informing me, might I add?” Theodore asked, his voice a deadly calm. The kind that had you praying for your life, and right now, I was doing exactly that.

We were currently sitting on the couch in Ingrid’s apartment, side by side. I tried to sit across from him, but one pull on my wrist from him had me sitting next to him, right next to him.

“Well?” He persisted, making my already pounding heart hammer against my ribcage.

“Well, I do mind, so please ask me something else.” I responded, mentally slapping myself at my idiocy. Really Hailey, do you want to die!? Cause that’s one sure way of doing it!

Theodore grabbed a hold of my wrist and gave it a sudden pull, which caused me to let out surprised yelp and falling on his chest. I raised my head and found Theodore looking at me with frosted anger.

“Don’t test my patience, Hailey, I’m already at the end of it. So do both of us a favor, and answer the damn question, or so God help me, I will make you answer, and trust me Hailey, ” he moved his face closer to mine, ” you don’t want me to do that.” He still hadn’t let go of my wrist, putting me in a very awkward position, one I wasn’t at all comfortable with.

I visibly gulped causing Theodore’s eyes to narrow. But his grip on my wrist didn’t loosen. My heart was battling with my mind, wanting to kiss Theodore, but my mind refused, saying it wasn’t the right thing to do, that he was dangerous.

“I—I left said—you said I couldn’t resign from your company.” I uttered, my heart now pounding.

“You wanna know why I said you couldn’t resign?” He said softly, his breath fanning against my face.

“Why?” I asked, finally happy that I would get the answer that had my mind going crazy.

“Because of this.” And then he kissed me.

It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Not only were his lips soft, they alone were doing things to me, making me feel things, that I never expected to feel. Fire coursed through my veins, melting the previously frozen blood. My heart that was pounding in fear earlier was now fluttering in pure bliss.

Without realizing, I clutched his shirt collar with both of my hands, keeping him in place. He on the other hand had one of his hands tangled in my hair, and the other one cupping my right cheek. I suddenly felt something soft pressing at my back, and I realized that Theodore had pushed me down on the couch, and splayed his body on top of me, effectively trapping me.

I kissed him back with ardor. Not caring about anyone or anything. My mind tried to intervene, telling me that this was wrong, that kissing him was wrong, but I shut it up. Because right then and there it felt right. Kissing him felt right.

We broke apart after an hour–okay, it wasn’t an hour but a few minutes truthfully, however, it felt like more—breathing heavily. My cheeks were flushed and my veins were buzzing with liquid fire. Theodore on the other hand didn’t look unaffected, thankfully. His breathing was labored, like he ran a marathon. His once straight shirt collar was now wrinkled thanks to my hands, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Theodore locked his eyes with mine for a few seconds before leaning down and nuzzling my neck, causing me to arch my neck and goosebumps to form on my body.

“Oh Hailey,” he whispered against my neck, “the things I want to do to you.” He placed butterfly kisses on my neck, causing an involuntary moan to escape from me. Oh God, this man knew how to kiss.

“But,” he lips suddenly left my neck and got up from where he was lying on top of me and fixed his suit, ” that would happen at the right time.” He picked up his cell phone from the coffee table and called his driver.

“Pick me up in five.” He cut the call, and turned to look at me.

I looked at him, confused as to what on earth he was going to do now. But thankfully I didn’t have to wait long. But his next words didn’t make me too happy.

“We’re leaving tomorrow. Our flight leaves at 9:00 am sharp. My car will come and pick you up,” he strode over to me and bend down until his face was levelled with mine, “Do. Not. Be. Late.” He enunciated each word, clearly ordering me.

I was still dazed from the kiss earlier, so instead of replying with a snarky remark, I ended up nodding, which caused his lips to curve slightly in a smile. Wow, his little smile was beautiful, I wonder how beautiful his actual smile would be.

Satisfied with my answer, he turned and left the house, without even saying goodbye. Well that was just rude! My inner voice snapped, clearly letting me know that she was back.

I sighed and closed my eyes, but the kiss was all I could think about. So when the front door slammed shut I jolted in surprise, but breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was only Ingrid coming in with a bunch of designer shopping bags in her hands. She placed the bags on the table and came and stood in front of me.

“What happened to you? ” She enquired, but it sounded more like a demanded.

I sighed and closed my eyes. “Theodore happened.”

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